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Whether it is Week 1 or Week 18, the NFL guarantees enough excitement to keep all of your attention. And what is better than being a part of the action? If you decide to bet on the NFL, we have you covered. Whether it is Monday Night or Thursday Night Football, our team of experts brings you their favorite picks, and the analysis behind them, to maximize your chances of placing a winning wager. 

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Free NFL Expert Picks from Lines

At Lines, we dissect and analyze every football game to bring you carefully-curated predictions. 

Our experts look at each game from every angle, and at the strategy behind that last-minute spectacular pass and that cleverly forced fumble. There are so many factors that can influence the final outcome of a football game, and we thrive in predicting what those decisive factors will be. 

We consider statistical trends, team-vs-team matchups, home-and-away records, and also, that inner knowing that can give us an edge and can only be acquired after following the game for so long. This helps us make better predictions.

Then, we make these predictions available, for free, for you to maximize your chances of placing winning wagers. 

Free NFL Money Line Picks

By placing a bet on the moneyline, we are wagering on a team to win a specific match. 

For a moneyline bet to be successful, the score is irrelevant. All that matters is whether your team wins or loses. 

To have a higher chance of winning when betting on the moneyline, it helps to understand how the odds are determined. 

In a nutshell, the sportsbook will pay negative odds for a bet placed on the team that is considered the favorite, and positive odds for the team that is considered to be an underdog. This happens because, of course, the sportsbook adjusts its risk based on the implied probability that they estimate a team has of winning a particular match. 

An interesting value proposition for the moneyline is to bet on those underdogs that have a real possibility of pulling off an upset. Of course, this is easier said than done, which is why, here at Lines, we combine both expert insights and proprietary technology to bring you the best moneyline picks available. Visit our picks hub today!

Free NFL Picks Against the Spread

In football, the spread is one of the bets that drives the highest volume of wagering activity. 

If you are not familiar with the concept, the “spread” is a handicap that the sportsbook gives to a team in order to level the scales. This evens out the odds. 

For this to work, the team that is considered the underdog starts the game with an advantage, while the team that is considered the favorite starts with a disadvantage. 

Let’s say that the Detroit Lions are playing against the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Lions are the favorites. 

To make the odds more even, the sportsbook, based on its data-driven algorithm, determines the following spread:

  1. Detroit Lions, -4.5 points
  2. Las Vegas Raiders, +4.5 points

What this means is that if you wager on the Lions, they need to win by five points for your bet to win. On the other hand, if you bet on the Raiders, they can lose by a maximum of four points, and your wager would still be a winner. 

At Lines, our experts bring you their favorite picks to help you identify those teams that are most likely to cover the spread and those that won’t. Visit our picks hub and find out! 

NFL Totals Picks (Over/Under)

Do you want to be a part of the betting action, but are not sure which team to support? Do you feel the match will be a close contest, and want to avoid the agony of waiting for the winning team to be decided until the last play? 

If this is your case, the over/under bet, also known as a total bet, could be an alternative for you. 

We understand that many games can be tight, and it can be challenging to predict a winner. 

As a result, our experts at Lines provide you with their over/under predictions for every game of the season. 

Basically, a bet on the over/under predicts whether the total score of the game will go over or fall short of a number (called the over/under line) determined by the sportsbook.

Is your team notorious for their explosive offensive line, but struggles defensively? Or are they resemblant to that steel defense that catapulted the Pittsburgh Steelers to prominence and earned them the nickname of the Iron Curtain? 

Visit our picks hub and see whether your team can beat the totals line today. 

Free Expert Football Picks Today

Our team follows the news, stays on top of off-court developments, and identifies the most relevant data to be able to bring you the best picks, every day. 

So far, we have talked about the moneyline, the spread, and the over/under wagers, which are some of the most popular types of bets in the NFL. However, through our picks hub, we assist you and guide you through the different NFL betting opportunities, like parlays, team proposition bets, future bets, teasers, player props, and round robins. 

Then, our supercomputer runs its own analysis. How will our experts perform against our supercomputer and its cutting-edge algorithm? Visit our picks hub and find out! 

More Free Picks

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Stay tuned and visit our Picks hub to learn more about the pick of the day, and to maximize your chances of placing a winning wager!