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Every MLB season, each team plays 162 matches, for a total of 2,430 games. At Lines, we guide you through the action, and every day, we bring you fresh and valuable picks, a result of our deep and thorough analysis of all the statistics and relevant aspects that make America’s Pastime great. Join the action by visiting Lines MLB Picks Hub. 

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As one of America’s favorite leagues, the MLB draws a fantastic crowd of seasoned bettors and enthusiastic newcomers alike. 

One of the fascinating things about baseball is that it can be resolved in the final inning, keeping the excitement of viewers until the last turn-at-bat. Who doesn’t remember those games that were resolved by an epic home run when everything seemed lost? Or the pitcher that managed to win the game despite having a runner on every base? 

If you wagered on one of those matches, you know what we are talking about. And if you haven’t, but want to, we want to help you succeed. 

Here at Lines, we have a team full of experts analyzing the daily MLB action from every possible angle. Every day, our team shares their favorite picks for a variety of bets: moneyline, spread, totals, and potential player props. 

There’s nothing we love more than a good value bet that can help you earn a good payout. Visit our MLB Picks page and join the action for free!

Free MLB Money Line Picks

In baseball, as in every sport, the moneyline is a classic bet. 

For a moneyline bet to be a winner, you need to accurately predict who will win a particular match. The score does not matter. All the sportsbook considers is whether your team won or lost. 

There are many scenarios in which the moneyline can be an attractive bet. 

Remember that, when determining the odds for the moneyline, the sportsbook will assign negative odds to the favorite team, and positive odds to the team considered to be the underdog. Therefore, if you believe your team, as an underdog, has what it takes to take the match home, you can expect to make a good payout by wagering on the moneyline if your bet is successful. 

At Lines, our team of experts has decades of experience covering baseball, and meticulously analyzes the necessary statistics throughout the season to bring you free, fresh picks on those teams that are considered to be a good moneyline bet. 

Visit our MLB Picks page and stay tuned!

Free MLB Picks Against the Run Line

If betting on the moneyline is not your cup of tea, whether because the upset, even though probable, is still risky, or because the favored team does not pay enough to make your bet worthwhile, you can always go for the spread. 

Let’s remember that the spread is the way in which the sportsbook levels the odds for both teams by giving the team slated as the underdog a handicap. 

Let’s say the New York Yankees are the favorites against their divisional rivals, the Toronto Blue Jays. The moneyline bet on the Yankees, therefore, might reflect significantly negative odds, like -350. Because of this, the sportsbook could determine the following line for the spread: Toronto Blue Jays, +4.5 runs; New York Yankees, -4.5 runs. Let’s assume that both bets have the same odds, -110. 

To further illustrate this, for a spread wager on the Yankees to be a winner, the team would need to win by at least 5 runs. On the other hand, a bet on the Toronto Blue Jays could still be a winner even if Toronto loses the match, as long as they lose by 4 runs or less. 

At, betting on the spread is one of our favorite wagers, and we are proud to bring you the best daily picks on America’s Pastime, so that you can enjoy the games to the fullest and maximize your chances of winning. 

MLB Totals Picks

If you want to be invested in the outcome of a match, but don’t feel comfortable predicting the winner, even with the handicap provided by the spread, you can bet on the over/under line. This type of bet is also known as totals, or total bets. 

An exciting aspect of this type of bet is that, as mentioned, you don’t need to predict the winner. To win a totals bet, you need to correctly predict whether the total number of runs scored by both teams combined will be over or under a certain number determined by the sportsbook. 

Here at Lines, we analyze all the relevant statistics on an ongoing basis. We study the players, from the home-runners who have the best batting averages to the pitchers who excel at stopping them. By diving deep into the game, we are able to fully understand its strategy, and see which squads are likely to add more runs to their tally. Does your team have what it takes to beat the over? Visit our MLB Picks Hub to see what our analysis has to say. 

Free Expert Baseball Picks Today

At Lines, following sports and giving you the best value for your picks is our passion and our reason for being in business. We believe every baseball match presents an exciting opportunity to join the betting action, whether it is by capping on the moneyline, the spread, the total runs to be scored, or a particular player prop. 

By following the news, keeping a close eye on the transfer market and staying on top of everything regarding off-court developments, our team is able to bring you the best picks, every day. 

Then, our picks are compared against those generated by our supercomputer, which is powered by cutting-edge data analytics. Are you curious to find out more? Visit our MLB Picks Hub page and find out!

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