Bettors in the state of Oregon are among those in the United States that are able to enjoy legal sports betting. With the ability to bet both in-person and online, bettors have multiple options at their disposal in some parts of the state. In this guide to Oregon sports betting, find out what betting options are available to those who enjoy sports wagering, and how they can place their bets.


Sports betting laws in Oregon did not need to be added to or changed in order for the state to offer legal sports wagering action. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, or PASPA, exempted four states when it was originally passed to ban sports betting in the United States by federal law. Oregon was included as one of those states, thanks to its Sports Action game that served as a form of legal sports wagering prior to the ban.

Once the Supreme Court overturned PASPA, and federal bans on sports betting were lifted, Oregon opted to use its existing authority to allow sports betting at tribal casinos. This activity is regulated by the Oregon Lottery Commission. In addition to sports betting being legal on tribal lands, there is also the ability to bet on sports online. And while Oregon does not have the same list of options as nearby Nevada, they at least have enough to satisfy everyone located in the state.


Included in the sports betting landscape, as regulated by the Oregon Lottery, is the ability to bet on sports both online and in-person. In-person sports betting is currently available only on tribal lands, with Chinook Woods Casino in Lincoln City being the only land-based location currently offering action on sporting events.

Carved out in Oregon state law is room for more tribal casinos to offer legal sports wagering to those who want to bet in person. However, none of the other tribal casinos have gone that route as of yet. Here is a list of the remaining tribal casinos in Oregon, which would have the ability to offer sports wagering in the future if they wanted to.

  • Kla-Mo-Ya Casino, Chiloquin
  • Windhorse Casino Resort, Pendleton
  • Spirit Mountain Casino, Grand Ronde
  • Indian Head Casino, Warm Springs
  • The Mill Casino & Hotel, North Bend
  • Old Camp Casino, Burns
  • Seven Feathers Hotel & Casino Resort, Canyonville
  • Three Rivers Casino, Florence
  • Three Rivers Casino, Coos Bay

When it comes to online sports betting, Oregon law has that covered as well. While there is aren’t multiple online sportsbooks to choose from, Oregon residents have a dedicated solution from the Oregon Lottery. That would be Scoreboard, the state’s own website and mobile app for sports wagering.

One thing that is not included in the sports betting laws of Oregon is college sports gambling. The state does not currently offer wagering on collegiate sporting events, which is unfortunate for bettors in the state given the quality of college sports there. The Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers are both programs that have had success in the Pac-12 conference in the recent past, and the inability to bet on their football and basketball teams leaves something to be desired for Oregonians looking to back their favorite teams.


Wagering on sports in Oregon is straightforward, as there are only two ways in which it can be done. The first option is to physically go to Lincoln City and visit the Chinook Woods Casino. Once there, bettors can do their sports gambling at the betting window at their sportsbook. This is currently the only physical sports betting option. However, it is possible that in the future more casinos will offer the ability to wager in-person. Also, lottery retailers may be allowed to set up a kiosk going forward.

There is also the ability to bet online using the Scoreboard app. Bettors can download Scoreboard on their iPhone and Android devices. They are required to be within Oregon state lines in order to place wagers. To place a wager, bettors can select the sport that they want to wager on, then choose which competition, game and market they want to bet on. From there, they can choose their stake amount and finalize the wager.

However, in August 2021, Scoreboard app switched over to DraftKings. In January 18, 2022, Scoreboard app was replaced by DraftKings Sportsbook completely.

With Oregon being a large state from a surface area perspective, only a fraction of the bettors in the state have the ability to access Chinook Woods on a given day. Because of that, the presence of the Scoreboard app is crucial. And given that online sports betting can allow bettors to access advantageous betting lines sooner than land-based sports betting, the online route is the way to go for the bulk of Oregonians regardless of their location.


As of now, there are two sportsbooks options that bettors can use, which are regulated by the Oregon Lottery. The land-based option that is available to bettors is the Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, which is the only tribal casino currently taking advantage of their ability to offer sports wagering in the state.

The second sportsbook option that bettors can utilize comes via the DraftKings website and app, which allows bettors to wager on sports from their computers and mobile devices. Bettors are required to be within Oregon state lines in order to place their bets through this method, with location being verified using the location services that computers and mobile devices have to offer.

DraftKings is incredibly important in a state like Oregon, which only has one physical betting location despite being one of the largest states in America. Thanks to this app, bettors can place wagers in all corners of Oregon, and in a major city such as Portland, even though Portland doesn’t have a land-based sportsbook of its own. Additionally, during a situation like the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, online sports betting served as an option when Chinook Winds was closed.


In Oregon, there are a number of professional sports that bettors can get involved with. Most notably for those in Oregon, there is the ability to bet on the NBA. With the Portland Trail Blazers serving as the marquee sports team in the state, the ability to wager on their games and the rest of the competition in the NBA is nothing short of essential to the success of sports gambling throughout Oregon.

Outside of the NBA, bettors can also get involved in NFL games throughout the season, from the preseason all the way to the Super Bowl. They can also wager on top leagues such as the NHL, MLB, MLS and NASCAR. Other sporting events that can be bet on include international soccer, tennis, horse racing and professional fighting in boxing and mixed martial arts.

As far as the types of bets that can be made, bettors can look forward to a strong selection in the state of Oregon. There is room for basic bets such as point spread wagers, moneyline bets and totals. And for those looking for something more exciting than the standard point spread, bettors can get involved in parlay and teaser bets, as well as props, futures and in-game betting.

As mentioned previously, bettors are not permitted to bet on college sports in Oregon right now. The NCAA had previously applied pressure to the state to remove college sports from its Sports Action game, and was successful. In exchange, the state has been able to host NCAA championship events since making that decision. At this time, it does not appear that Oregon is willing to jeopardize its mended relationship with the NCAA by allowing college sports gambling.



Legal sports betting is indeed available to Oregonians, with 2019 marking the beginning of legalized wagering on sporting events. Bettors can wager in-person at one location at this time, or they can use the state’s online sports betting outlet while located within state lines.


As of now, online sportsbooks such as DraftKings and FanDuel are not available to be used in Oregon. Unlike states like New Jersey, which offer multiple online sportsbook options, the Oregon State Lottery and SBTech have an exclusive contract to work together on the state’s lone online gambling outlet, Scoreboard.


Sports bettors in Oregon are not allowed to wager on amateur sports of any kind, including college sports. This means that they cannot bet on college football, including games featuring the Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers. Football bettors can only wager on professional contests currently.


he Oregon Lottery Scoreboard app is the only current legal online sports betting option for Oregonians. Developed by SBTech, this app uses geolocation to allow only those located within state lines to place sports bets, as they look to earn a payout by winning wagers on pro sports.
Betting Odds Calculator
To win
Another term for a parlay bet, where multiple selections are made and all of them must win for the bet to win.
Across The Board
Betting on a horse to win, place, and show in an individual race.
Any wager on a sporting event is referred to as action.
Added Game
A game that is not part of the normal Las Vegas rotation. These are often more obscure games like those in smaller conferences.
Advance Deposit Wagering
Betting where a player must deposit funds into their account before they are able to bet. Most online sportsbooks function this way.
Against The Spread
A wager where a handicap is applied to the side a bettor backs, known as a point spread.
Alternate Line
A betting line where the point spread or total is higher or lower than the default number, with different odds that vary based on how far the alternate line varies from the original.
American Odds
A way of showing betting odds that uses pluses and minuses to let bettors know what they stand to win depending on how much they wager.
Betting on both sides of a betting market to take advantage of price differences across sportsbooks.
Asian Handicap
Another way to describe betting against the spread, where a handicap is applied to a team in a contest.
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