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Updated May 29, 2023
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How to Bet on the Super Bowl 2023

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America's biggest sports championship final is one event that brings together wide-eyed sports lovers from all over the country. The much-anticipated event culminates the entire season of NFL games from fave wins, losses, thrilling plays, and every kind of emotion felt during each match-up. Streaming the Super Bowl or being at the stadium in person is a great feeling, but so is betting on the game.

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Whether you're a pro bettor or a first-timer, the Super Bowl is a great event to wager on. Bookmakers certainly don't miss out on this golden moment, and there are various odds and markets available to choose from. Bettors can browse the best odds and place bets on the moneyline, point spread, props, and futures. For context, you can wager on anything from the outcome of the coin toss at the start of the game to which team will take home the trophy.

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Super Bowl Betting

If you're looking to join the ranks of the millions of Super Bowl bettors, you'll find all you need to know on this page. How to get started, where to place bets, which options are available, and top tips on Super Bowl betting.

How to Bet on the Super Bowl Online

There are tons of bookies across the US where you can visit to make in-person bets. However, many punters nowadays take to the internet. No doubt, it's a lot more convenient to wager on sports in the comfort of basically wherever you are. Mobile sports betting sites and apps are the popular choice to get in on the action fast, and it's a pretty easy process to run through.

1. Select a Sportsbook

Every legal operator in the US provides Super Bowl action for NFL bettors. However, we've recommended the best sportsbooks where you get competitive odds, plenty of betting markets, and several exciting promos to heighten the experience.

2. Open an Account

It is compulsory to sign up for a player account first. You can do so either directly online or by downloading the relevant mobile app.

3. Make a Deposit

You'll be making real money bets, so you need to fund your account with any of the available payment methods on the platform.

4. Navigate to Super Bowl Bets

Sportsbooks will usually have a section for the Super Bowl under the NFL.

5. Choose your Betting Option

There are multiple markets available. You can browse through and select what bet you would like to make. A bet slip will open up to reveal your selection(s).

6. Enter your Stake

Choose how much you want to wager and enter the amount in the appropriate section on your bet slip. Ensure that you gamble responsibly by only placing wagers that you can afford to lose.

7. Place Bet

Cross-check your selections, your stake, and potential returns, then place the bet.

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Best Sportsbooks to Bet Super Bowl Online

Since the start of the season, plenty of online sportsbooks began dusting out their virtual pen and paper and writing down those odds. Of course, as a bettor, you want the most competitive odds to get the best value for your money. This means you wouldn't want to bet just anywhere.

Naturally, the best experience is available only at the most reputable sportsbooks with valid licensing and security. The top operators will also provide hundreds of betting markets and generous bonuses and promos to make it even more exciting.

Betting on NFL - Complete Guide

Draftkings Sportsbook

This operator is arguably the most popular one in the US. The DraftKings sportsbook offers competitive odds on the Super Bowl and plenty of markets to wager on. You can find literally every kind of prop bet here, so there are lots to play around with.

One major reason why Draftkings is a player favorite is that it doesn't hold back with promos, especially when the Super Bowl is concerned. During the last big game, the bookmaker rolled out two heavy-weight contests, one of which featured a $55 million prize pool. The operator also has a user-friendly app. The easily navigable software is easy to navigate, which is a huge benefit for newbie bettors. It also allows seamless live betting.

Draftkings is available in Arizona, Illinois, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming.

Fanduel Sportsbook

The Fanduel sportsbook app is another user-friendly mobile app that provides extensive betting options on the Super Bowl. The platform is visually appealing with great graphics. At the same time, it's very practical, and it's easy to find your way to the array of betting options for the fixture.

Fanduel is the parlay king and was the first oddsmaker to kick off single-game parlays. So if you enjoy placing cumulative bets, they're a fantastic choice. In addition to the moneyline, spread, and totals, there's an abundance of prop bets.

They also provide bettors with useful resources such as game stats and other information to assist in making predictions. Fanduel is available in Arizona, Illinois, Connecticut, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

Super Bowl Betting this season.

BetMGM Sportsbook

Another top Super Bowl wagering destination is the US sports betting product formed by MGM Resorts International and Entain. BetMGM is slightly less simple to get around, but the search bar will ensure you don’t get lost.

The app stuns with plenty of betting options and exciting bells and whistles. Upon registration, you get to claim risk-free bets, and as the big game draws near, you can expect more goodies.

Live betting is also available, and there is a large assortment of prop bets. Wagering with BetMGM is permitted in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming, Washington DC, and Nevada.

Caesars Sportsbook

An established powerhouse with a strong reputation, Caesars delivers one of the most impressive sports betting experiences. It covers all the major sports, the NFL included. It also provides an extensive array of bets for the Super Bowl, including in-game betting options, props, and parlays.

The sportsbook is available in practically every legal market in the US. Its services are available in Arizona, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, West Virginia, Michigan, Colorado, Virginia, New Jersey, Washington DC, and Nevada.

Playing online or through the app reveals a responsive and seamless interface compatible with Android and iOS devices. Bettors can take advantage of the Caesars Rewards scheme for all bets, losing or winning, as well as Super Bowl bet boosters up for grabs.

Understanding the Super Bowl Online Bet Types available

One of the first steps to becoming a sports bettor is understanding the odds and lines. When opening a sports betting site for the first time, you can easily get taken aback by the numbers laid out under each betting option. Fortunately, there isn't much to it other than standard convention.

Odds are usually given as a number with a minus (-) or plus (+) sign before it. The team with the negative coefficient is the favorite, while the positive coefficient indicates the underdog. Here's how it's read;

-120 means you have to bet $120 to win $100.

+120 means for every $100 you bet, you win an extra $120.

These odds and lines apply to the standard bets in the NFL, which are the moneyline, point spread, and totals (over/under). The Super Bowl is essentially an event within the NFL, so all the same bets are available.

Super Bowl Moneyline

The moneyline bet is a bet on the outright winner. It's one of the most popular bet types and is the simplest one you can make.

Here's a typical example of moneyline odds at the sportsbook:

  • Buffalo Bills (-125)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+135)

A $125 bet on the Bills (favorite) will give you $100 in profits. On the other hand, betting $100 on the Buccaneers (underdog) will net you $135.

Putting money down on the underdog always brings higher returns. But this is because they are considered to have lower chances of winning.

Super Bowl Point Spreads

The point spread is a bet on who will cover the lines set by the sportsbook. Unlike the moneyline, you're not choosing who will win, but by how many points a team will win or lose.

With spreads, the oddsmaker determines a margin that sets the parameters for placing wagers. It divides the possible outcomes into an upper and a lower limit. For instance, imagine a margin of 2.5 on a matchup between the Bulls and Buccaneers, respectively.

  • Buffalo Bills -2.5               
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +2.5

The Bulls (favorites) will cover the spread if they win with 3 or more points, whereas the Buccaneers (underdogs) win by conceding no more than two points or outrightly defeating the opponent.

Super Bowl Over/Under (Totals)

This is a bet on whether the final combined score of both teams will be over or under a stated value.

Where an oddsmaker sets the totals market at 55.5, you can bet that the collective score will be 55 or lower (Under) or 56 and higher (Over).

Sometimes you'll come across a whole number margin, e.g., 55. In this case, you can either bet on 54 points or lower (Under) or 56 points and higher (Over). If the outcome of the match is 55 points on the dot, the bet is a PUSH (your stake is returned to you).

Super Bowl Parlay

This isn't exactly a type of bet; it's better described as a kind of betting ticket. Parlays allow you to place multiple bets on a single ticket. For the Super Bowl, parlays are a great way to diversify your experience. You can combine a bet on the moneyline plus the spread and a prop (we'll discuss later).

You can also branch out further and combine a Super Bowl bet with any other event available at the sportsbook.

The great thing is that parlay odds are cumulative. If you get all selections right, you can make a nice return. However, it also means that if you lose one leg (selection), you lose it all.

Best Super Bowl 58 Odds and Promos

Bonuses and promotions are a major aspect of any online gambling, both for sports betting and casino gaming. Bookmakers regularly reward new players who join their site with a bonus incentive or two. Existing players can also take advantage of the various loyalty free bets and boosts up for grabs.

As the main event of the NFL season, it's easy to imagine that bookmakers pull out all the stops with Super Bowl promos just as they do with betting markets. Some of the offerings to expect are odds boosts, bet refunds, parlay insurance, special wagers, crossovers, and free Super Bowl contests with cash prizes.

These promos are really hard to miss as they take the front stage on sportsbook sites with eye-catching numbers. Where you'd find a $100 Free Bet normally, with the Super Bowl around the corner, bookies offer up to $1000 in risk-free bets. Also, with bet refunds and parlay insurance, you have less at risk every time you wager.

  • Odds boosts – Boosted odds (longer odds) on selected events and markets to increase your win potential
  • Bet refunds – A refund for lost bets on selected events
  • Parlay insurance – A refund when you lose only one selection in a parlay
  • Special wagers – the opportunity to wager on unique proposition bets
  • Crossover – the opportunity to place combined wagers on the Super Bowl and another sports event
  • Free Super Bowl contests – Specially designed contests where you stand a chance to get instant cash prizes with prize pools running in the millions.

Bet on Super Bowl Props

Props or "proposition bets" are any bets that don't directly depend on the game's outcome. The traditional markets for the NFL and most US sports leagues are the moneyline, point spreads, and totals (over/under). Props are any special markets out of the norm.

A typical example of a prop bet is “how many touchdowns will be thrown in the game?” The bookmaker will naturally set lines for this bet. If the line is 10, you'll have to predict whether the number of touchdowns will go over or under the margin.

Prop bets are often divided into game props and player props.

Game Props - The example above is a perfect instance of a game prop. Others include:

  • Which squad will score first?
  • Which squad will be the first to get to 10 points?
  • Will the longest touchdown be over/under 47.5 yards?

There are hundreds more like these that are created for the Super Bowl, covering almost every play during the game.

Player Props – These can be anything regarding player statistics and performances, and Super Bowl player prop bets can be very specific. For example;

  • How many touchdowns will Tom Brady throw?
  • Will Patrick Mahomes over/under 255 passing yards?
  • Who will catch the first pass of the game?
  • Will Aaron Rodgers score two touchdowns?

The Super Bowl is famous for prop betting. This is the most exciting market, and there are tons of options available. Literally anything goes and Super Bowl props can sometimes be quite strange. In previous years, there have been novelty/exotic props like betting on the coin toss, how long it will take to sing the national anthem, or what color Chief's coach Andy Reid will wear. Of course, every year, the prop attracting the largest betting handle is who will win the Super Bowl MVP.

The halftime show is a significant part of this event, and famous musicians hit the field to deliver entertaining performances. For bookmakers, this is just another great inspiration to write down odds, and you can bet on props like which song will be played or what outfits performers will be wearing.

Super Bowl Futures Betting

Futures are long-term bets on an event that will finish in the future. So although the big game is a single event, dedicated betting markets are available all season long via future bets.

At the start of the season, all 32 teams from both conferences will be allocated future odds. These odds are always really long, and they increase the less likely a team is to win.

For context, Bills and Buccaneers are at the top of the ranks with +550 and +600, respectively. Further down, Texans and Lions are at +250,000 each.

Clearly, placing a future bet well in advance offers an amazing opportunity to get really huge payouts. But, bookies aren’t just looking to throw money around with these odds. In reality, it’s hard to predict a possible winner early on in the season, so futures are a long shot. The closer it draws to the finals, the shorter the odds become.

Team performances, injuries, and consensus picks by bettors will all affect how the odds shift. And odds and lines keep moving right until the end of the game, thanks to live betting.

Live Betting on the Super Bowl

Online betting has one amazing advantage, and that is the opportunity to place in-play bets.

Pre-game bets sometimes fail early on in the game, but it doesn’t mean your chances are all out the window when this happens. With live betting, you can wager on live odds while the game is ongoing. The outcome slowly becomes clearer as a game progresses. Therefore, there are greater chances to place a winning bet in play.

Live betting odds are updated before each drive, so bettors can predict if it’ll end in a touchdown, field goal, or interception. There are plenty of markets available here also. That said, the odds disappear quickly, so you need fast fingers to be able to jump on them as soon as they pop up.

As you can imagine by now, live betting offers a thrill all its own. You’re not just watching the game. You get to immerse yourself fully in every action that plays out.

Is It Legal to Bet On The SuperBowl?

The 2023 super bowl is coming at an advantageous time when over two dozen US states have legalized sports betting. More than half of those states will allow you to bet legally on the NFL online. They are:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Indiana
  • West Virginia
  • Michigan
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Virginia
  • Tennessee
  • Arizona
  • New Hampshire
  • Wyoming
  • Washington DC
  • Nevada

Residing in a legal state will grant free access to any locally regulated bookmakers with mobile sports betting apps. Neighboring state residents can also make their way across the border to any of the legal betting territories to join in on the fun. This has been the case with New York bettors driving up north to New Jersey or Pennsylvania to place their bets.

It’s worth noting that there are offshore sites accepting US citizens who don’t reside in or near these regulated states. Unlike some opinions, no laws prohibit US residents from playing at international sports betting sites as long they hold a valid license.

The UIGEA, Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, simply regulates the sportsbook operators and the payment processors. There are no penalties directed at actual bettors.

However, playing at an offshore site will be solely at your own risk as there is no player protection from the government. As such, we recommend you stick to state-authorized bookmakers for the best Super Bowl betting experience.

Why You Should Bet At Legal Sportsbooks

Here are some valid reasons why locally regulated sportsbooks are your best bet:

  • The consensus is growing daily in favor of sports betting in the US. Besides the already regulated jurisdictions, it’s currently a work in progress at many more. So there is increasingly less need to recourse to offshore providers.
  • Foreign licenses are usually quite lenient, so low-grade bookmakers could easily acquire one. On the other hand, the strict licensing in the US ensures that only bookmakers who meet the highest standards are authorized to operate.
  • Dispute resolution services that are available on state-regulated bookmakers may not be provided for at offshore sportsbooks.
  • You can rest assured that you’ll get your winnings on successful bets. While not every offshore site is necessarily a scam, the rational choice is to stick with where you’re certain your money will be safe.
  • International time zones could make it difficult to contact the casino if the need arose.

History of Super Bowl Betting Odds

Since the first Super Bowl back in 1967, pre-game moneyline, spread, and totals have seen the most focus, with props and live betting being relatively recent phenomena. Moneyline odds for favorites have had a higher winning margin compared to the underdogs so far. However, the spreads and totals haven’t always hit the mark.

The pioneer Super Bowl saw the NFL’s Green Bay Packers face off against the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, with the former favored to win by a 14 point spread. The Packers eventually won 35-10.

In the most recent Super Bowl LV, Kansas City Chiefs were favored by 3 points over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Buccaneers eventually took it home, winning 31 – 9.

In all the past 55 Super Bowl games, the average margin of victory for the spreads is 14 points. 34 times the margin has been in double digits, and 21 times, single digits.

Finally, the winning history of over/under bets throughout the years has had several highs and lows. The first Super Bowl had no totals bet available, and in the most recent 54 events, the under and over are tied with 27 wins each. With a final score of 13 – 3 (16 points), 2019 had the lowest totals in Super Bowl history. 1995 had the highest with a final score of 49-26 (75 total points).

Current Super Bowl Fanduel Odds 2024

Discover the latest future odds for the Super Bowl 56 as listed by our top recommended sportsbook operators. Compare prices for the best value.

NFL Futures for all 32 Teams

Buffalo Bills: The Bills were only a game away from Super Bowl 55 after a spectacular run last season. This season has had its ups and downs for the Bills, but with their week seven win against the Dolphins, they’re back to being the top contender for the championship. +900

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tom Brady and the Bucs could be going for another win after taking home the trophy this past season. They had a shaky pre-season, winning only three of their games, but they wasted no time bouncing back last year. +7500

Los Angeles Rams: The Rams are firmly in the mix of contenders for the big game. With SB MVP Von Miller, Matthew Stafford, and a stellar roster, they’re tough competition. +3000

Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals were the last undefeated team remaining in the NFL until losing in the final second to the Packers. Still, Kyler Murray has proven he’s MVP-worthy with his play as the Cardinals could be the class of the NFC. , The Green Bay Packers: The Packers got his hard by COVID-19, which sidelined Aaron Rodgers for the clash against the Chiefs, but Green Bay is still a prime contender in the NFC. +18000

Baltimore Ravens: Winning five of their first six games, they were on a high before facing sour defeat against the Bengals in week seven. Nonetheless, with the amount of talent on their roster, they’ve got the skills to defeat anyone on a good day. +2100

Dallas Cowboys: With Tyron Smith still away due to an ankle injury and Dak Preston returning in a form far from his best, poor NFL stats threaten the Cowboys. Nonetheless, although they failed to make the playoffs last year, they remain one of the favorites to win their division finals. +1500

Kansas City Chiefs: For a team that boasts one of the best squads in the NFL, the Chiefs haven’t progressed as expected. They lost four of their first seven games. Fortunately, their win against the Jets has put them back on track to possibly leading their division. +600

Tennessee Titans: Even without Derrick Henry, the Titans had no trouble beating the Rams. Ryan Tannehill, A.J. Brown and a menacing defense makes Tennessee a title contender.  +7500

Los Angeles Chargers: Coming off of an incredible rookie year that saw him deliver 31 TDs, Justin Herbert’s remains in top shape. The wild card in the team is probably first-time head coach Brandon Staley who’s only been in the NFL since 2017. +2100

Cleveland Browns: The AFC is considerably tougher than the NFC, which is why the Browns are lower down the ranks even though they'd easily give some higher teams a run for their money. They've proved their potential once more following the 41 – 16 win over the Bengals. +3500

New England Patriots: Mac Jones is playing the best football among this season's rookie quarterbacks. The Patriots are moving the bookies' ranks, and it looks like they'll continue to do so. +6500

New Orleans Saints: The Saints started the season with QB Drew Brees retiring and receiver Michael Thomas not returning due to surgery. They earned an unexpected win against the Bucs, but that was short-lived as they soon lost against the Falcons. Moving forward, Trevor Siemian or Taysom Hill would have to pull out the stops on the offense. +3500

Indianapolis Colts: The Colts have had a tough schedule going against multiple playoff teams of last season. Although they've only won four out of nine games so far, they've really delivered on the offense. +18000

Pittsburgh Steelers: 39-year-old Ben Roethlisberger is a long shot from winning MVP, and the team's offense is bottom-ten material at best. They're pretty high up on the defense, though. +5000

Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks haven't made the NFC title since 2014 and lost three of its past four playoffs. With a healthy Russell Wilson, they may try to make a comeback. +6000

Las Vegas Raiders: The team suffered huge off-season losses on the offensive line. They haven't particularly displayed any value throughout the regular season either. +4400

Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals' chances are crushed by a brutal matchup schedule - only one of their final seven opponents has a season win total under 8.5. The odds are hardly in their favor. +900

San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers were a promising pick at the start of the season, even though they didn't make the playoffs last year. However, even with George Kittle back from injury, they still suffered a miserable defeat at the hands of the Cardinals. +900

Denver Broncos: Broncos have to get out of the bottom of the AFC West, but with every team sitting at 5-3 or 5-4, there's a good chance of it happening. The offensive weapons are pretty strong from an easy win against Dallas, but they'll have to work on the defense for a shot at the playoffs.  +3500

Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings are also facing a tough match lineup, pitted against nine teams from the 2020 playoffs. They've given their opponents a hard time so far but have still conceded most of their games. +4000

Philadelphia Eagles: They have only one road game against a playoff team from last season, so the Eagles could very well sneak into the playoffs. However, losing Darius Slay has proved costly for the team. +900

Atlanta Falcons: Week 9 saw the Falcons crushed through the Saints' defense, winning 27 – 25. The Falcons are playing impressive football, but their only chances of winning the division are if the Bucs were to give consecutive horrible plays. +6000

New York Giants: They're not the market favorite, but they sure know how to give a good fight. They gave the Raiders a good run for their money in week 9. If they come out of their bye in good form, they'd be poised to deliver more exciting plays. +4000

Washington Football Team: The team has got a strong enough defense to make the playoff. However, a weak offense and a streak of four consecutive losses make it a rather hard endeavor. +6000

Carolina Panthers: QB Sam Darnold doesn't have what it takes to get the team up the standings. They were underdogs last season and remain the same this season as well. +5500

Chicago Bears: Chances at the big game or even playoffs are bleak for the Bears. However, Justin Fields has recently shown potential, so the team could deliver some memorable plays for the remainder of their run this season. +5000

Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins escaped a seven-game losing streak only because the Texans were even more dysfunctional. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is still away due to a fractured finger. +2800

New York Jets: Defence is far from this team's strong point, and they've lost 6 of their last 8 games. The Jets haven't made the playoffs in ten years, the longest drought in NFL history. The signs aren't too promising this season, either. +1500

Detroit Lions: scheduled to play against 2020 playoff teams, Jared Goff's Lions are a long shot from making the big game. Their shaky defense simply does not stand a chance when faced against the more vigorous NFL teams. +2500

Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence and the team gave their best play of the season, delivering an upset against the Bills. However, it leaves one to wonder if this would be merely a high point or if they have more to give. +2800

Houston Texans: The Texans are grappling at the end of the rope with a weak defense and uncertainty surrounding quarterback Deshaun Watson. They hold the lowest win total on the board and are the least likely contenders for this season's Super Bowl. +21000

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Super Bowl Betting Tips and Strategies

When placing bets, newbies would probably go for their preferred team to win without a second thought, but the pros know to put the stats first, even if that means going against their favorites. Doing heavy lifting and racking your brains up for the perfect prediction may be a bit of a stretch if you're betting for the first time.

Besides, there isn't a 100% infallible prediction – sports betting is a game of chance, after all. What you can do, however, is get up to speed with quick Super Bowl betting tips and strategies to guide your wagers.

Here are some great ones to keep in mind:

Stick to the Basic Bets

Props can be super entertaining to wager on. Betting on the color of Gatorade dumped on the winning sideline is quite tempting, but this bet is even more random than a dice roll. Sure props have higher odds, but the risk-reward ratio usually falls a bit off balance.

The reward will most likely be unfavorably disproportionate to the risk. Hence, sticking to the moneyline, spread, or totals is always the safer way to go. Besides, many of the most successful NFL bettors win off the simplest wagers.

Start with Small Wagers

Professional bettors often throw down huge sums at the sportsbook. The payback on these is certainly impressive, and if you've got the bankroll for it, why not. However, if you're relatively new to Super Bowl betting, it's best to start with small wagers.

Bettors often get frustrated with huge losses, and this can dampen the fun before you even get the chance to fully explore other opportunities. There will always be events and markets to wager on.

Even after the Super Bowl ends, there are only a few months before the next NFL season starts and new odds are put up. So begin small and work your way up as you gain experience.

Manage your Bankroll

As a rule of thumb with all forms of gambling, you should only bet amounts that you can afford to lose. If you still wish to place bigger bets on your Super Bowl, ensure that you stay within the limits of your bankroll. A great recommendation is to use 2%– 5% of your bankroll for each bet. You can go with the upper limit for plays that you like.

Always Check your Betslip

Endeavor to check your bet slip before you place your bet. It's important that you have made the right selection and wagered the right amount. While the latter may be less of an issue, the former can completely change the outcome of your bet.

Shop for the Best Odds

Bookmakers often have different odds and lines on various events. For instance, operator A may offer a moneyline of -110 odds on the Packers, while operator A may opt for -120. If you're looking to take the moneyline on the team, you'll be better off betting at A. 

The difference in odds is normally very small, but you get better value for your money. Besides, shopping for odds is super easy as bettors are free to sign up for multiple sportsbooks at a time. Look around, compare the odds, and go with the most profitable option.

Don't Always Go With the Crowd

The Super Bowl is probably the biggest event in American sports history. Naturally, having such a large audience means it’s greatly affected by public opinion. Oddsmakers don't particularly like moving their opening lines too rapidly. However, heavy public betting action on one team may force their hand.

History has proved quite a number of times that the betting public often loses and sometimes very early in the game. Sometimes, the smart move is to go against the crowd.

Place Multiple Bets in Unison

When placing multiple bets, you want to make sure they don't contradict each other. They should all follow the same narrative. For instance, consider three bets as follows:

  1. Team X to win the game
  2. Team Y to win the first half
  3. Team to win the first half wins the game

If you were to make these three selections, you'd have bets canceling out one another. If team Y were to win the first half, that reduces the chances of team X winning the game unless there's an upset. With "team to win the first half wins the game," you automatically cancel out team X winning the game. It can only be one or the other.

Placing bets in unison is even more crucial with parlays, as losing one leg means you lose the entire ticket.

Place Multiple Bets

There are different ways to attack Super Bowl betting. You could zero in on a single bet that you feel strongly about, but there's also a lot to be said about spreading out the risk and betting on multiple outcomes.

This may seem contradictory to the previous tip, but it simply offers a different and relatively safer approach. Here, you should ensure you separate the bets into different tickets.

Super Bowl FAQ

What are the betting odds for the Super Bowl?

The odds for the Super Bowl depend on the kind of bet you wish to place. The competing teams for Super Bowl 56 have not been decided yet. Once the top two teams have emerged, bookmakers will begin rolling out the moneyline, spread, and totals odds. There will be plenty of prop betting odds available too.

Can I bet on the Super Bowl?

Yes, you can bet on the Super Bowl as long as you reside in any of the states allowing legal online betting. The current odds available are futures.

What is the best bet to make for the Super Bowl?

The best bet in sports betting is whichever bet lands you a win. However, the easiest bet to make is moneyline. Here, you're simply choosing one team or the other to win overall.

What is a Super Bowl spread?

This is a bet on which Super Bowl team will outperform the point margin set by the bookmaker. If a team is +2.5, they are expected to lose by 3 points. The said team outperforms the spread if they lose by two or less or deliver a straight-up win.

How do I bet on the Super Bowl 2022?

You can bet on the upcoming Super Bowl LVI by signing up at any of our recommended NFL sportsbooks. You then make a deposit and place bets on the moneyline, the spread, totals, or props.

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