Whether it’s mainly in March Madness or the season leading up to that with excitement at the beginning of the season like Feast Week or Conference Championship Week. NCAAB guarantees enough excitement to keep all of your attention especially this time of year. And what is better than being a part of the action? If you decide to bet on NCAAB odds, we have you covered. Whether it is the heat of the first weekend or the week of the Final Four, our team of experts brings you their favorite NCAAB picks, and the analysis behind them, to maximize your chances to win your bet! 

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At Lines, our team of seasoned bettors and basketball experts have created a system of college basketball predictions that help automate your best bets across every NCAAB game.  Get the best college basketball picks from Edge, the AI Sports Betting expert. 

We take a deep dive into analyzing statistics, trends, and matchups from every angle possible using innovative computer algorithms that deliver top picks for all types of bets in college basketball. These picks provide against the spread bets, college basketball moneyline picks, and predictions for each game - all with free computer picks. 

In addition to this, our advanced computer makes picks for every college basketball game by estimating the probability of multiple outcomes, combined with the estimated probability against the sportsbook’s implied probability. This helps us identify the best value betting opportunities and share them with you. Last, but not least, we have our NCAA Basketball Computer Picks. Who will have a better prediction rate, our supercomputer or our team of basketball oracles?

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The moneyline is one of the most popular bets for seasoned bettors and beginners alike. 

When wagering on the moneyline, you are basically predicting the team that will win the match. For a moneyline bet to be successful, the score is irrelevant. What matters is whether the team you selected won or lost. 

For example: Clemson plays Alabama for the right to go to the Final Four and a bet on Alabama would be successful only if they win the game. 

Before placing a bet on the moneyline, it is helpful to understand betting odds. As a reminder, if you are looking at a dashboard that is featuring American odds, the favorite team’s odds will be displayed as negative, while the underdog’s odds will be shown as positive. 

What this means is that, if you can accurately predict the surprise of the day, you can earn a good payout by betting on the moneyline. 

To support you in this mission, our team of experts brings to the table decades of experience and spends thousands of hours every year to help you identify those college basketball matches where betting on the moneyline can be a good value proposition. 

To learn more, visit our NCAA Basketball Picks Hub, and stay tuned for the pick of the day! 

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Do you know which team will pull off the upset of the day in the next March Madness, but you prefer to hedge your bets? Or do you believe the favorite will go all the way, but the payout is too low? 

If the answer to either of the questions above is yes, then, you can bet on the spread as a way of minimizing your risk or maximizing your payout. 

By now, you might be familiar with what a spread is. If you’re not, here’s a reminder: the spread is the mechanism that a sportsbook uses to level the odds, by giving a handicap to the team that is the weakest on paper. 

Let’s say for the Elite Eight the UConn Huskies are the favorites against the Illinois Fighting Illini.. This means that the odds for a moneyline bet on Duke would be negative, and in this case  -365. To adjust this, the sportsbook will determine a spread, which looks like this: UConn, -8.5 points; Illinois Fighting Illini, +8.5 points, with both bets paying -110. 

This means that for a bet on UConn to be a winner, UConn needs to win the match by at least nine points. On the other hand, a bet on the Fighting Illini can be successful even if the squad loses the game, as long as they lose by eight points or less. 

Here at Lines, betting on the spread is one of our favorite wagers, and we proudly analyze every game in depth to bring you the best daily picks. We give you the best information available before you bet, so you can identify those teams that are likely to cover the spread and the ones that are not. 

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A dynamic, different way to join the exhilarating NCAA Basketball betting action is by wagering on the over/under line. This type of bet is also known as totals, or total bets. 

Basically, by wagering on the over/under, you are predicting whether the total number of points scored in a game will be over or under a certain number, also referred to as the line, and which is determined by the sportsbook. 

This makes betting on the totals exciting, because now, you can capitalize on those breathtaking moments that take place during the last seconds of the game, like that buzzer-beating shot that helped you cover the over or that appalling block that kept the score under control. When betting on the totals, you do not have to worry about which side emerges victorious. 

Here at Lines, we research statistics in depth to be able to bring you the best over/under picks. Which teams are likely to score the most points? Which ones are known for a solid defense? Also, we consider how each team has fared against one another, and we make our predictions backed by data-driven insights. 

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Throughout the NCAA Basketball season, we follow the news, stay on top of everything related to off-court developments, and identify the most relevant data, betting odds, and interesting trends to be able to bring you the best picks on a daily basis. 

We’ve covered many of the most relevant bets in college basketball today: the moneyline, the spread, over and under totals, as well as team propositions and player props. 

Our team of experts combined with accurate college basketball picks and predictions by our advanced algorithm offer the best NCAA basketball bets for every NCAA basketball game. Use these betting predictions for every college basketball matchup and start winning college basketball bets every week! 

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Beyond college basketball and the NCAA, we have a team of experts dedicated to covering each and every one of the most popular sports, in order to bring you the best picks on a daily basis. At Lines, we offer:

  1. NFL Picks
  2. MLB Picks
  3. NHL Picks
  4. NBA Picks
  5. NCAA Football Picks

Stay tuned and visit our Picks hub to learn more about the pick of the day, and maximize your chances of winning now!

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