Betting Guide: Best NBA Player Props and NBA Prop Bets

Basketball is one of the fastest growing sports around the world today. As the NBA has grown over the last few years, it has done so in tandem with NBA betting, and more specifically with NBA prop bets and player props.

If you’re on the lookout for the best bets and matchups during every game of the entire 20223 NBA season, from opening tip to the playoffs and NBA Finals, Lines has you covered with our Best NBA Prop Bets Today section. We'll provide feature NBA analysis, picks, game parlays, and much more all updated daily by our well-researched bettors and expert picks to help you get an edge all season long!

NBA Player Prop Bets

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Where To Find The Best NBA Player Props Today

One of the most important but often overlooked parts of traditional sports betting is the prop bet odds. The prop odds can vary and determine not only the implied probability of your bet’s success, but also how much you’re going to get paid out if you win. Because of that, you want to make sure you’re rolling with a betting site that has tons of NBA player props to choose from combined with the best prop odds available on any website, model, or online gambling service.

Once you’ve got that settled, you can combine your own research with the betting guide and advice you’ll find with Lines’ daily list of Best NBA Prop Bets Today! Get the best value from all the best sportsbooks directly from where we give you the best online sports betting and NBA prop odds every day. 

Get The Latest NBA Team Prop Bets And Odds

While they are arguably the most popular type of bet on the NBA these days, NBA prop bets were not always the belle of the NBA betting ball. Their recent rise in popularity can be attributed to the fact that prop bets can add a layer to the NBA viewing experience. If you’re watching a game and you care about the outcome, a player prop bet can allow you to cheer for something other than your team if the game gets out of hand. On the flip side, a player prop can get you invested in a matchup you otherwise wouldn’t have looked at twice.

There are tons of NBA team props such as which team will have the lead at the end of a certain quarter, or how many points per game a team will score in a game, half, or quarter. However, the most popular types of props by a mile are the NBA player props. These are offered in the form of either a yes/no proposition or an over/under proposition.

Best NBA Prop Bets Today

Some examples of the types of things you can bet on with NBA player props include stats like how many points a player will score, number of assists, rebounds, blocks, steals, turnovers, or three-pointers a player will record, whether a player will reach a certain milestone in any of those categories, whether a player will score the first basket of the game, whether a player will record a double-double or triple-double. 

You can even bet on combinations of different stats such as how many points + assists a player will get, how many assists + rebounds they’ll contribute, how many blocks + steals they’ll record. The combinations and possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to NBA player props.

How To Shop Sportsbook And Place NBA Player Props Bets

You can take the same steps to make bets on NBA player props as you would with a moneyline or totals bet. You have to create yourself a betting account with one or more reputable sportsbooks that have a good lineup of NBA player props as well as good odds on those markets. Once you’re all set up with a funded account, you’re ready to wager on an NBA game throughout the NBA season. 

The best way to go about making your bets is to do your own research on different NBA games, and compare that with the prop betting strategy advice you’ll find on our Best NBA Player Props Today section, which is updated on a daily basis with the NBA player props offering the most value based on the research of our NBA experts. Get the best NBA odds combined with the best basketball analysis and today's best NBA projections all from your favorite experts at Lines.

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