NFL Injury Report

NFL Injury Information

The NFL is a league where injuries are commonplace, as players use their physicality to make an impact on the field. Because of that, the NFL injury report is of massive importance to NFL bettors. Using the latest reports and injury news, bettors can figure out which players are playing and which are likely to miss out on the week’s action, which can have a huge impact on the outcome of each contest.

There are a few main classifications for injuries in the NFL, which can help bettors determine who is playing week in and week out. Players who are more likely to play are deemed a game-time decision, probable or questionable, while players with more serious injuries are deemed doubtful or put on the out list. Given that there is a difference between injuries like a high-ankle sprain or a hamstring injury, bettors need to know just how severe an injury is before they get involved in a game or a daily fantasy contest.

A player’s status is updated throughout the week along these lines, with progress throughout the week usually being a good sign that a player is going to take the field. For head injuries, a player’s progress through the concussion protocol is documented as well, as a player must pass the protocol successfully before they are permitted to take the field once again for their team.

For players with particularly severe injuries, the injured reserve list is where they go. There are two types of injured reserves. One injured reserve list is for players who are going to miss the rest of the season with their injury, while another is for players who are going to miss up to six weeks due to their particular ailment. If a player is unable to return within that six week period, they are then lost for the season.

In the NFL, depth is so important given the number of injuries that a team suffers through over the course of a season. If a team doesn’t have quality backups at every position, they leave themselves vulnerable to falling apart once they are bit by the injury bug. Keeping in mind teams where depth is an issue is important for the duration of the season, especially later in the year where the physical toll of the sport is at its most palpable.

Of course, in the NFL, the health of the quarterback is often the most important thing to a team’s success. In an effort to keep quarterbacks off of the injury report each week, the NFL has rules in place to limit contact to the quarterback. But in the event that those rules do not prevent quarterback injuries, bettors must be able to gauge the effectiveness of backup quarterbacks effectively.