TwinSpires Offer Code and Promos 2023

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of horse race betting? If so, TwinSpires is the place for you. 

Founded in 2007 in Louisville, Kentucky–one of the meccas of horse racing and home to the always-epic Kentucky Derby–the platform has evolved to become one of the top online providers of horse race betting, offering a top-notch experience for seasoned bettors and newcomer enthusiasts alike.

As the market for online wagers on horse races continues to grow, and bettors pick their favorite horses for historically epic races like the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes, here, at, we remain committed to bringing you the best promo codes so that you can enhance your betting experience. 

Through the article, we will guide you through the best TwinSpires offer codes, like a $500 sign-up bonus offered exclusively for new players. 

It is noteworthy to add that while, for some time, TwinSpires attempted to diversify itself into the realm of sports betting, it recently retracted that move, and now, as the platform focuses exclusively on taking horse racing bets, you can rest assured that, by joining, you can access some of the best horse racing-related features in the market. 

TwinSpires Promo Code Offers 2023

Known for being one of the premier racebook for horse betting, TwinSpires casino and sportsbook offer some of the best welcome bonuses, bonus bets, and promo offers. We'll review some of the best new TwinSpires bonus offers to help you gain an edge when live betting on your favorite racebook app. 

TwinSpires Offer Code No Deposit

Unfortunately, TwinSpires does not have any no deposit offer code available right now. However, we highly suggest that you stay tuned to, since, as soon as there is a TwinSpires no deposit code available, we will be prompt to let you know. 

However, as we will discuss in the paragraphs below, TwinSpires does have many other bonuses available, such as a sign-up bonus, a $10 Money Back offer code for specific races, a double-down 25% bonus, and weekly jackpots. 

TwinSpires New Player Sign-Up Bonus

If you are eager to try your hand at picking the next winning horse, join TwinSpires for an exclusive sign-up bonus. For new customers, TwinSpires is offering two different promotions, a $200 bonus code, and a $500 bonus code. 

Earn a $200 Sign-Up Bonus With TwinSpires

After you create a wagering account with TwinSpires and you use the appropriate promo code, you will be eligible to earn $200 in bonus cash. This bonus will be granted to you in increments of $100, with each increment being credited once you’ve wagered $400. What this means is that to receive the full bonus, you need to wager $800 within 30 days of opening up your TwinSpires account. 

Join TwinSpires and Qualify for a Sign-Up Bonus of Up to $500

If you are a more experienced bettor or are planning on wagering with higher amounts, you can qualify for a sign-up bonus of up to $500 brought to you by TwinSpires. Similarly to the previous promo code, this offer is valid in increments of $100, with a $100 bonus received for every $400 wagered. Therefore, to receive the $500 bonus, you need to wager at least $2,000 within 30 days following the creation of your TwinSpires account. 

TwinSpires Betting

As one of America’s favorite destinations for horse racing bets, TwinSpires gives you the chance to place your favorite wagers. Let’s remember some of the most popular ones. 

  1. Win bet: A wager on a horse to win the race. 
  2. Place bet: A bet on a horse to finish in either first or second place.  

Show bet: A wager that covers three potential outcomes. Your bet will win if your horse ends up in first, second, or third place. 

Exacta bet: To win an exacta, you need to successfully predict the first and second-place horses in the correct order. 

Quinella bet: It is similar to the exacta, with the exception that you do not need to predict the order. As long as you choose correctly the two first horses to finish the race, you will win the wager. 

Superfecta bet: One of the most difficult bets–therefore, one with a substantial potential payout–a Superfecta bet requires you to pick the first, second, third, and fourth-place horses in exact order.  

For these bets and more, TwinSpires has offer codes that allow you to elevate your payouts. For example, by claiming the promo code for Trifecta Tuesday, you can boost your winnings by up to 15% on a Trifecta wager, provided that it meets some specific requirements.  

Bonuses and offer codes do not end there. In racetracks like Saratoga and Hoosier Park, TwinSpires has a “Money Back” promo code where, if you place a win bet of $10 on certain races held in those venues, and your horse finishes second or third, your $10 will be refunded. There are additional offer codes, like the one that can be applied to races that take place in Del Mar. This is a “double down” code, and it can boost your winnings on your daily double bets by up to 25%.  

As the horse racing calendar evolves, and more events come into the limelight, TwinSpires will be posting updated promotions, and here at Lines, we will ensure to relay them all to you. Stay tuned!

TwinSpires Payment Methods

For your convenience, TwinSpires accepts a variety of payment methods.  

To avoid fees, the preferred method is EZ Money, which uses the ACH process to send money from your checking, savings, or money market account to your TwinSpires account. You can also use EZBank/Mazooma through the “Online Bill Pay” option connected to your online banking.  

Besides this, TwinSpires offers other deposit mechanisms, however, they have a fee, as follows:

Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard)$5 flat fee
Cash through GreenDot @ The Register at a retailer$4.95 or more, varies by merchant
Cash through Moneygram$3.95 or more, varies by merchant
Cash through PayNearMe$3.99 or more, varies by merchant
Apple Pay$5 flat fee
Bank Wire TransferFree if depositing more than $1,000. $10 fee for any deposit under $1,000
On-Site Deposits (Cash at a racetrack operated by Churchill Downs or at an affiliate location)No fee
Checks or Money OrdersNo fee, however, personal checks are held for 5 days
PayPalNo fee

For more information or to consult the terms and conditions associated with each payment method, including processing times, go to the TwinSpires website. 

TwinSpires States and Locations

TwinSpires is live in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.  

If you are in any of the aforementioned states, you will be eligible to bet on your favorite horses on TwinSpires and access the best offer codes and promos. If you reside elsewhere, it is likely that there is state legislation that forbids bets on horse races, or that licenses have been awarded to other companies. However, stay tuned, as here at Lines, we will inform you whenever TwinSpires or any of the best horse racing betting platforms launches in your state! 

Last, but not least, in some states, you might be able to place a bet in person at one of TwinSpires locations. Physical racebooks are located at Churchill Downs’ racetracks (locations in Kentucky, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, New York, and Pennsylvania), as well as at Keeneland Racetrack and The Red Mile, in Kentucky; Arlington Park, in Illinois, and other racetracks in states like Ohio, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania. 

TwinSpires Sportsbook Review

At Lines, our team has thoroughly reviewed TwinSpires and discussed its main features, including its pros and cons.  

Some of the main features offered by TwinSpires is that it offers users a top-notch experience that is similar to what they would encounter at a racetrack or casino. Their betting options include parimutuel wagering–in which all bets on a particular event are pooled together, and payout odds are determined by the total amount wagered on each potential outcome–as well as popular markets like win bets, place bets, and show bets. 

Also, TwinSpires has a social element embedded in it through its BetShare feature, which allows you to interact with your friends and share your wagers, which adds a layer of excitement to your betting activity. Last, but not least, TwinSpires is a very legitimate name in the industry, being the official partner of the Kentucky Derby, one of the most–if not, the most–well-known horse racing events in the world. 

While some features could use some improvement–like a higher bonus for the refer-a-friend program or the excessive fee for deposits through certain methods–TwinSpires is, by far, one of America’s favorite racebooks, and a name that has achieved notoriety and recognition in the horse racing industry. 

TwinSpires Mobile App

With over 66,500 reviews on the App Store, the TwinSpires app ranks high with 4.8 stars out of 5. Many users have gone on the site to praise its user-friendly interface, the top-quality live streaming, and the insightful information and statistics that it provides, which helps bettors to make better wagering decisions. 

Also, players seem pleased with the variety of betting markets available, which include international races. It is important to acknowledge that there have been some disgruntled users complaining about the customer service, however, a TwinSpires rep is prompt to respond to most queries, and most negative reviews relate to the company’s sportsbook, which has now been phased out. 

On Google Play Store, after over 100,000 downloads, TwinSpires sportsbook app scores 4.6 stars out of 5. Recent reviews include complaints about the app being “buggy” and crashing often, which can cause users to miss out on bets. 

However, TwinSpires’ representatives have also been quick to respond to inquiries, and other users have praised different features of the app such as the variety of races available, the live video, and the great bonuses. Using the TwinSpires app is a great way for those looking to bet on-the-go from just about anywhere, anytime. 

TwinSpires FAQs

What is the $200 offer code for TwinSpires?

For new customers, TwinSpires has a promotion where they can get an up to $200 sign-up bonus. The offer code can be applied in increments of $100 for every $400 wagered, therefore, to be eligible for the $200, you need to wager $800. 

What is the $50 offer code for TwinSpires?

The $50 offer code has been a popular promotion for TwinSpires for specific periods of time. The way it has worked is that, after you deposit $50, TwinSpires will give you another $50 in wagering credit as a deposit match. 

What is the $25 offer code on TwinSpires? 

Occasionally–like before a specific event like the Kentucky Derby or upon launching in a new state–TwinSpires will have a $25 risk-free bet. This, most often, applies to new players who sign up using the TwinSpires sportsbook and casino, who can get a refund of up to $25 if their first stake is not successful. 

What is the $500 offer code on TwinSpires? 

After you create an account with TwinSpires, you can be eligible for an up to $500 sign-up bonus. This bonus is granted in increments of $100 for every $400 you wager, hence, to receive $500, you need to wager $2000.

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