The History of Every Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of professional sports in America, a media spectacle that captivates nearly 100 million viewers in any given year. This season-ending championship game brings together the top two teams of the NFL season from the AFC and NFC Conferences, where they duke it out on the gridiron for the title of "World Champion" of the NFL and the highly sought after Vince Lombardi Trophy.
Since its inception in1967
28 of the 32 NFL teams have made appearances in the biggest game of the season.
One AFC team has won 75% of its total Super Bowl appearances
Pittsburgh Steelers
The underdog team captured an upset victory on 19 occasions
Five Super Bowls had over 100,000 loyal fans in attendance.
Thirty-one quarterbacks proudly stated
I’m going to Disney World!

You may know who won each Super Bowl and the score of each game. But how much do you really know about this American phenomenon?

Get ready to learn everything you didn't know about every Super Bowl ever, from the halftime performances and player salaries to memorable commercials and the cost of game tickets.

Coin Toss Winners / Losers - Super Bowls
Super Bowl Toss results Winner Loser
I Heads Green Bay Kansas City
II Tails Oakland Green Bay
III Heads N.Y. Jets Baltimore Colts
IV Tails Minnesota Kansas City
V Tails Dallas Baltimore Colts
VI Heads Miami Dallas
VII Heads Miami Washington
VIII Heads Miami Minnesota
IX Tails Pittsburgh Minnesota
X Heads Dallas Pittsburgh
XI Tails Oakland Minnesota
XII Heads Denver Dallas
XIII Heads Dallas Pittsburgh
XIV Heads L.A. Rams Pittsburgh
XV Tails Philadelphia Oakland
XVI Tails San Francisco Cincinnati
XVII Tails Miami Washington
XVIII Heads L.A. Rams Washington
XIX Tails San Francisco Miami
XX Tails Chicago New England
XXI Tails Denver N.Y. Giants
XXII Heads Washington Denver
XXIII Tails San Francisco Cincinnati
XXIV Heads Denver San Francisco
XXV Heads Buffalo N.Y. Giants
XXVI Heads Washington Buffalo
XXVII Heads Buffalo N.Y. Giants
XXVIII Tails Dallas Buffalo
XXIX Heads San Francisco San Diego
XXX Tails Dallas Pittsburgh
XXXI Heads New England Green Bay
XXXII Tails Green Bay Denver
XXXIII Tails Atlanta Denver
XXXIV Tails St. Louis Tennessee
XXXV Tails N.Y. Giants Baltimore
XXXVI Heads St. Louis New England
XXXVII Tails Tampa Bay Oakland
XXXVIII Tails Carolina New England
XXXIX Tails Philadelphia New England
XL Tails Seattle Pittsburgh
XLI Heads Chicago Indianapolis
XLII Tails N.Y. Giants New England
XLIII Heads Arizona Pittsburgh
XLIV Heads New Orleans Indianapolis
XLV Heads Green Bay Pittsburgh
XLVI Heads New England N.Y. Giants
XLVII Heads Baltimore San Francisco
XLVIII Tails Seattle Denver
XLIX Tails Seattle New England
50 Tails Carolina Denver
LI Tails Atlanta New England
LII Heads New England Philadelphia
LIII Tails L.A. Rams New England
LIV Tails San Francisco Kansas City
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