Like with most other team sports, CBB player props are arguably one of best available NCAA bets today in all of college sports even with the NCAA itself threatening to get rid of them altogether. If you're looking to get the best preview for all the projections and predictions, from underdog matchups to the best odds in conference play to the NCAA tournament, be sure to check out our college basketball guide on all NCAA bets. Look no further than Lines’ list of the Best College Basketball Player Props Today, which is updated on a daily basis to unlock the best bets for 2023 and beyond! 

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College Basketball Player Props

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There is an overwhelmingly large number of options for online sports betting these days when it comes to where they want to do their wagering. It seems like there’s a new batch of sportsbooks popping upon the scene every day, offering free bets, first deposit bonuses, promo codes, parlay profits and so much more. If you intend to focus on college basketball betting, you should look for a sportsbook that shares that focus while offering the best college basketball bets today. To help facilitate the best matchup, our expert NCAAB prop picks have huge upside and cover some of the most popular markets across all NCAAB bets.

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Sports betting is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States of America right now, and within that growth is the meteoric rise in popularity of player's bet, also known as player props. It wasn’t so long ago that you would have trouble finding player props and only had the option to bet responsibly on the final score. If you or someone you know are still a bit unfamiliar with this new wave of betting, we’ll break down everything you should know.

Props are, by their nature, bets that aren’t concerned with the actual result of the game and which team wins. They’re all about a specific performance by a player or team in a specific category. Prop bets will be offered in either yes/no propositions or in over/under format. Prop bets have also been known to add an extra level of excitement when you’re watching a game, because now you can cheer for your team as well as a less consequential proposition you bet on. Player prop bets can also attract bettors that don’t usually watch college basketball.

Basketball is a game where there are a wide range of statistics being recorded, which lends itself perfectly to player props. You can find college basketball prop bets related to pretty much every single standard stat in a basketball game.

Some examples of college basketball player props you will be able to make on most nights include different ways to bet on how many points, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, turnovers, and three-pointers a player will record in a contest. You can bet on these in over/under format or as a yes/no proposition based on milestones for those stats.

You can also bet on whether a player will record a double-double or triple-double. One of the newer additions to the slate are combination bets such as how many points + assists a player will get, how many steals + blocks they’ll record, or how many points + assists + rebounds a player will amass. From individual players to teams like Michigan, Indiana, Kansas, UConn, San Diego State, and every blue blood or mid-major team in-between, there is a wide range of options for total NCAA odds to pick from throughout the entire season. 

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Like with any other kind of bet on any other sport, the first thing you need to do to start betting on college basketball player props today is to identify which sportsbooks mesh the most with your needs and preferences. Getting started is simple: 

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Fund that account so you're able to wager on any matchup.
  3. Explore the NCAAB prop bets for every matchup.
  4. Use Edge AI Pick Generator!
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Lines' daily list of Best NCAAB Player Props is always a good place to start, as our picks are always thoroughly researched by our team of expert sports bettors so you know you're getting the best CBB picks and predictions.

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