Best Sportsbook Promotions & Bonus Codes 2024

Every year, more states are opening business for legal sports betting in the US. As a result, sportsbooks are offering attractive promotions to lure new bettors like bonus bets, deposit bonuses, and risk-free bets. 

Here at Lines, we take a look at the best legal sportsbooks in the country and share with you the top promo codes and bonuses available so that you can enhance your betting journey today through the best sports betting apps. 

Especially in states like Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, and New York, the market is very competitive, and sportsbooks know that, if they don’t offer the best payouts, they won’t survive. 

These promotions apply to all of your favorite sports, so, regardless of whether you are a diehard NFL football fan, a basketball enthusiast, or an avid golf follower who cannot wait for The Masters, we have you covered.

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How We Pick Our Best Sportsbook Promotions

When choosing our top sportsbooks, there are several factors that we take into account. We holistically evaluate platforms, ensuring that they are compliant with a variety of features that we consider essential for a streamlined, user-friendly betting experience.

Variety of Betting Markets and Sports Coverage

A wide variety of betting markets allows you to explore different wagers beyond the most conventional bets. This, in turn, provides you with more opportunities to make a profit. 

As you might know, there are many bet types available, and the specific markets vary depending on the sport that you are looking at. Some of the most popular bets are the moneyline, the spread, and totals, however, if you love to analyze games in detail, we recommend that you look for a sportsbook that gives you the chance to bet on futures, player props, and more. 

As an added note, we also consider whether the sportsbook offers live betting, and the sports it covers. The sportsbooks that we work with cover popular sports like football, basketball, tennis, and golf, and many cover niche-oriented sports like cricket, rugby, MMA, and even darts. 

Licensing and Regulation

When choosing a sportsbook, it is key to look at its licensing and regulatory status, as this reinforces your safety as a bettor. Also, ignoring this could land you in legal trouble. 

Since there is a lack of borders when it comes to online betting, you are likely to see advertisements that are generated by platforms that are not legally authorized to operate in the US. Some of these platforms might offer enticing and lucrative promotions. 

However, to protect your integrity, we recommend that you only use platforms that are legal in your jurisdiction. Here at Lines, we give you the necessary resources to assist you in the process, and we only recommend sportsbook promotions that have the legal fundamentals to back them up.

Welcome Bonuses & Other Promotions

It is a fact that sportsbooks acquire most of their new customers through welcome bonuses and promotions. Therefore, it is a key aspect that we consider whenever we recommend a site to new bettors. 

Especially if you are starting your wagering journey, we strongly advise that you check out in detail the terms and conditions of each of the bonuses that sportsbooks offer. These include playthrough requirements, withdrawal timelines, and the number of bets that can be placed with the bonus. 

At Lines, our team of experts analyzes and rates each promotion and provides tips for you to maximize your benefits.

Competitive Lines and Odds 

For most bettors, competitive odds and payouts are a must when choosing a sportsbook. Therefore, we highly recommend that you shop around different sportsbooks when placing a bet. 

Why? Because sometimes, odds might vary, and scouting what various sportsbooks have to offer can help you boost your winnings. Also, look at payout limits, as some sportsbooks might cap the amount of money that they are able to pay out, or what you can win on a single bet. 

At Lines, we provide you with the best real-time odds for each sport, as well as a betting calculator to help you estimate your payout. Remember that, even if the difference in odds does not seem as large from one sportsbook to another, in the long run, it makes a big difference in your profitability as a bettor.

Promotions for Existing Customers

Yes, welcome bonuses are great. But unless sportsbooks can keep it up, customers will keep bouncing from sportsbook to sportsbook attempting to capture the next big thing. Because of this, we evaluate how sportsbooks reward their customers’ loyalty. 

The best sportsbooks are constantly announcing new promotions, like odds boosts, same-game parlays, early cashouts, or sport-specific promos. Also, sportsbooks that have rewards or loyalty programs get a bonus point in our playbook.

User Interface and User Experience

Betting should be fun and easy. Imagine missing the most exciting moments of a game because you are not able to place a bet, or forfeiting a potential payout because the app did not respond in time. 

At Lines, we prioritize sportsbooks that provide bettors with a seamless user experience and that have a friendly-enough interface for anyone to quickly master the ropes. The best sportsbooks are those that are intuitive, and that provide both new and seasoned bettors with an easy navigation experience that allows them to maximize their enjoyment of their betting process.

Customer Support

In our opinion, the sportsbooks that have the best customer support are those that have a 24/7 live chat feature, through which they can have a human representative that assists users with any queries they might have. 

However, we also consider it important that the sportsbook makes itself available through other communication channels beyond an automated voicemail. For example, sportsbooks should have a customer support number that users can call if there is a problem with their account, and receive a response from one of their agents. 

Besides the availability of customer support channels, we also consider the time it takes for a sportsbook to get back to its customers. We understand that having to wait for a reply for extended periods of time is extremely frustrating, so we won’t recommend a sportsbook that is notorious for its poor responsiveness.

Payment Methods and Data Security

In today’s world, data protection is a must, and the sportsbooks that we recommend take cybersecurity very seriously, especially since they are handling very sensitive information. Here, an important feature is SSL encryption, which encrypts data transmission to safeguard it from unauthorized access by third parties. 

Also, nobody likes to win a bet for their payout to be delayed, or to struggle when making a deposit to their betting account. Because of this, at Lines, we prioritize those sportsbooks that have a demonstrated track record of emphasizing speed and agility as a critical part of their user experience offerings. 

In addition to this, sportsbooks should make deposits and withdrawals convenient and easily accessible. We recommend staying away from sportsbooks that have overly restrictive withdrawal policies or excessively long deposit processing times

Best Online Sportsbook Betting Bonuses

Caesars Sportsbook: Up to $1,250 Risk-Free Bet, in addition to 1,000 Tier Credits and 1,000 Reward Credits for Caesars Rewards - Click to Redeem

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BetMGM Sportsbook: Up to $1,000 First Bet Offer - Click to Redeem

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BetRivers: Second Chance Bet up to $500 (Up to $100 and $250 in select states) - Click to Redeem

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FanDuel Sportsbook: Up to $1,000 No Sweat First Bet - Click to Redeem

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bet365: Bet $1 and Get $200 in Bonus Bets - Click to Redeem

DraftKings Sportsbook: Bet $5 and Get $150 in Bonus Bets - Click to Redeem

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Best Sportsbooks Bonus Codes & Updated Sportsbook Promo Codes

At Lines, we are partnered with the top sportsbooks in the nation, and we are constantly bringing you the best promotions to help you find the best sportsbooks. Here are the latest ones for both new and existing customers. Remember to click on our exclusive promo code to ensure you get access to all the benefits.

Top Sportsbook and Betting Sites

Dive into our in-depth guide to find a list of best sportsbook promos from the top online sportsbooks and sports betting sites. Get welcome offers, bonus credit, betting promotions, and so much more from the best online sports betting sites!

DraftKings Sportsbook Promo Code

DraftKings Promo Offer: Bet $5 and Get $150 in Bonus Bets. Join DraftKings and redeem now!

Why we like DraftKings: Cutting-edge mobile app, excellent bonus offers for DFS and sports betting, a vast array of betting markets, and excellent customer support. 

To new customers, DraftKings is offering $150 in Bonus Bets through its exclusive promo code, which you can redeem as long as you place a $5 bet. The bonus is awarded as six $25 Bonus Bets, which you need to place within seven days of receiving the credit. 

A top-notch player in the DFS segment, DraftKings expanded to sports betting backed by legendary sports stars like Michael Jordan. The platform has quickly become a fan favorite, offering lucrative rewards, an extensive variety of markets, and competitive odds. 

Join DraftKings and Bet $5 to Get $150 in Bonus Bets Now (Last Verified: August 2023)

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Caesars Sportsbook Promo Code

Caesars Sportsbook Promo Offer: Risk-Free Bet of up to $1,250, in addition to 1,000 Tier Credits and 1,000 Reward Credits for Caesars Rewards. Join Caesars and redeem now! 

Why we like Caesars Sportsbook: The best bonuses offered by a sportsbook in the United States, frequent odds boosts and maximized profit opportunities, a clean-cut interface that allows easy navigation, bettors earn loyalty points through Caesars Rewards, live streaming

Caesars Sportsbook is a top-class betting platform where Las Vegas casino standards meet the digital world. Powered by the tradition and heritage of British sportsbook William Hill, Caesars offers plenty of sports markets and ongoing promotions. This, paired up with live streaming and other features, makes Caesars a sure bet. 

The same goes for its welcome bonus, which, as long as you place an initial wager of $10 or more, refunds your first bet for up to $1,250 in case it is not a winner. The refund will be credited as bonus bets, for you to get another chance to win. The best part is that this is not all. In addition to reimbursing your stake, Caesars Sportsbook gives you 1,000 Reward Credits and 1,000 Tier Credits for its much-coveted Caesars Rewards program. These credits can be redeemed for travel experiences and accommodation at Caesars’ properties, an amazing perk to complement your betting winnings. 

Join Caesars Sportsbook and Get a Risk-Free Bet of up to $1,250 Now (Last Verified: August 2023)

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FanDuel Sportsbook Promo Code

FanDuel Sportsbook Promo Offer: No Sweat First Bet of up to $1,000. Join FanDuel and redeem now! 

Why we like FanDuel: Same-game parlays and odds boosts, intuitive user interface and ease of navigation, easy sign-up process, quick payouts, No Sweat First Bet, extensive variety

Originally conceived as a provider of fantasy sports, FanDuel has risen to prominence as one of the most widely-known sportsbooks in the United States, forging partnerships with iconic teams such as the Chicago Bulls, the Denver Broncos, and the New York Yankees. 

Now the #1 sportsbook by market share in the US, FanDuel is known for its attractive odds and lucrative bonuses, and its welcome bonus is no exception. The sportsbook rewards you with a No Sweat First Bet of up to $1,000. The way it works is that, once you make your first deposit and place your first bet with FanDuel, the sportsbook reimburses your wager up to $1,000 in case it is not successful. Another thing that is great about this bonus is that there is no restriction on how it can be used. You can use it to place one bet or ten bets, and on all the betting options available on FanDuel, unless one is specifically restricted. 

Join FanDuel and Get a No Sweat First Bet of Up to $1,000 Now (Last Verified: August 2023)

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PointsBet Sportsbook Promo Code

PointsBet Sportsbook Promo Offer: Up to $500 in Bonus Bets with PointsBet Second Chance (5 Second Chance Bets of Up to $100 Each). Join PointsBet and redeem now! 

Why we like PointsBet: Partnership with a top sports network (NBC Sports), live streaming, unique betting features such as PointsBetting and detailed props, early cash-out

Originally founded in Australia, PointsBet first entered the United States market when it received authorization to operate in New Jersey. In July 2023, PointsBet U.S. was acquired by Fanatics, a large American sports conglomerate, for $225 million. This will enhance its presence and boost some of its unique features, like PointsBetting–an exclusive betting market–and its detailed prop market. One of PointsBet’s strategic assets is its partnership with mainstream sports broadcaster NBC Sports. 

For new bettors, PointsBet is offering up to $500 in Bonus Bets. Through the PointsBet Second Chance promo, your first five wagers are insured up to $100 each. This means that if the bet loses, you will get your stake refunded, up to said amount. 

Join PointsBet and Get Five Second Chance Bets of Up to $100 Each Now (Last Verified: August 2023)

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bet365 Sportsbook Promo Code

bet365 Promo Offer: Bet $1 to get $200 in Bonus Bets. Join bet365 and redeem now!

Why we like bet365: Early payouts, a wide variety of sports offered, the most markets available, backed by a global brand, better lines and odds

bet365 is one of the top sports betting companies worldwide. Founded in the United Kingdom, the company has a revenue of over 2.5 billion pounds and a global presence serving sports bettors from countries like Australia, Austria, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Kenya, Mexico, and more. With attractive odds boosts, exciting in-play betting opportunities, the most extensive variety of betting options available, and a long trajectory in the world of sports betting, bet365 is making strides to become one of the sportsbooks of choice for American bettors. 

For new customers, bet365 is offering an exciting incentive of $200 in bonus bets. And unlike other sportsbooks, which will only give you bonus bets if you lose your first wager, bet365 gives you $200 to play with as a welcome gift whether you win or lose. Another important point in favor of bet365 for this promotion is that it has the lowest minimum requirement possible, starting at $1. As long as you make an initial deposit of $10 and place a first wager of $1, you are eligible for bet365’s welcome bonus. 

Join bet365 and Bet $1 to Get $200 in Bonus Bets Now (Last Verified: August 2023)

BetRivers Sportsbook Promo Code

BetRivers Promo Offer: Second Chance Bet of Up to $500 (Could be $100 or $250, depending on the state). Join BetRivers and redeem now! 

Why we like BetRivers: Outstanding live betting section, sportsbook and casino combined, a lot of promos–including odds boosts and parlay insurance

BetRivers is the sports betting arm of Rush Street Interactive, which also operates PlaySugarHouse (Connecticut) and BetRivers Casino, among other brands. For new customers, BetRivers is offering an exclusive promotion. Once you place your first bet, if it is not successful, your stake will be refunded up to $500. In certain states, the second chance bonus will only go up to $100 or $250, so check the terms and conditions before joining. 

Known for its exciting live streaming options, same-game parlay opportunities, the iRush Rewards programs (which combines with BetRivers casino), and other features such as early cash outs, BetRivers is a betting house worth looking into. 

Join BetRivers and Get a Second Chance Bet of Up to $500 Now (Last Verified: August 2023)

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Unibet Sportsbook Promo Code

Unibet Promo Offer: Bet $10, Get Up to $100 in Bonus Bets. Join Unibet and redeem now!

Why we like Unibet: Brand with global recognition, the bonus applies whether your bet wins or loses, an extensive variety of betting markets due to its worldwide presence

Founded in the United Kingdom, Unibet is a sportsbook with widespread popularity in Europe, and now, it brings its decades of expertise into the United States. As a result of its global presence, Unibet offers a wide variety of betting options to choose from. 

To attract new customers, Unibet is offering an exclusive promo in which, after you place a first wager of a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $25, you will receive $100 in four $25 bonus bets. The only requirement is that your first bet needs to have minimum odds of +100. 

Join Unibet and Bet $10 to Get Up to $100 in Bonus Bets Now (Last Verified: August 2023)

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BetMGM Sportsbook Promo Code

BetMGM Promo Offer: First Bet Paid Back Up to $1,000 if you don’t win. Join BetMGM and redeem now! 

Why we like BetMGM: Several branded promotions, attractive welcome bonus, live streaming, top-notch loyalty program (especially with the opportunity of being a part of MGM Rewards), ongoing daily promotions, streamlined user interface

Brought to you by Roar Digital, a joint venture between landmark casino operator BetMGM and Entain (which owns some of the most-renowned betting brands like bwin and Ladbrokes), BetMGM has quickly cemented itself as one of the top choices in the North American market. 

One of their promotions is their loyalty program MGM Rewards, and for new users, BetMGM has a First Bet Offer. If you create an account with BetMGM, make a minimum deposit of $10, and place a bet, BetMGM will refund your stake, up to $1,000, in Bonus Bets, so you can try your hand again at wagering on your favorite teams. 

Join BetMGM and Get a First Bet Offer of Up to $1,000 Now (Last Verified: August 2023)

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How to Use a Sportsbook Promo Code

To activate the exclusive bonuses and promotions that your sportsbook of choice has to offer, you first need to complete their sign-up process and open up a sportsbook account with them. 

If you are not sure of which sportsbook to choose, make sure to check our guidebooks, where we review the pros and cons of each platform. Once you’ve identified the ones that you resonate the most with, check out the reviews that each of them has on both the App Store and the Google Play Store, as this will pinpoint both the positives and the negatives of the user experience. Using betting apps makes it simple and easy to get the best betting promo codes. 

Before joining a sportsbook and attempting to activate a bonus or enter a promo code, we highly recommend that you read very carefully the terms and conditions associated with the promotion, and make sure you understand them. Factors to pay attention to include minimum deposit requirements, the bonus or promo code that needs to be entered during the registration process, any time limitations or constraints, and specific wagering requirements. For example, for some first-bet bonuses to qualify, there is a minimum odds criterion that needs to be satisfied. In the same vein, some bonuses only apply to particular sports or betting markets, so make sure you are fully aware and, as they say, “read the fine print.”

Once you’re set on joining a sportsbook and taking advantage of the bonuses and promotions that it offers, create an account and go through their verification process. If you are already an existing customer, log in. As we have outlined before, the best sportsbooks typically offer bonuses for both, new customers–like a welcome bonus–and existing customers, who can receive privileges like rewards points, odds boosts, same-game parlay insurance bets, and more. Claiming a sportsbook bet credit is as simple as signing up for an account and making picks!

Different types of Sportsbook Bonuses and Sportsbook Promos

Sign Up Bonus

A sign-up bonus or welcome bonus is offered to new customers when they join a sportsbook. The way this works is that, after creating an account, the new sportsbook will give you a certain amount of money to get your betting journey started. 

This is no different than what some financial institutions or brokerage houses do, by giving you a bonus when you decide to open up an account with them.

To enhance their attraction factor and lure more customers, sportsbooks often offer various types of bonuses and promotions. These bonuses can also be geared toward rewarding their existing customer base, as competition for user retention is high and new user acquisition is costly. When shopping around for your sportsbook of choice, here are some of the most common types of bonuses and sportsbook promos that you may come across. 

First Deposit / Deposit Match Bonus

Sometimes, welcome bonuses are also known as first deposit bonuses. However, they can often carry hefty playthrough requirements. 

In the past, DraftKings and BetMGM had a 20% deposit match bonus, however, in the case of DraftKings, players needed to bet $5 to get $1 in bonus bets, which meant that, to reach the cap of $1,000, you needed to play through $5,000.

No Deposit Bonus

When a sportsbook offers a no-deposit bonus, it means that, after opening up your account, you will receive some free bets whether you make a deposit into your account or not. 

The truth is that these codes are hard to come by, and right now, no sportsbook in our offering has them available. However, stay tuned, as here at Lines, we are constantly sharing with you the best promotion codes, so if a no-deposit bonus comes up, we will make sure you know about it so you can take advantage of it.

Odds Boosts

Through odds boosts, sportsbooks increase your potential payout on a bet. This is done in order to incentivize betting activity in a specific sport or event. For example, sportsbooks might offer an odds boosts promotion for March Madness, for the PGA Masters, for the Super Bowl, or the Stanley Cup Finals. Odds boosts can also include specific promotions on parlays and same-game parlay combinations. A popular sportsbook that has become notorious for its daily attractive odds boosts promotions is Caesars.

Reload Bonus and Promo Codes

Occasionally, sportsbooks will reward their users with reload bonuses. In a nutshell, reload bonuses are additional credits that bettors are awarded when they top up their account balance with real money. 

Reload bonuses can come in a variety of forms, such as deposit matches or bonus bets. To illustrate further, a sportsbook might have a league-specific reload bonus of $10 for every $50 deposited to the bettor’s account. However, this bonus can only be used for wagers on NFL Football, which is why the reload bonus is league-specific.

It is worth noting that reload bonuses, when they come in the form of a deposit match, tend to have typically lower matching percentages than initial deposit bonuses. 

Player Referrals / Invite a Friend

Eager to boost their user base, many sportsbooks offer attractive refer-a-friend schemes to reward their existing bettors in exchange for recommending new clients.

Most, if not all sportsbooks offer this bonus. For example, FanDuel offers $50 in bonus bets for both you and your friend who signs up through your referral link. Other sportsbooks such as bet365 also offer the same $50 for both you and your referred friend as long as they bet $10. 

Since word-of-mouth marketing is, very often, the most effective way to grow organically, it is expected that these “invite a friend” promotions and referral bonuses will keep becoming more popular.

Risk-Free Bet / First Bet Insurance

Risk-free bets are especially enticing for new bettors, as they can test the waters while mitigating their risk. 

Our top choices for risk-free bets: FanDuel offers an up to $1,000 No Sweat First Bet welcome bonus, and Caesars Sportsbook offers a similar one up to $1,250. BetMGM also has an up to $1,000 risk-free bet offering. What this means is that, once you make your first deposit, the sportsbook gives you a risk-free bet up to the stated amount. If you lose that first bet, then your stake will be refunded, up to the previously-specified limit.

Reward Programs

For loyal bettors, several sportsbooks have reward programs where users can accrue points. Later on, these points can be redeemed for benefits. 

Since some sportsbooks have other lines of business–for example, FanDuel and DraftKings are fantasy sports providers–the reward programs cross-pollinate across platforms. This makes it more exciting for bettors, since, by increasing their activity with one bookmaker, they can access rewards that go beyond betting.

In this regard, two of the most exciting programs are MGM Rewards–offered by BetMGM–and Caesars Rewards, offered by Caesars Sportsbook. What makes these loyalty programs particularly appealing is that both companies own hotels and resorts worldwide. Therefore, users can redeem the points accumulated from their wagering activity and exchange them for accommodation or incredible travel experiences. 

What Sports Can You Use Sportsbook Bonuses On

Most sportsbook bonuses can be used on a wide range of sports and betting markets, which highly enhances a player’s betting experience. 

However, there are times when sportsbooks give bonuses that are sport-specific, especially when there is a lot of hype surrounding an event, such as the FIFA World Cup, the Super Bowl, the NHL Stanley Cup, or the PGA Championship. As mentioned before, we highly suggest that you check the terms and conditions of each bonus thoroughly to ensure that it can be used in line with your intentions and that you can bet on your favorite teams and players.

NFL Football Betting Bonuses

In America, few sporting events can match the excitement of the NFL. BetMGM has been one of the first sportsbooks to release NFL-specific promotions, including one in which bettors who place a pregame moneyline bet of at least $10 will be awarded $200 in bonus bets once a touchdown is scored in the game they wagered on. The best part is that it doesn’t matter if your team is not the one who scores it. Isn’t this a great reason to join the thrill of betting on the NFL? 

NBA Betting Bonuses

The NBA schedule is out, and teams like Golden State, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and Miami Heat have renewed their hopes and expectations to challenge the reigning champions, the Denver Nuggets, and lift the title. Stay tuned, as here at Lines, once the season is underway, we will be informing you of the best NBA Betting Bonuses so you can take advantage of them. 

MLB Betting Bonuses

The road to the World Series is going in full swing now, and as the playoffs get closer, the MLB keeps delivering unforgettable moments each and every day. You can be a part of the excitement that comes with America’s Pastime, as many sportsbooks have MLB-specific promotions. 

For example, FanDuel has a promo called MLB Same Game Parlay Plus, which boosts the odds for a same-game parlay wager recommendation offered by FanDuel. Along the same line, Caesars Sportsbook lists new odds boosts for MLB wagers on a daily basis, and bet365 has its Baseball Early Payout Offer. With this promo, if your team gets the lead by five runs or more, your bet will be considered a winner, even if your team ends up losing the match. 

NHL Betting Bonuses

After a phenomenal campaign, the Vegas Golden Knights were proclaimed champions of the NHL season and took the Stanley Cup home for the first time in their short history. Having said this, we expect the next NHL season to be full of vibrant, uplifting matches that will feature both some of the most consolidated squads–Florida, Carolina, and Dallas, among others–and teams that have revitalized their lineups to be able to stand a chance. 

Stay tuned, because we will be promptly informing you of the best NHL Betting Bonuses to boost your betting action. 

College Sports Betting Bonuses

The end of the summer break is nearing, and squads are training hard to be able to compete for collegiate glory. Athletes at this level know that good performances in college competitions can catapult their careers to professional stardom, hence, we always see exciting matches full of competitors giving it their all. 

Add this to the strong sense of identity that colleges foster around the country, and we are guaranteed to have thrilling matches anywhere we go. Stay tuned for the best college promotions, and once the season starts, visit our NCAA Football and Basketball hubs for the best predictions, promos, and bonuses around. 

Understanding Sportsbooks “Terms and Conditions” for Online Betting

As we stated before, it is critical that prior to signing up with a sportsbook and claiming a promo code, you read its terms and conditions and fully understand them. Here, we explain some of the words you are likely to come across in the T&C section.

Roll-Over and Playthrough Requirements

Especially with welcome bonuses, sportsbooks have roll-over and playthrough requirements that you need to comply with to be able to withdraw your winnings. 

For example, if your $1,500 deposit match bonus comes with a 4x playthrough requirement, this means that you need to bet $6,000 to be able to withdraw your winnings. 

Time Limits and Qualifying Bets

Most bonus bets promos come with a time limit. Sometimes, it can be seven days, other times, it can be one month, but they will eventually all expire. To avoid any surprises, we strongly advise that you check how much time you have to place your wagers with your bonus money, as otherwise, it might expire before you are able to use it. 

Also, as you have noticed by now, several sportsbooks have a promo in which, if you make a bet, and it loses, they refund your wager. However, many of those sportsbooks state that your bet needs to have minimum odds for it to qualify. This is why we cannot emphasize enough that reading the fine print is key to preventing any disappointments. 

Upcoming Betting Launches

2023 has been an active year for the sports betting industry in the United States. Kentucky, North Carolina, Vermont, and Maine have legalized sports betting, and we are expecting that we will soon have some news as to when sportsbooks will go live in those states. As of now, the date is set for Kentucky, where online sports betting will be available on September 28th. So, if you live in The Bluegrass State, save the date!

Best Sportsbook Bonus Codes Recap

Many aspects need to be taken into consideration when choosing a preferred sportsbook. 

Throughout the article, we have listed those factors that we at Lines consider the most relevant when choosing a sportsbook, from the variety of betting markets to deposit and withdrawal methods to customer support. We believe that a well-rounded sportsbook will be able to approach all those angles holistically. 

Bonuses and promotions are, of course, very important. From welcome bonuses and free bets to odds boosts, ongoing promos give bettors additional opportunities to boost their payouts and maximize their chances of success. 

At Lines, we highly encourage you to take advantage of these promotion opportunities, and we always bring you the best and most recent promo codes. Similarly, we suggest that you shop around different sportsbooks and try out their betting experience to see which one is the best fit for you. 

Last, but not least, ensure that you’ve read the terms and conditions before using a promo code. 

Your journey as a successful bettor starts here, at

Sportsbook Promo Codes FAQs

How do sportsbook promo codes work? 

A sportsbook promo code is a bonus or offer that the sportsbook gives you, as a bettor, to entice you to bet on their platform. This promo code can give you a welcome bonus, a risk-free first bet, and more. 

How to use a sportsbook promo code?

To use a promo code, select your preferred sportsbook, and follow the promo link that we have provided you with. Here at Lines, we have all the promo codes for the best sportsbooks that are operating legally in the United States. 

Are sportsbook promos available for existing customers? 

Yes, promotions like odds boosts, same-game parlay insurance, and refer-a-friend schemes are available for existing customers.

What sports bets can I use promo codes on? 

While some bonuses and promo codes can be used on any sport, other bonuses might be sport-specific or have certain restrictions. Before using a promo code, check its terms and conditions to ensure that it covers the sports that you are planning to wager on.

How often are sportsbook promo codes updated? 

Some promo codes are ongoing, especially welcome bonuses or refer-a-friend promotions. However, sportsbooks might update their promo codes without notice, or initiate a new campaign. Other promos, like MLB Same Game Parlays, or March Madness First Bet Insurance, will only last for as long as the tournament is in play.

When should you use a bonus promo code? 

There are many occasions when it is worthwhile to use a promo code. First, when opening up an account, take advantage of the welcome bonus. Then, capitalize on as many promotions as possible, that’s what they’re for!

Who can redeem sportsbook promo codes? 

Anyone who creates an account with the sportsbook and complies with the required profile (age, location, etc).

How many times can I redeem a promo code offer? 

A welcome bonus can only be redeemed once per account. We do not recommend opening up additional accounts as it is a violation of the sportsbook’s terms and conditions. However, other promotions, like odds boosts, can be used more than once if the sportsbook allows it.

Affiliate Disclosure: Lines may receive advertising commissions for visits to a sportsbook or betting site

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