BetRivers Sportsbook Bonus Code For 2023 Review

Updated 20 March 2023
While BetRivers has only been operational since 2019 when it first began accepting wagers in pioneering states Indiana and Pennsylvania, it has rapidly spread to other states permitting online sports wagering. They are now currently taking bets in ten states and are slated to come online in Canada in April 2022.
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While BetRivers has only been operational since 2019 when it first began accepting wagers in pioneering states Indiana and Pennsylvania, it has rapidly spread to other states permitting online sports wagering. They are now currently taking bets in ten states and are slated to come online in Canada in April 2022.

We’re going to do a deep dive into BetRivers, looking at all of the specifics for how they operate and how you can get in on the action. They are known for being relatively user-friendly, making their popularity no surprise. Take a look at our full rundown of the BetRivers sportsbook.

BetRivers States

BetRivers currently operates in a total of ten states, adding more states when their changing legislation allows. The states that BetRivers operates in as of the time of writing include

  1. Arizona
  2. Colorado
  3. Illinois
  4. Indiana
  5. Iowa
  6. Michigan
  7. New Jersey
  8. New York
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. West Virginia
  11. Virginia
  12. Louisiana

If you live in one of the states above, you will be able to use BetRivers automatically, once the website or the app approves your geolocation. However, if you do not reside in one of these states, you may still be able to place wagers with BetRivers by working with one of their operating partners. BetRivers has partnered with Rivers Casino and other casinos affiliated with Rush Street Interactive.


Just like many other online sportsbooks, BetRivers allows sports fans to place wagers on their favorite teams, adding a whole new level of excitement and engagement to sports. The platform operates globally and will allow users anywhere in the world to create an account and watch the action and the odds, though they will only accept wagers from users physically located in states where BetRivers is legally allowed to operate.

BetRivers is a member of the Rush Street Interactive entertainment family and has been operating since they began in their first two states in 2019. Since then they have significantly widened their positioning for accepting sports fans’ wagers in other states, and are becoming active in Canada as well, during the first quarter of 2022. 

For those new to sports betting, BetRivers allows an easy way to get into wagers by using a points betting model for their bets. Points betting allows the bettor to place a wager either based on an over/under score benchmark, or a specific point spread that handicaps the favorite and gives better odds to the underdog. This makes it slightly easier to keep your risk low when making your betting strategies and helps to limit the amount that you lose. 

This makes points betting a great method for safe betting, as it functions similarly to a preventative measure for preventing bettors from spreading themselves too thin and betting outside of their means. This means BetRivers helps promote more responsible gaming and sports betting.

BetRivers also allows a variety of other bets as well, ranging from deceptively simple moneyline bets to far more complex betting strategies. Bettors on BetRivers can bet on lines, spreads, over/under totals, props, parlays, teasers, futures, and even live betting.

BetRivers allows bettors to place bets on a wide variety of sports from around the world. Bettors can wager on Australian rugby, English cricket, and any domestic sports you can think of from football to volleyball and everything in between.



  • First deposit match promotion
  • Low $10 deposit minimum
  • Huge variety of betting options
  • Futures and prop bets offered
  • Features live betting


  • The newness of the platform may put some users off
  • Payout caps can vary by state and bet type


First deposit match promotion: This is one of the most attractive things about making a new account on BetRivers. They will match your first deposit, up to $250, making them a great option for those who want to maximize their initial betting budget. 

Low $10 deposit minimum: BetRivers lets anyone place bets with only a $10 minimum deposit. While some people may be able to deposit hundreds or even thousands of dollars, many other bettors would be quickly priced out of the app if those became minimums. BetRivers makes betting much more accessible by making deposit minimums small and convenient.

Huge variety of betting options: The number of different options that BetRivers offers for bet types and styles makes them a formidable force in the online sportsbook lineup. The platform is designed to be smooth and intuitive, making even the most complex parlays easy to construct and monitor.

Futures and prop bets offered: The ability to place futures bets is uncommon to many domestic sportsbooks and BetRivers makes it easy to place these long-term bets that often revolve around seasonal performance or totals. Prop bets are also offered, letting bettors wager on small-scale bets that frequently only involve a single player.

Features live betting: This is a unique feature to BetRivers where certain bets will be created and offered during an ongoing sporting event, giving bettors the chance to make wagers on unique scenarios that are currently playing out. While many sportsbooks close betting once a match begins, BetRivers continues to innovate and offer live bets.


The sheer amount of promotions might overwhelm some users: This can be especially problematic for new users who are just getting into sports betting for the first time. That said, it’s hard to complain about a sportsbook offering lots of BetRivers promo options.


BetRivers makes betting on any sport you like as simple as using the built-in search function. There are wagers available for nearly any sport on the globe, and BetRivers is even the official betting partner of many sports organizations, such as the Chicago Bears. You can find all major sports at BetRivers, as well as international offerings and niche sports interests. Just some of the sports that are available to bet on at BetRivers include:

  1. American Football
  2. European Football
  3. Australian Football
  4. Rugby
  5. Basketball
  6. Baseball
  7. Hockey
  8. Volleyball
  9. Table Tennis
  10. Mixed Martial Arts
  11. Boxing
  12. Cycling
  13. Darts
  14. Pool/Billiards/Snooker
  15. Olympics
  16. Soccer
  17. UFC
  18. Cricket


Using BetRivers is smooth and relatively easy, with the interface of both the website and the companion app being highly intuitive and simple to navigate. Once you log in, you will be able to use the powerful search feature and all of your personalized dashboard information will be populated. Let’s dig into the features a little deeper.

Deposit Options: BetRivers has a robust array of banking options that will allow you to fund your betting account in a way that is easy and convenient for you. BetRivers accepts ACH from VIP Preferred members, they also allow online banking, credit, and debit card transactions, PayPal, Play+, PayNearMe bill payment facilities, and cash directly to a cage agent at a partner casino or location. The options may vary by state, with some states prohibiting or limiting some options. In most cases, the deposit is quick, and will be posted within a business day or two.

Simple Withdrawal: Withdrawals are simple to initiate and have no limit or cap unless there is one set by the state BetRivers is operating in. The same applies to the method of withdrawal, which may be limited or prohibited by state. Complete details on all payment terms are available on the BetRivers site.

Mobile Application: The app for BetRivers is good, although it could be better. The main drawback is that there are different apps for different states, which can make it a hassle or confusing for some people, particularly those who like to wager while traveling. In general, the app for BetRivers is considered to be adequate, but sometimes difficult to use due to state regulations.

Deposit Bonus: BetRivers offers a one-time first deposit matching offer, that is valid for a first deposit of up to $250. This gives new users the chance to double their first $250 in bets while getting used to the app and site.

Design and Feel: The design of the site makes it simple and fast to navigate the site from a desktop or laptop computer. The powerful search function allows users to search sports, lines, odds, or any other topic that they may need help with while using the site. General navigation feels intuitive, and the site isn’t cluttered with a lot of interface noise.


BetRivers allow more than just sports betting for users that are in range of one of the partner facilities. BetRivers is partnered with physical casinos, such as Rivers Casino, to offer bettors an increased variety of gaming and wagering.

BetRivers offers a first deposit match of up to $250 for new accounts and first-time users. This cannot be combined with any other offers that may be available. Other than the first deposit match, BetRivers also offers a VIP program where bettors can earn points with every bet they make.


BetRivers offers a unique loyalty program, called iRush Loyalty Level Points, that earns you points each time you place a bet. You earn one point for every $10 that you bet, and you can earn increased points for riskier bets that payout. If you bet parlays as well as other more standard bets, you will earn points at an even faster rate. 

The points are earned and tracked on a rolling 30-day basis and they count towards increasing your iRush Loyalty Level. All points earned will contribute to increasing this level for a minimum of 60 days, after which the level will begin to gradually drop off over the following month. Each day, points that are more than 60 days fall off, but any new points that have been accumulated through betting are added in, which can keep the Loyalty Level the same, or even raise it if the user has been winning many bets.

The Loyalty Level reflects the user’s real money betting activity, and will indicate whether they have been betting more or less, winning more or less, over a given time period. This means to increase the level, the user will need to earn more points than they lose during the 60-day period.


If you are new to BetRivers or online betting in general, the first thing you will need to do is to register with BetRivers and create an account on their site. Once you have created your account you will be prompted to make your first deposit, which you will be able to make through any one of the many options for funding that BetRivers offers. 

You will then be able to see the deposit you made, which will show up as available money, and you should also see the reflected bonus deposit under the heading for bonus money. This will often be reflected in your account relatively quickly, though in some cases it can take up to 48 business hours for it to fully reflect.

This bonus money can then be used in conjunction with your actual money to place wagers on whatever sports or events that you would like. You will lose the bonus money if you withdraw your deposit without wagering, and will be unable to reactivate it, so if you claim the bonus money, make sure that you use it or you will lose it. 


The BetRivers mobile app can be obtained from the Google Play store or the Apple App store for users on the respective operating systems looking to place sports bets. There are multiple versions of the app available depending on what state you are in. The apps have been in development since BetRivers began operations in 2019 once the US federal ban on sports betting ended. The app was available initially for users in Indiana and Pennsylvania, but versions were eventually developed for users in all remaining states that BetRivers operates in.

The app has been hailed as easy to use and intuitive, though there are features and functionality that are missing when compared to the functionality of the full site. Much of this missing functionality is concerning detailed manipulation of complex bets like parlays, so if you are partial to those types of bets you may want to consider your needs for editing those bets if you do not have access to a computer. Overall, the mobile app is rated well, if not slightly below other betting apps like FanDuel and DraftKings.

How to Bet Online with BetRivers?

To begin betting online with BetRivers, you will first need to register on the site and create an account. This can be done from the desktop site, or through the mobile app. Registration is quick and easy, and only requires some basic personal information. 

Once registration is complete, you will need to verify your identity and depending on your state’s requirements, you may need to perform some form of KYC (know your customer) process before you will be able to fund your account. After your account is created and verified, you will need to make your initial deposit. 

Your initial deposit must be at least $10, but you can deposit anything up to the limits established by BetRivers and the state in which you are playing. Keep in mind that the first deposit matching for BetRivers will match up to $250 of your first deposit, giving you much more to work with.

After creating and funding your account, you’ll be ready to make your first wager. Locate the search box, and find a league or sport that interests you and begin narrowing your search from there. Once you select a game, match, or even individual player, you will begin to see bets and odds.

Online BetRivers Odds

The odds that BetRivers offers are spread across several types of bets. Most users will be familiar with the standard moneyline bets, but BetRivers also offers bets for over/under wagers, as well as point spreads. 

For those betting on moneyline bets, the winner of the match or game will determine whose bets win or lose. The odds on moneyline bets will indicate how much the bettor will win on a $100 bet. For example, a moneyline bet on Team A +250 means that someone who bets $100 on Team A will win $250 in addition to winning back their initial $100 wager, for a total of $350 won. 

For over/unders, the bettor will need to choose whether the specified team’s final score will be over or under the benchmark set by the sportsbook or casino. This means that if you take the over and the mark is 15 with the final score being only 14, your bet would lose. Your bet would win if the final score were 16 or more. 

The odds on spreads will vary depending on the point spread and the teams playing. The favored team will have a point handicap, while the underdog will get free points to beat the spread. The odds for these matches will often be in ratio form, such as 2:1.

While each sportsbook will create their own odds, it generally doesn’t do much good to “shop around” for better odds on a particular match, since all bookmakers will be relatively close to each other in their terms and odds.

BetRivers in Canada

BetRivers has been approved by the Ontario gaming commission and has been given permission to begin Canadian operations in the province of Ontario, beginning in April of 2022. 


The overall user experience for users of the BetRivers site is hard to beat, and the simple navigation and intuitive functionality of the site only add to the experience. Registration is quick and easy, with verification and funding often able to be completed within a day or two at the most. 

The interface makes it fast and easy to find not only the leagues and sports that users want to find, but also the specific games, bets, and odds that they want to place wagers on. There is even a seamless live betting interface that allows users to see up-to-the-second odds and bets for games that are currently in progress.

BetRivers is owned and operated by Rush Street Interactive, who expertly manages the interface, functionality, features, and customer experience, as well as maintains the loyalty program for the Rush Street Interactive family of companies. This gives them a reach and coverage that not many other sportsbooks have, and lets them service bettors in ten states currently, with more states and even Canadian sportsbooks coming soon.


BetRivers has a wide range of options for funding user accounts. This makes them a powerful platform for users that desire robust versatility when looking for deposit options. They offer several electronic methods, bank transfers and ACH debits, and even in-person cash deposits at partner locations and PayNearMe locations. The minimum deposit on all methods is $10.

Banking MethodMinimum Deposit Amount
Credit and Debit Cards$10
Online Banking$10
Cash Deposit$10


One of the most crucial things to consider when joining a new sportsbook, considering switching, or picking out your first bookmaker site, is the ability to get help for issues when they happen. While the interface and overall usability of the BetRivers site mean that it’s unlikely that you’ll need help, being able to get it when you need it can be a deciding factor in whether a particular site is worthwhile, or a waste of time and potentially money.

BetRivers offers a wide range of methods that users can leverage to get help through official channels. Not only do they offer help online in live chat and knowledge base situations, but they also have live help available through partner locations and casinos. They even maintain a presence on many betting and wagering forums, where they help users find solutions to problems as well.

Customer Service MethodIs it available?
Live chatYes
Phone supportOnly through partner casinos
Email supportYes
Online ForumsYes
Knowledge baseYes


Despite being relatively new in the sportsbook industry, BetRivers is proving to be one of the more engaging and trustworthy betting facilitators in the US and is making waves even among the big players and well-known names in sports betting, like FanDuel and DraftKings.

Since BetRivers also emphasizes responsible betting when communicating with its users, and often employs a points betting system, it ends up being a more reliable and safe betting platform for those who may be new to sports betting in general. This makes it incredibly user-friendly, while still making it simple for users to control their own betting and help protect themselves.

The addition of the first deposit match for new users up to $250 can make joining BetRivers a very attractive and potentially lucrative prospect. While there are the usual terms and conditions that apply to the promotion, it still remains a significant draw and consideration factor for those looking to potentially sign up.



BetRivers currently operates in ten states total, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, New York. Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. These states all have their own legislation and regulations which BetRivers must adhere to and operate by. This means that depending on where you access BetRivers from, you may have a slightly different experience or limitations placed on you by the entity of the state. This can mean different withdrawal limits, payment method prohibitions, and more.


BetRivers is legal in Pennsylvania and was one of the first states in which BetRivers was permitted to legally operate, in addition to Indiana. BetRivers has been helping bettors in Pennsylvania to place wagers for their favorite teams and leagues since 2019, shortly after the federal ban on sports betting was repealed.


BetRivers is part of the Rush Street Interactive family of entertainment companies.


BetRivers does offer apps for users to easily use most features available on the full site, from the convenience of their mobile platform. The apps are separated depending on the state in which the user resides, and they are not able to operate without geolocation enabled since BetRivers users must be physically located in the states in which BetRivers operates.

Is BetRivers available in Canada?

Betting on sports is big business in Canada, and many bettors rightly wonder if BetRivers will be operating in Canada. BetRivers is anticipating becoming active in the Canadian province of Ontario in April 2022. They are poised to offer the same sports betting abilities that are available to players stateside, including all types of wagers, all included sports types and leagues, and even the same live bets that US users have come to love.