In this comprehensive guide, we demystify NBA player prop bets, shedding light on some of the best strategies for betting on player props. Stay with us as we unveil the secrets of NBA player prop betting from opening night of the regular season to the playoffs, all the way to the NBA finals. 

From understanding odds to discovering the top player prop picks and best bets, we've got you covered.

Top NBA Player Prop Bets

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Player props offer bettors the chance to bet on a variety of performance-related outcomes.

This means you can analyze a player's past performances to predict how they'll perform in future games. While this may seem straightforward, it does require some research and meticulous analysis of key statistics.

At, we provide well-researched player prop predictions every week of the NBA season. Our team of experts compiles the most probable NBA player props and makes them available to readers for free.

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Bookmakers offer prop odds on a wide range of player/team performance scenarios. Understanding these odds is essential for making informed betting decisions, as they represent the likelihood of a particular event occurring.

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For example, if you wanted to bet on Steph Curry to make four three-pointers in a game, your preferred bookmaker might offer odds of -110 for over 3.5. In American odds, this means that for every $110 stake, you win $100. This also implies that Curry is more likely than not to reach this threshold.

On the other hand, if the bookmaker offered +200 odds for over five three-pointers, you would win $200 for every $100 you bet. However, these kinds of bets are less likely to hit, which is why they have higher payouts.

At, we provide the best NBA prop picks all season long, researched and analyzed by our team of expert handicappers. We also offer an NBA odds page where you can compare prop odds from various bookmakers to get an overview of the different odds offered.


Proposition bets (or prop bets) are a type of wager that allows handicappers to bet on the occurrence (or non-occurrence) of specific events during a matchup. An NBA prop bet is a wager on a specific event happening in an NBA game, such as a player's statistical performance or the outcome of a specific quarter or half. 

These events usually don't affect the final outcome of a game and provide an extra layer of excitement to NBA betting. Examples of prop bets include the number of assists a player will record, whether any player will register a triple double, and a team’s total for the first half.

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NBA Prop bets can take on various forms. However, there are two major types; Player props and Team props. In the upcoming sections, we will delve into each NBA prop type.


A player prop bet involves wagering on the performance of a specific player in a given matchup. 

For example, if the Memphis Grizzlies played the Los Angeles Lakers, you could predict whether Ja Morant would exceed a specific assist total set by oddsmakers. 

Below we discuss some of the popular player prop bets for the NBA.


Points is one of the most common types of NBA player props. Points props are set as over/under lines, meaning that bettors have to choose whether the player will score more or less than a given number. 

For example, a points prop for LeBron James might look something like this:

LeBron James points: Over 25.5 (-110) | Under 25.5 (-110)


An assists prop provides bettors with the opportunity to wager on the number of assists a player will have in a matchup. 

An example would be wagering on last season’s assists leader, James Harden, to provide more than 10.5 assists in a matchup between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers. 


In basketball, a rebound is a statistic awarded to a player who gains possession of the ball after a missed field goal or free throw. Because centers are typically taller than most players on the court, you may be able to gain an advantage by betting on a particular team's center to finish over their rebounding line set by oddsmakers.

For example, in a matchup between the Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls, you could bet on Nikola Vucevic to grab over 12.5 rebounds. If Vucevic finishes the matchup with at least 13 rebounds, you win the bet. 


These bets are wagers on the total number of three-pointers scored by a particular player in a matchup. 

Three-pointer props can also be used in the context of team performance, where bettors wager on the total number of long-range shots made by a particular team in a game.


NBA team prop bets allow bettors to wager on the performance of a particular team during a game. Unlike player prop bets, which are determined by the performance of a single player, team props focus on the performance of the team as a whole.

Popular NBA team prop bets include total points scored and three-pointers made. To win NBA team prop bets, bettors must do their research and understand the factors that can affect a team's performance, such as average point total, strength of opponent's defense, and injuries or suspensions. 


While prop bets provide a great opportunity to add an extra layer of excitement to NBA betting, they also come with their own risks. 

That's why it's important to assess and analyze every aspect of a game before staking your hard-earned money. In the following sections, we will discuss some of the best sports betting tips and strategies to help improve your profitability.

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Research and Analysis

Accurately predicting the outcome of future events requires more than just relying on a hunch. Meticulously analyzing and assessing team performances, player injuries, and historical patterns can help bettors make informed forecasts, ultimately increasing their chances of making successful wagers.

Eventually, upsets happen, and no amount of research or data analysis can fully prepare one for that. However, it's better to have a wealth of information at your disposal, as it can increase your ability to adapt to unexpected outcomes and make more strategic betting decisions in the long run.

Understand Odds

Odds are used by sportsbooks to represent the probability of an event happening. To understand odds, it is important to remember that the higher the number, the less likely the event is to happen. 

For example, if the Warriors are -150 favorites to beat the Rockets, that means they are more likely to win than the Rockets. If the Rockets are +120 underdogs, that means they are less likely to win than the Warriors.

Odds can also change over time, so it is important to keep an eye on them before you place a bet.

Here are some tips for using odds in NBA sports betting:

  • Look for value bets. This means finding bets where the odds are not accurately reflecting the probability of the event happening.
  • Use a variety of resources to get different perspectives on the odds.
  • Be disciplined and set a budget for yourself.

By understanding and using odds, you can make more informed bets and increase your chances of winning.

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How can I research NBA player props?

Player props are bets on individual player performances. To research them, start by understanding the different types available, such as points, rebounds, and assists. 

Then, consider the player's recent form, matchup, injury status, and motivation. Find this information by reading news articles and using statistical websites to track player performance and trends. 

When do NBA player prop picks come out?

At, we usually publish our NBA player prop picks anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days before the games. This approach allows us to stay up-to-date with real-time updates such as injuries, suspensions, and other factors. Our goal is to offer selections with a strong probability of success for our readers.

How can I bet on NBA player props?

To bet on NBA player props, find a sportsbook, create an account, and deposit money. Then, browse the props available and choose one that interests you. When choosing, consider the player's recent form, matchup, injury status, and motivation. 

Once you've decided on a wager, place your bet by clicking on the odds and entering the amount you want to bet. If you win, you'll receive a payout.

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