Bills +450 +500 +450 +500 +400
Chiefs +800 +750 +800 +800 +750
Eagles +850 +850 +900 +850 +800
Buccaneers +1000 +900 +900 +950 +1000
Packers +1000 +900 +1000 +1000 +900
Rams +1400 +1300 +1400 +1400 +1500
Ravens +1400 +1300 +1400 +1400 +1800
Dolphins +1600 +1500 +1600 +1600 +1800
Chargers +2000 +1800 +2200 +2100 +2200
Broncos +2000 +2000 +2200 +2100 +2500
49ers +2000 +2500 +2500 +2000 +1800
Vikings +2500 +2200 +2200 +2100 +2800
Bengals +2500 +2200 +3000 +2200 +3000
Colts +3000 +3300 +3500 +3400 +3500
Cowboys +3300 +4000 +3000 +2800 +3000
Browns +4000 +5000 +5000 +4400 +5000
Titans +5000 +6000 +6000 +6000 +8000
Jaguars +5000 +5000 +6000 +5000 +6000
Saints +6600 +6600 +6000 +6500 +7000
Cardinals +6600 +5000 +6000 +7000 +7000
Raiders +10000 +8000 +8000 +7500 +7000
Patriots +10000 +6600 +8000 +10000 +10000
Lions +10000 +10000 +12500 +10000 +8000
Giants +10000 +10000 +8000 +11000 +10000
Steelers +15000 +12500 +12500 +13000 +15000
Panthers +15000 +15000 +20000 +10000 +10000
Washington +15000 +12500 +20000 +13000 +15000
Bears +20000 +20000 +20000 +20000 +25000
Falcons +30000 +40000 +30000 +34000 +30000
Jets +30000 +25000 +25000 +39000 +30000
Seahawks +50000 +40000 +50000 +55000 +50000
Texans +75000 +75000 +50000 +55000 +50000

Sports betting has always been popular, but in recent years, legislation has helped online and digital sports betting to flourish. You can bet on nearly any sport or competitive activity if you use the right sportsbook service, and one of the most popular betting environments is the NFL.

There are a lot of different ways that players can wager on NFL activity. They can wager on who will win the next game, what the point spread will be, and more. One of the betting areas that draws the most traffic each year is betting on NFL futures. These bets can take the entire season to finish, and often result in some of the most massive winnings of any bet type. 

What are NFL Futures Odds

The NFL futures odds are straightforward and fairly easy to understand. They are usually listed in the format “+x” where “x” is the amount the bettor will win on a single $100 bet. For example, this means if you are looking at the NFL futures bets on your sportsbook and see that the NFL futures odds of Kanas City coming out as Super Bowl champs are +750, the bettor who puts a $100 bet will win their bet back plus an additional $750. The bettor who wagers $200 will win an additional $1,500, and so on.

Championship Futures

Championship futures are the bets that are placed while predicting the winners of the two NFL conferences. These conferences are the National Football Conference, or NFC, and the American Football Conference, or AFC. Each conference has four divisions, which are separated into the North, South, East, and West divisions, for a total of 8 divisions. Each conference division has four teams, making a total of 16 teams represented in each conference. 

Both conferences are similar, and the play schedules of each are determined by the year before. As an example, in one year, all of the NFC East teams will play all of the teams in the AFC South division. The following year the schedule will rotate so that the NFC East teams will play all of the AFC North or AFC West teams. 

The NFL futures championship betting will revolve around who will take the division title, and who will take the conference championship. This gives a similar betting ability to the Super Bowl, except that bettors will have more opportunities to win since there are 16 division titles and two conference championships to bet on.

Super Bowl Futures

Super Bowl futures are the one type of futures bet that is available every hour of every day, all year. The bets operate the same as other futures bets, with the bettor choosing their pick for the team that’s going to win the Super Bowl that year. 

The odds are constantly adjusted based on current season performance and other factors but are available for betting at all times. The betting will generally close once the game starts, or shortly after, and as soon as the game is finished, the Super Bowl futures betting for the next one goes up on the board and becomes active.

How to bet on NFL Futures

Betting on NFL futures simply requires having an account with a sportsbook. This can be an account at a brick-and-mortar venue like you may find in Las Vegas, or it can be an online sportsbook. Online sportsbooks are becoming incredibly popular since you can place bets from anywhere, at any time. To create an account with an online betting platform, you will need to get signed up and verified, which will generally require some basic information and proof that you are of betting age.

Then you will need to find your preferred bet type, such as division winners, conference winners, and even Super Bowl winners. In each bet type, there will be a list of the various bets that you can make. In most cases, the bets will be in a list form, with the most likely or “favorites” near the top, and the least likely to win or “underdogs” listed further down, with the list being sorted by the odds. When you have found one that you want to place a bet on, simply click the bet option and go through the specifics of finalizing your wager.

Futures Bets for NFL 2022 season

NFL futures bets can be taken for just about anything, not just the big games. Some of the NFL futures you can take for the 2022 season include:

  1. 2022 Best Regular Season Record
  2. 2022 Worst Regular Season Record
  3. Lowest Scoring Team For The 2022 Regular Season
  4. Highest Scoring Team For The 2022 Regular Season
  5. 2022 Regular Season Most Rushing Yards
  6. 2022 Regular Season Most Receptions
  7. 2022 Regular Season Most Rushing Touchdowns
  8. 2022 Regular Season Most Passing Touchdowns
  9. 2022 Regular Season Most Receiving Yards
  10. Last Undefeated Team For 2022/2023 Season
  11. 2023 AFC Conference Winner
  12. 2023 NFC Conference Winner
  13. Division To Win 2023 Super Bowl 57 
  14. Team To Win 2023 Super Bowl 57
  15. Will Any Team Be 17-0 During 2022 Regular Season

NFL Futures FAQ

How do you bet on NFL futures?

Futures betting is relatively simple. Find the futures section in your preferred sportsbook, and then find the bet that you’d like to make. They are often listed from the most favored to the least. 

Where can I bet on NFL futures?

You can bet on NFL futures through any reputable sportsbook, either online or in person at certain gambling facilities. In either case, you place bets directly with the sportsbook. 

Can You Bet NFL Futures?

You can bet NFL futures. You can place bets on each of the 6 divisions of the NFL, you can bet on the winners of the two major NFL conferences, and of course, the winner of the Super Bowl.

What Are NFL Futures?

NFL futures are straightforward bets on an event in the NFL that will not happen for some time yet. Betting on an upcoming match isn’t generally considered futures betting, but betting on the season championship would be.