NFL Odds and Betting Lines


The first question bettors should ask when dealing with NFL pro football odds is what the point spread is in the first place. The point spread is a handicap that is applied to the number of points scored for the team a bettor is wagering on.

The amount of that handicap can vary depending on the NFL lines for a given week, which are based on the matchups between each team. Unlike a moneyline bet, which asks bettors simply who will win, bettors have to keep the point spread amount in mind when placing these bets.

An easy way to remember how NFL game odds work is to remember that points are subtracted from the favorites and added to the score of the underdog. This is meant to level the playing field between the two teams involved in an NFL game, even if one team is perceived to be vastly superior to the other.

The reason that NFL spread betting is as popular as it is is the fact that it is closely tied to the goal of every NFL team heading into each week: winning. NFL over/under betting can vary without impacting the outcome of a game.

Prop bets can also vary without impacting the outcome, as individual performances in props do not necessarily alter the result of a contest. But point spread betting directly correlates to which team will win a given game, which makes it a very popular type of bet.

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The easiest and most accessible option to bet on the NFL is through a betting site. While the exact steps can vary, we’ll give you a general outline of what you should do:

  1. Open an account on a betting site. This will include filling out the form, creating a username and a password, and accepting the terms and conditions.
  2. Sign in and make a deposit. There are usually multiple payment options (Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, e-wallets). Follow the instructions for a specific method to fund your account.
  3. Find the NFL game you want to bet on. The most popular ones are listed on the main page, but you should also be able to find more games under the NFL category.
  4. Click on a type of bet to add it to your slip. You can make multiple bets on one slip.
  5. Review your total and place the bet.

In addition to online betting websites, you can also make a bet on NFL in different ways:

  1. Online betting apps (convenient and efficient)
  2. In-person sportsbooks (exciting atmosphere and good company)
  3. Wagering with friends (fun competition)
  4. Private bookies (not recommended because there is no protection)

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So, you open the website and see a bunch of tables with the names of the team and some numbers. Since numbers are the most confusing part, we’ll focus on them.

In NFL betting, every team has a (-) or (+) value and a number attached to it.

Houston Texans+11.5 (-110)Indianapolis Colts-11.5 (-110)

Indianapolis Colts is the favorite team = more likely to win. The Houston Texans are the underdog = less likely to win. The favorite is already expected to win, so to level the playing field, the sportsbook attaches a special condition - the Colts need to win by a certain number of points.

Since the point spread is 11.5 points, you need to place a bet on the Colts if you think they can win by 12 points or more. For example, if the Colts win the game by a margin of 30-18, then they cover the spread (they win by 12 points).

However, the Colts may win the game and fail to cover the point spread. For example, if the final score is 30-19, they win by 11 points - your hypothetical bet loses. The bet also loses if the Texans win by any margin.

As for the -110 figure in NFL odds, it is known as the vigorish or the juice. This is a fee paid to the bookmaker.

In our example, you must risk $110 to win $100.

Read more about how to read betting odds.


The Super Bowl is one of the most exciting football events to watch and bet on. If you already know how to bet on other NFL events (or any other sports event, for that matter), you already know what to do. Here is a refresher:

  1. Join an online sportsbook.
  2. Deposit funds.
  3. Go to Football Betting - NFL - Super Bowl.
  4. Select the odds of the wager and add the bet to your slip.
  5. Place the bet to lock it in.

Since the Super Bowl is the NFL championship, this is the time for the highest number of bets and the best odds and biggest bets in the season. We’ve gathered a few tips on how to bet on Super Bowl to increase your chances:

  1. Track movement. The primary NFL betting markets are open for two full weeks between the matchup and when the Super Bowl actually starts. In the meantime, there will be plenty of movement in the NFL odds.
  2. Shop for the best betting lines. There are numerous betting sites, so make sure to compare the terms and choose the best ones.
  3. Bet at a reputable sportsbook. This is just as important as who you bet on. Read reviews and ratings and dig into any issues others have had with those operators.
  4. Look beyond the spread and total. Don’t focus on the numbers alone. There are many factors that move the NFL lines, so you need to look at the entire narrative of the game.
  5. Bet smart, not big. Designate your wager size and always play within your means.
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Let’s take another scenario of an NFL point spread bet and explore the topic in more detail.

TEAMPOINT SPREADBETTING ODDSLos Angeles Rams-9.5-110New England Patriots+9.5-110

In this example, the Los Angeles Rams are taking on the New England Patriots. To cover the spread, the Rams need to win by at least 10.

You’ve already talked about betting on the favorite, so let’s look at this bet from the other side. There are two different ways to win on the underdog (the Patriots):

  1. They can lose by 9 points or less, and your bet will win.
  2. They can win by any number of points, and your bet will win.

As you can see, winning the bet isn’t always about winning the game. When favorites win games straight up but fail to cover the spread, it’s called losing against the spread.

Here is where it gets even more interesting. You remember that -110 means that you need to bet $110 to win $100, and the lower the negative number, the better for you. When the game is live, you can still make point spread bets, but the NFL betting odds will be adjusted as the game unfolds. You can see them moving down to -105 or going up to -120, so keep in mind that odds are not set in stone.


When a football oddsmaker determines the favorite and underdog teams, this handicap creates a margin (line) between them and totals betting amount. There will be only two outcomes of the bet, and the sportsbook sets the parameters for wagering on the game.

There are two main ways for making uneven football teams equal: the point spread and the the moneyline betting move. NFL Odds and lines are usually set well in advance before the actual event, but they rarely stay there. There are two main reasons that move the lines:

  1. Unexpected events in the team like an injury. If a strong player gets a rest day, you can expect the NFL line to swing heavily in the other team’s favor.
  2. Betting activity. If 90% of NFL bettors bet on Team A, the betting site will want to protect themselves.

Betting lines can also move in the opposite direction, often because of professional bettors, aka “sharps.” Casual bettors might be wagering $20 on an NFL game, but a professional bettor might wager $20,000. That difference can force the sportsbook to balance out the action and move the line.


There are special systems that judge NFL teams or players and generate ratings to forecast the outcome of every game. The nuts and bolts of those systems are not disclosed to the public, but we still have a pretty good understanding of the judging criteria for NFL odds:

  1. The quality of the two teams involved
  2. Location of the matchup (including travel distance)
  3. Number of fans in attendance
  4. Number of rest days
  5. Player movement
  6. Coaching and coordinator changes
  7. Expected weather

Technically, NFL betting lines are not predictions. If you want actual predictions, there are tons of resources online. Forecasts are posted on all major online sports betting websites, with regular updates during the weeks leading to the event in question. However, we recommend taking these predictions with a grain of salt. Professional football forecasters can make pretty accurate guesses, but you also need to do your own research.


From the betting perspective, the Super Bowl is no different than any other football event. On each spread, you will see an underdog and a favorite.

The sports betting math is also the same as for general NFL betting. If the Dallas Cowboys are playing the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cowboys are the favorite, they will get the minus sign. The point advantage is also set in advance, for example, -7.5.

With the Super Bowl, you’ll likely see a lot of movements in odds and spreads. It’s not only due to the external factors, which are applicable to any other NFL event, but the influx of bettors is like no other championship. The amount of money wagered is astronomically higher, both online and offline.

One of the most famous examples of moving spreads in the NFL was the Super Bowl III. The New York Jets won a historic upset over the Baltimore Colts. The Jets were 18-point underdogs, which is the largest point spread in Super Bowl history up to this day. They won 16-7, and people were wondering why football oddsmakers created such a huge spread. Bob Martin, a famous oddsmaker, was later asked about this. He said that this spread attracted so many bets from both sides that the profit for the house was guaranteed.


In-season betting odds change every week, and bettors are eager to get in on the action right from the opening line of Week 1. It all starts with them spending the offseason poring over the Week 1 matchups in detail and trying to identify quality underdogs and undervalued teams. After the weekly schedule is released and Week 1 is played, bettors and analysts get some insights from the games.

NFL schedule odds are very dynamic, and bettors get to see if their bets come to fruition each week and start preparing for the next one.

NFL odds for the weekly schedule have the same format. For example, the point spread in Week 6 for Tampa Bay Buccaneers is -7.5 (the Buccaneers are favored to win by more than 7 points, otherwise Philadelphia Eagles cover). Or in Week 7, Denver Broncos (+5.5) cover by winning Cleveland Browns.

At the early stages of the season, there aren't a lot of impactful injuries, but as the schedule progresses, there is a lot of information that bettors and bookmakers need to pay attention to. They can start making projections based on game performance, get a preview of the rookie quarterbacks, see a handful of old faces in new places, etc.


Future odds are made on events that lie way ahead in the future. Most bets are placed on hames in the near future, but future odds are attached to upcoming games in many months’ time. Here are some of the most popular future bets in the NFL:

  1. Super Bowl winner
  2. Division champion
  3. Win totals
  4. Odds to make the playoffs
  5. Most Valuable Player Award
  6. Rookie of the Year Award

The highest number of NFL future bets are led by bets on the Super Bowl winner. Odds for all 32 teams are released a year in advance. As the season progresses, they bounce up and down.

What’s good about future bets is that they are paid down in advance, so even if the NFL betting odds change, yours is locked up. This can potentially save you money; plus, you don’t have to worry about fluctuating lines.


How NFL Odds Work?

NFL odds are a way to represent the likelihood of an event occurring in an NFL game or season, such as a team winning a game or the Super Bowl. They are typically expressed in decimal or fractional form, and can be affected by factors such as team records, injuries, and weather conditions.

Who is favored to win the Super Bowl 2023?

It's difficult to say who is favored to win the Super Bowl 2023 at this time, as the season has not yet begun and there are many factors that can affect a team's odds. However, based on past performance and current rosters, some popular picks for potential contenders include the Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Buffalo Bills.

What are the odds going to the NFL?

It's unclear what is meant by "the odds going to the NFL." If the question is referring to the odds of a player or team being drafted into the NFL, those odds can vary widely based on factors such as the player's college performance, position, and physical attributes.

What are the current NFL Super Bowl odds?

The current NFL Super Bowl odds can vary depending on the sportsbook or odds site being used. However, some popular sites for checking current odds include DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM.

What is the best NFL odds site?

The best NFL odds site can depend on a variety of factors, including the user's preferred betting style, the types of bets offered, and the site's reliability and reputation. Some popular options include DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and PointsBet.

Who is most likely to be in the next Super Bowl?

It's difficult to predict with certainty which teams will make it to the Super Bowl in any given year. However, based on current team performance and roster strengths, some popular predictions for potential Super Bowl contenders include the Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Green Bay Packers, and Buffalo Bills.

Who is favored to win the 2024 Super Bowl?

It is difficult to predict who will be favored to win the 2024 Super Bowl so far in advance, as many factors can influence a team's performance and odds. However, some popular early predictions for potential contenders include the Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Los Angeles Rams.

What are the Bengals odds to win the Super Bowl in 2024?

It's difficult to say what the Cincinnati Bengals' odds to win the Super Bowl in 2024 might be, as many factors can influence a team's performance and odds. However, if the team shows significant improvement in the coming seasons, their odds could potentially improve.

Who is predicted to win the Super Bowl 58?

It is far too early to make accurate predictions about the winner of Super Bowl 58, as many factors can affect team performance and odds. The best way to stay up-to-date on Super Bowl odds and predictions is to follow expert analysis and news coverage throughout the NFL season.

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