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College football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Every year, the college bowls are watched by millions of viewers nationwide. Join the buzzing action by visiting our NCAA Football Picks hub today, and get the best picks every day. 

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Whether you are a football expert or have recently gained enthusiasm for the game, it is very likely you have heard about the Orange Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, the Rose Bowl, and the Cotton Bowl. This and other bowls are highly-coveted prizes for the best college football teams in the country. 

Every year, 133 Division I teams, divided into 10 conferences, give their best on the field to have the honor of reaching the finals. This guarantees us a season full of exciting moments, especially as collegiate athletes know that a good performance can be a catapult for a successful career in the NFL. 

At Lines, we have a team where consolidated bettors and football experts cooperate to bring you the best college football picks available, so you can capitalize on exciting wagering opportunities. 

Our team takes a deep dive into all the relevant statistics, trends, and factors that can have an impact on the final results, in order to deliver the best moneyline, spread, and totals predictions. Similarly, we look at other bet types like futures and player props. Who will rush for the most yards? Will there be any interceptions? 

We consider this and more when estimating the probability of an outcome. Once we do that, we compare our estimated probability to the sportsbook’s implied probability. We are always excited to spot value betting opportunities, and even more excited to share them with you. 

Last, but not least, we have our NCAA Football Computer Picks. Who will have a better prediction rate, our supercomputer or our team of football oracles? 

Free NCAA Football Money Line Picks

In football, as in many other sports, when we place a bet on the moneyline, we are betting on a team to win a specific match. 

Something that makes a moneyline bet exciting and very accessible is that the score is irrelevant. As long as your team wins the match, your wager is successful, and you earn a payout. 

However, to have a higher chance of winning when betting on the moneyline, there are a few factors that are important to understand. One of them is understanding the odds. 

If you are looking at a dashboard with American odds, then keep in mind that the favorite team’s odds will be displayed as negative, while the underdog’s odds will be shown as positive. 

This means that, if you can accurately spot the underdog of the day who will surprise fans and experts alike, you can earn a handsome payout. 

As value bettors ourselves, we love to support you in this mission, which is why our team of experts, backed by decades of experience, spends thousands of hours every day to help you identify those college football matches where betting on the moneyline is a good value proposition. 

To learn more, visit our NCAA Football Picks Hub, and stay tuned for the pick of the day! 

Free NCAA Football Picks Against the Spread

If you like an underdog, but believe the proposition is too risky, or if you are fully backing a favorite, but believe the payout is not enough, betting on the spread can help you get more value for your money. 

In case you do not recall what a spread is, here’s a reminder: the spread is the way through which a sportsbook levels the odds. It does this by giving a point handicap to the team that on paper seems the weakest. 

Let’s say that LSU is playing Auburn, and LSU is considered the favorite. This means that the odds on a moneyline bet on LSU would be negative, something like -500. To adjust this, the sportsbook will decide on a spread, which could look like this: LSU, -11.5; Auburn, +11.5, with both bets paying -110. 

What this means in practice is that for a bet on LSU to be a winner, they need to win the match by at least twelve points. On the flip side, a bet on Auburn can be successful even if they lose the match, as long as they lose by eleven points or less. 

Here at Lines, betting on the spread is one of our favorite wagers, and we proudly analyze every game in depth in order to bring you the best daily picks. We give you the best information available before you bet, so that you can have all the relevant data to identify those teams that are likely to cover the spread and the ones that are not. 

NCAA Football Totals Picks

Are you eager to feel the thrill of the college football action, but are not sure which team to support? Do you love to bet, but prefer to avoid the agony of waiting for the winning team to be decided until the last play? 

If the answer is yes, then the totals bet, also known as an over/under bet, is a good option for you. 

To help you in your process, our experts at Lines provide you with their favorite over/under picks for every game of the season. 

As a refresher, a bet on the over/under predicts whether the total score of a game will fall over or under a specific number (called the over/under line) determined by the sportsbook. 

Is your team among the country’s best offensive lines? Or are they known for their fierce defense that hardly allows any points against them? 

To see how your team is likely to fare in the over/under, or to see the best picks for this type of bet, visit the NCAA Football Picks Hub and get the pick of the day today! 

Free Expert College Football Picks Today

Throughout the NCAA Football season, we follow the news, and stay on top of everything related to off-court developments on an ongoing basis. This helps us identify the most relevant data and interesting trends in order to bring you the best picks, every day. 

We’ve covered several of the most relevant bets in college football today: the moneyline, the spread, over and under totals, as well as team propositions and player props. 

Are you curious as to how our picks will perform against our supercomputer? Furthermore, do you have what it takes to beat our algorithm or our experts’ consensus? Visit our NCAA Football Picks Hub page and find out!

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Beyond college football and the NCAA, we have a team of experts dedicated to covering each and every one of the most popular sports, in order to bring you the best picks on a daily basis. At Lines, we offer dedicated hubs for:

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Stay tuned and visit our Picks hub to learn more about the pick of the day, and maximize your chances of winning now!

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