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As a company, we do rely on affiliated brands and their promotional links to help us provide free content to our readers. This may cause people to see brands or products promoted on our site that are also at times the subject of our content creators analysis and review.

This is merely a happenstance; we review or cover products and brands in the sports betting industry and because we’re in this industry, products and brands in sports betting become our typical advertisers and affiliates. Much like you will see car ads on car review sites or ads for restaurants on restaurant review sites. This is standard practice.

In all cases, we maintain a separation between our editorial writers and the advertising and affiliates business decisions.

What are affiliate links and why do we use them?

Affiliate links are marketing links between a content publisher (like us) and an advertising brand (like ESPN+). The brand wants to let the entire world know about their products, like ESPN+. Rather than merely placing ads all over the web, they employ publishers (like us) to promote their product and offer links to our readers to sign up, often with discounts, promotional deals, or superior offers.

For our readers, this allows them a voluntary opportunity to sign up for services or purchase products they would enjoy, at a discounted price often. In return, the brands pay us a commission for any purchases made by our readers.

We prefer this kind of advertising because we get to pick and choose products and services for our readers we think they will like, and the best discount prices or promotions. All affiliate links are completely voluntary; readers will still enjoy the content on our site with or without clicking on affiliate links.

There is never any obligation for our readers to ever make an affiliate purchase or click an affiliate link.

Though, we hope you do if they are of interest to you. As you will receive a good deal and we will receive a commission, which helps keep this site free to all.

Final Disclaimer

We make money from affiliate commissions on this site. Or, we hope we do.

We try to make it clear when links are from our affiliate partners versus when they are links to additional content on our site or others. In the event you inadvertently click onto an affiliate link in which you have no interest, you will NEVER be charged for anything until you take additional intentional steps to do so.

Affiliate links are a standard form of marketing on publisher sites like If you have any questions or concerns regarding our affiliate links, or any related issues, please use our Contact Form.

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