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Parlay bets can be lucrative. You can't help wanting to know what's your potential payout when deciding how much to wager. However, manually calculating parlay bets can be quite complex, so it's highly recommended to use a parlay calculator.

Here are the benefits of a parlay calculator:

  1. Accurate
  2. Time-efficient

Humans are prone to committing mistakes especially when it comes to mathematical calculation. As a result, you might not get an accurate projection of your parlay bets. However, that is not the case with calculators who follow set algorithms allowing them to give consistent results. 

However, although the parlay payout calculation is simple, the process of doing it is quite long, especially when you have plenty of bets. It is even longer when you are calculating more than just one wager value. But, with a parlay calculator, you just need to input data and get the results you need. 

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How to Use Our Parlay Calculator?

Our Parlay pay calculator enables you to get the estimated payout for a parlay bet that combines games. Here are the steps on how to use it:

Step #1: Enter the Amounts

Type in the amount of wager in the parlay calculator. Also, fill in the money line for every gain to get a more accurate idea of how much you will be earning. 

Step #2: Press Calculate

Hit the "calculate" button, and you will get the projected returns in a few seconds. Sounds easy, right? 

What is a Parlay Bet? 

What is a parlay bet in the first place? This is a type of single bet that links several individual wagers to get a higher payout. A two-team parlay can have a 13/5 pay, while a three-team parlay may have 6 /1 pay. There could also be a 4-team parlay with a 10/1 pay and so forth. 

To win a parlay bet, every wager must push a tie or win. If any of the selections are lost, the whole wage will also be lost regardless of the game results. Suppose there's more than one selection with an incomplete, postponed, reschedule or tie game scheduled for another day. In that case, the wage goes back to its lowest value. 

What makes parlay bets attractive is their high payout potential. The money you wagered will grow a couple of fold. However, it comes with several risks from needing to select many sides. It's already difficult to pick a single winner that gives you a 50/50 chance. It's even more when you have to make that decision several times and make sure that they are right. 

How Do You Calculate a Partay? 

Your chances of winning go down for every bet that you add. However, if you do, the amount you win is also enormous. But, how do you calculate your possible winning? Here's how: 

  • Calculate the Money Line Profit

The formula used when calculating parlay bet profit for individual money line this; profit equals to wage over 100 multiplied by the Moneyline. The wager refers to the amount of your bet, while the Moneyline refers to the value of the Moneyline. 

  • Calculate the DecimalOdd

Once you get the estimated profit of each money line, you can now calculate the entire parlay layout. The quickest way of calculating it is by using this formula: DicimalOdd= Money line over 100 plus 1. You could also use a parlay odds calculator.

  • Calculate the Payout

Lastly, to get the projected payout of the parlay bet, you just need to do a string of simple multiplication. The formula's payout is equal to wage times DecimalOdds. 

To get the total profit, you just have to subtract the value of your total bet from the payout that you calculated.  

Truth be told, the process of calculating parley is simple, but it is quite long, especially if you have plenty of bets. This is why using a parlay calculator is very helpful. You get quick results in a matter of seconds, and the accuracy is consistent as well. 

Parlay Calculator FAQ

How much does a $100 3 team parlay pay?

A three-team with a $100 bet will get you an estimated payout of $900.

How much does a $100 two-team parlay pay?

If you wager $100 for a two-team parlay, your projected payout is $725.

How do I calculate a parlay payment?

You can calculate a payment manually using its designated formula. Use a parlay calculator that automatically computes your potential payout based on your wager for a quicker method.

What does a $50 2 team parlay pay?

Odds calculators are used to computing odds. Examples are Arbitrage, Fair play, Half Point, Kelley, Streak, and Parlay calculators.

Final Words

Manually calculating parlay bets can be time-consuming. There are even instances when you get the wrong results. Using a parlay calculator will be very handy in these cases—no need for you to do the calculations. Just enter the amounts and click calculate, and you will immediately get the results that you need.