NBA Injury Report

Boston Celtics
 headshot photo
Daniel Theis
Theis had offseason surgery arthroscopic surgery conducted on his left knee to remove a loose body. There is no timetable for recovery.

NBA Injury Information

In the NBA, one individual player is more influential than one player in most other sports, due to the smaller roster sizes in professional basketball. This means that NBA injuries can dramatically impact the outcome of a game, and that bettors should know which players are going to be on the floor before placing their bets. This makes checking the NBA injury report essential to placing each bet on NBA basketball, as getting up to date injury news is one of the most valuable resources to basketball bettors.

The NBA injury report provides the latest news on NBA players who are suffering from injuries. Teams are required to disclose the status of players ahead of each game, allowing bettors to know if players are available to play or not. The injury report is also vital to daily fantasy basketball players, as the fantasy impact of an NBA player not playing could be massive, as keeping a player who is not active out of a fantasy lineup is a must to avoid being hit with zero points for that lineup slot.

In the NBA, it is important to remember that the injury report matters at every level of a team's rotation. While losing players in the starting lineup can be devastating, injuries to key reserves can also change the way that a team functions throughout the course of a game. Unlike in football, where a team has a 53-man roster filled with backups, most NBA teams play 10 to 12 players over the course of a season. If one or several of those players is unavailable, it requires other players to play more minutes than they normally would, which could cause a litany of issues.

Not only is it important to know which players are suffering from injuries on NBA rosters, but it is also important to understand how those injuries will impact a team based on their upcoming opponents. If a team has depth at a position in which a player is out injured, it does not impact the team as much as it would if the team only had a couple of viable options at that position. And if a team suffers an injury at a position where they have an advantage or disadvantage against an opponent on their schedule, understanding how that will affect their matchups is a must.

Injuries can be even more impactful in the NBA Playoffs than they are in the regular season. In the playoffs, teams tend to play with shorter rotations, relying more heavily on their star players and their best substitutes. Should one of those players be slowed down or ruled out due to injury, the fate of the NBA championship could be altered for that postseason.