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Free MLB Moneyline Predictions

The moneyline is a classic baseball bet, and a preferred choice for both experienced baseball bettors and newcomers. 

When you are betting on the moneyline, you are predicting which team will win a particular match. The score is irrelevant, all that the sportsbook considers is if your team won or lost. 

To increase your chances of success in the moneyline, you need to fully understand the odds. Since the MLB is an American league, and if you are betting in the US, you will most likely be looking at American odds. In this format, the favorite team will have negative odds (like -200 or -300), and the underdog team will have positive odds, like +150 or +250. 

Therefore, if you can predict the team that will be the underdog of the day, you can expect to make a good payout. 

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Free MLB Predictions Against the Run Line

If betting on the moneyline is not attractive enough for you, because the underdog is too risky or because the favorite team does not pay enough, you can opt for the spread, which in baseball is also known as the run line. 

Through the run line, the sportsbook levels the odds by giving the less-favored team an edge. 

Let’s say that the New York Mets are playing against the Baltimore Orioles, and the Mets are the favorite team to win the match. 

Under this scenario, a moneyline bet on the Mets would have negative odds, like -300. To adjust this, the sportsbook will determine a spread that could look like this: New York Mets, -3.5 runs; Baltimore Orioles, +3.5 runs. Let’s assume that both bets have the same odds, -110. 

What this means is that for a bet on the New York Mets to be a winner, they need to win by at least 4 runs. On the flip side, a bet on Baltimore could still win even if the Orioles lose the match, as long as they lose by 3 runs or less. 

At, we provide you with run-line predictions for every game of the season. We delve into the details and analyze each game’s projected outcomes. Visit the Predictions Hub and check out who is likely to cover the run line today! 

MLB Over/Under Predictions Today

A surely-thrilling way of joining the MLB action is by betting on the over/under line, a type of bet that is also known as totals, or total bets.

If you’d like to be invested in the outcome of a match, but feel that predicting the winner is too risky, even with the handicap provided by the run line, this is the type of bet for you. 

To win a totals bet, you need to accurately predict whether the total number of runs that will be scored by both teams combined will be over or under a certain number determined by the sportsbook. By betting on the over/under, that last-inning home run could be exciting, regardless of which team hits it.

Here at Lines, we give you over/under predictions for every game of the MLB season. We dive deep into statistics, trends, and team performances, to see whether the total number of runs scored in each game will beat the over/under line or not.

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Free Baseball Predictions Today

Every baseball match presents an exciting new opportunity to join the betting action. 

We have covered the moneyline, the run line, and the over/under. At the same time, by following the news, keeping a close eye on the transfer market, and staying on top of everything regarding off-court developments, our team is able to bring you the best picks, every day on more types of bets, such as parlays, futures, and player props. 

Furthermore, our computer simulator constantly competes with our team of experts, and both of them provide predictions on how every game of the season will end. The simulator goes as far as predicting a specific score. 

Also, as the season progresses, we give you the best MLB Playoff Predictions and MLB World Series Predictions. 

More Free Predictions

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