Best NFL Parlays: NFL Parlay Picks & Best Bets

We're in the heart of the NFL betting season. is sharing our experts favorite NFL parlays of each week. Check out the best NFL parlays each weekend, odds, and insights to help you win big this season. 

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Best NFL Parlays

While finding NFL free picks and parlays is easy, they are not all created equal. Our experts have long track records of success in the NFL. They look for factors like stats, trends, injuries, team news, and the context surrounding each of their NFL free picks parlays.

If you are looking for the best NFL parlays this week, and every NFL Sunday, Lines has you covered!

2023 NFL Picks: Free Picks & Best NFL Parlay Picks

Our NFL picks offer up our favorite weekly NFL bets, including against the spread, moneyline, totals, and prop bets. 

Each week, our experts research each NFL matchup to determine where the smart bets are. They meticulously examine everything from team and player stats to weather conditions.

You can also find NFL computer picks for each game. Our AI system analyzes thousands of different stats and trends for each game, giving you the pick with the best chance of winning. 

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Combining expert and computer picks gives bettors the best chance to win every weekend. While it is always essential to research each bet, these two tools will boost your NFL strategy in 2023.

NFL Parlay Odds

The odds for parlay bets work differently than others. That is because they contain multiple picks that have different odds. That can make tracking your odds confusing as you build NFL picks parlays. If you find yourself struggling with this, you can use our official parlay odds calculator

The process of calculating odds is relatively simple. Once you have the legs of your parlay set, you simply multiply their odds. For example:

  • If you bet on the Green Bay Packers at +200 and the Minnesota Vikings at -200, your parlay odds would be +350.

If you need help to make the conversion, we suggest using decimal odds. They are easier to multiply and will give you accurate results.

Best Online Sportsbook to Bet NFL Parlays

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While there are many fantastic sportsbooks to choose from for betting on NFL parlays this weekend, it is vital to find the best options. Considering the complexity of betting on parlays, finding an option that combines competitive odds and promotions to maximize your potential winnings is crucial. 

Our experts have reviewed the major US sportsbooks to see who is the best choice for NFL betting. They have carefully researched each site, looking for things like bonuses and promotions, competitive odds, and payout speed. 

While FanDuel and DraftKings have dominated the US sports betting market, smaller options like 888Sport or BetRivers also have much to offer. Many sportsbooks will offer better promotions to compete with the industry giants, which leads to more money in bettors’ pockets. 

Before you decide where to use our free NFL picks and parlays, be sure to check out our Guide to the Best NFL Betting Sites

Week 1 NFL Best Bets & Beyond

Every week of the NFL season we offer the best odds on all the NFL action, from straight bets to same-game parlay bets. We highlight the best NFL picks for every NFL game with the best lines and free bets. Check out each week of the season:

Bet on NFL Futures

Throughout the entire season, we offer some of the best lines and betting options on all NFL futures. From playoff contenders and conference winners to Super Bowl 58, check out some of the best future bets:

NFL Futures

Betting on the NFL

Betting on the NFL is relatively straightforward when compared to other sports. Bettors typically use one of the three major bet types: moneyline, spread, and totals. When making NFL picks parlays, it is crucial to understand each before placing your first wager.

Types of NFL Bets

Moneyline Bets

When you bet on the moneyline, you pick which team will win the game outright. As long as your team wins, your bet will win. No need to worry about point totals or margin of victory, which makes this a fun and easy way to get in on the action.

An example of a moneyline bet would be if you wagered $150 on the Green Bay Packers -150 to beat the Chicago Bears. If the Packers win the game, you will win $100. Just be sure to remember that these bets include overtime and not just the end of regulation.

Heavy favorites will offer little value, which doesn’t add much to a parlay bet. Conversely, underdogs usually have favorable odds and can significantly boost your parlay payout.

Point Spread Bets

The “point spread” is a number set by bookmakers to add a handicap to games. Bettors will wager if the underdog wins or loses by less than the point spread or if the favorite's margin of victory will be greater. This type of bet is trendy among NFL bettors, as it allows them to bet on any of the league’s 32 teams with solid odds each week.

An example of a point spread bet would be if you bet on the Arizona Cardinals +7.5 against the Cowboys. If the Cardinals win or lose by less than eight points, your bet will win. If you were to wager on the Cowboys -7.5, you would need them to win by at least eight.

While they can vary, odds are usually between +100 and -120 for NFL spread bets. 

Total Bets

Also known as the “over/under,” the total refers to how many points will be scored in a single game. Bookmakers set a total for each game, reflecting the final point total. Bettors can wager that the total will be over or under that amount, which includes the points from both teams.

For example, let's say the Chargers and Dolphins total is 65.5, and you bet the over. If both teams combine to score more than 65 points, your bet will win. If not, then those that bet the under would win. 

The odds on over/under bets can vary depending on how the public is betting, but they are typically around -110 for both options.

Picks and Parlays: What is a Parlay Bet?

A parlay bet is one of the more complicated bet types available but also the most exciting. A parlay refers to two or more bets combined into a single wager. The odds offer a much larger payout, but each leg (a game in a parlay) needs to win. That means the more games you include, the larger the payout and difficulty. 

Online sportsbooks will allow you to build a parlay ticket when selecting games. Once done, it will give you your final odds and total payout amount. If each leg wins, your winnings will automatically be added to your account.

If you have more questions about parlay bets, please check out our guides page for more detailed information.

What is an NFL Teaser Bet

A “teaser bet” in the NFL refers to a wager where you buy points in exchange for a price drop. That means you can add points to your spread or total bet to improve your chances of winning. However, doing so will alter your odds, removing some of the value. 

For example, let’s say you build a parlay with a leg, including the Kansas City Chiefs -3.5 at -110. If you like the Chiefs to win but don’t want to be in danger of losing on a field goal, you can move the spread to -2.5. However, your odds will also be around -125, meaning a smaller payout. 

Parlay bets are great for teasers, given their significant value. Moving a point spread or total to protect yourself will still lead to a large payout, making the mover popular among NFL bettors.

What are Prop Bets

A “prop bet” refers to a wager on something other than the game's final result. There are three different forms when betting on the NFL: team props, player props, and game props. 

  1. Team prop bets involve wagering on one aspect of a team's performance. It can include wagers on team point totals throughout the game, the length of their longest touchdown, and the result of their first drive. 
  2. A player prop bet is when a bettor wagers on a single player. Usually, this includes touchdown scorers, total yardage, sacks, and other statistical categories. Depending on the type of player prop, many of these can have a ton of value, though they are also harder to predict.
  3. That leaves us with game props, which are bets on events during a game. Bettors can wager on things such as point totals per quarter, field goals made, or which team will score first.


How to bet NFL parlays

To create an NFL parlay, simply visit your favorite sportsbook and begin to select the legs you want to add. As you make your picks, the sportsbook will automatically add it to your bet slip. When finished, view your bet slip and select the option for “parlay.” It will create the bet and provide you with the final odds. If each leg of the bet wins, so will your parlay.

What is the best way to bet on a parlay?

Before building your parlay, always be sure to do your research. The number of games picked makes winning these bets more challenging, but spending time on research and analysis can help. You can use our experts’ best parlays for NFL games and our computer-generated picks as tools when doing so. Even a tiny bit of research can drastically increase your odds of winning.

Are NFL parlays worth it?

Absolutely! While they are more challenging to win than a single bet, parlays offer far higher payouts. That means you can bet less and win more, significantly boosting your bankroll. Just be sure to have a money management plan to choose how much to wager on each parlay carefully.

How to win NFL parlays

Using our NFL free picks, parlays, and computer picks can help increase your chances of winning parlay bets. While parlays are rare to win than single bets, a well-informed bettor will win more than those picking based on “gut feelings.”

What does a $100 3-team parlay pay?

This depends on the final odds of your parlay. For example, if you have a three-team parlay with total odds of +594, you will win $594 when wagering $100. Most sportsbooks will calculate parlay odds as you add games, but you can also use our free parlay odds calculator to see how adding or removing games will affect the overall odds.

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