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There are over 350 schools in Division 1 basketball, all of them pursuing the opportunity of participating in the much-coveted March Madness tournament. Of those who make it that far, only four will have the honor of playing in the Final Four, and one will be crowned as the college basketball champion of the United States. The stakes are high and the crowds are buzzing, and at, we have you covered so that you can capitalize on the excitement of college basketball. 

NCAA Basketball - March Madness

Collegiate stars know that a good performance can be a trampoline that catapults their career to NBA stardom, hence, every match is full of dramatic moments, in which players give their all to every point. This makes NCAA Basketball one of the most dynamic and sought-after sports when it comes to sports betting. 

NCAA Championship

The NCAA Basketball Championship dates back to 1939, and it is one of the most firmly-embedded events in the history of basketball in the United States. For many fans and pundits alike, the level of emotion elicited by college basketball equates to or even surpasses that one that is generated by the NBA, which is reflected in vibrant, pulsating crowds and at-capacity stadiums. 

The first NCAA Basketball champion was the University of Oregon, and throughout the years, teams like UCLA (11 titles), Kentucky (8 titles), the University of North Carolina (6 titles), Duke, Indiana, and the University of Connecticut (5 titles each) have engraved their name and cemented their reputation as the best schools for college basketball in America. 

There are several reasons why college basketball has become such a popular, preeminent sport. One of them is that thrilling upsets and uplifting underdog stories–which we all love–are common in March Madness. The way the tournament is set up permits lower-seeded schools to compete against established powerhouses, which leads to surprising outcomes and inspiring narratives. 

Some of these stories include the 1996 dramatic Princeton’s (13th seed) victory over UCLA, the defending champions, which materialized within the game’s final seconds, and Lehigh’s (15th seed) upset of Duke, as well as the unforgettable triumph of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County over the Virginia Cavaliers, which was the first time that a 16-seed defeated the first seed in the history of March Madness. 

Chronicles like these make the whole nation dream, and for the players, it is no exception. Another reason that converts the NCAA Basketball games into high-stakes contests is the opportunity for players to shine in front of a crowd filled with NBA scouts, coaches, and established stars. The NCAA is a top talent pool that the NBA relies on, and those who perform well are likely to be selected by the best teams or get ahead in the pecking order of the NBA Draft. 

The most recent champion in NCAA basketball is the UConn Huskies, who earned the top accolade in the nation by defeating the San Diego State Aztecs, who had made a very improbable run to the championship finals. Now, UConn will strive to defend its title in a field plagued with contenders such as Duke, Houston, Kansas, and Michigan State. 

College Basketball Odds

The odds have been released, and now, expert bettors and new enthusiasts alike can bet on their favorite college basketball team in anticipation of the next season. Who will be the next NCAA champion? According to the nation’s leading sportsbooks, here are the odds.

Michigan State+1500

If you feel your squad has a chance of making it to the Final Four, but are unsure as to whether they can push through all the way to the title, you can also place a future bet on which team will reach the final stage. As long as your team reaches the Final Four, your bet will be successful. If so, here are the odds, as of now. 

Michigan State+400

The markets available will vary depending on the stage of the season in which you place your bet. For example, through future markets, here are some of the predictions you can bet on:

  1. Who will be the Final Four’s Most Valuable Player? 
  2. Which two teams will reach the NCAA Basketball finals? 

How to Read NCAA Basketball Odds

When betting on NCAA Basketball, beyond future bets, you can also place a wager on the money line, a point spread bet, or wager on a player proposition. 

Before you place a bet, however, it is important that you understand the odds. 

If you are looking at NCAA Basketball Odds, there are three basic formats in which they will be displayed: American odds, fractional odds, and decimal odds. Since the NCAA is in the United States, and our sportsbook partners are located in North America, it is most likely that the American odds will be their default choice. 

To estimate your winnings using American odds, you can use the following formula:

  1. Payout with negative American odds = (100/Odds)*Wager
  2. Payout with positive American odds = (Odds/100)*Wager

Let’s see an example. As of now, the two teams more likely to square off at the next NCAA Basketball Finals are Duke and the University of Houston. 

Let’s assume that the odds on the moneyline are:

  1. Duke, -115
  2. University of Houston, +125

Profits for a $50 bet on University of Houston = (125/100)*$50 = $62.5

In addition to your $62.50 profit, you would recover the $50 you wagered. This means that the total payout for a $50 bet on Houston, if successful, would be $112.50.

To further bolster your understanding, check out this comprehensive guide that we have prepared for you. 

Best Sportsbooks for College Basketball

To place a bet on NCAA Basketball, first, you need to create an account with your sportsbook of choice. Here at Lines, we are partnered with most of the nation’s leading legal sportsbooks, such as FanDuel, DraftKings, bet365, BetMGM, WynnBet, Caesars, PointsBet, and more, and we display the best odds available in our dynamic dashboard

We highly recommend that you shop around for the best odds, in order to maximize your potential payout, and to stay tuned for any NCAA Basketball-specific promotions that a sportsbook might be offering at a point in time. For example, for March Madness, BetMGM ran a promo in which they offered a risk-free bet for those who wagered on the NCAA Basketball action. Given the popularity of college basketball nationwide, most sportsbooks will offer at least one bonus or promotion opportunity, so stay tuned!

A few reminders for you to keep in mind when placing an NCAA Basketball bet:

  1. Stay up to date on injuries, suspensions, and other off-court events that could affect your team’s performance
  2. Understand the strategies and dynamics that happen on the court
  3. Shop around for the best odds available
  4. Set a budget and bet responsibly. Only bet what you can afford to lose

NCAA Basketball Odds Betting FAQs

Can I bet on NCAAB games legally?

Yes. While some states have specific restrictions (mostly related to player props or to betting on in-state teams), betting on NCAAB games is legal in several states throughout the country. 

What are the key dates for the NCAAB 2022-23 season?

The NCAAB calendar is structured as follows: Midnight Madness (late September/early October), Regular Season (November - March), Conference Tournaments (early to mid-March), Selection Sunday (mid-March), March Madness (mid-March to early April), and Final Four (early April).  

How can I bet on NCAAB games?

There are several betting markets available to bet on NCAAB games. The most popular ones are the moneyline, the point spread, and the totals, in which you predict whether the score will go over or under a specific number predicted by the sportsbook. 

Can I bet on college basketball online? 

Yes, college basketball is a very popular sport to bet on, so most of the leading online sportsbooks offer it. 

What should I consider before placing a bet? 

Before placing a bet, shop around for the best available odds, inform yourself about injuries, suspensions, or other developments that could affect the odds, and set a budget to bet responsibly. 

Where can I bet on college basketball? 

Given the popularity of college basketball, most, if not all leading American sportsbooks offer bettors the opportunity to place wagers in college basketball. To get the best live odds on college basketball and the legal sportsbooks in your area, go to our NCAAB page.

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