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We offer an extensive selection of betting tips for every NBA fixture throughout the entirety of the basketball season. Our picks enable you to conveniently locate genuine value in the market, and eliminate the need to trawl through form guides and stat packs. We use data-driven algorithms to produce our tips, which ensures you have the strongest mathematical chance of securing a profitable return from your wagering activity.

So, don’t waste mountains of time conducting your own research, just log-in to Lines and access our daily picks page - let us do the hard work for you.   

The picks we provide are aligned to a vast range of betting types; we offer an overview of these in several of the sections below.     

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Free NBA Expert Picks from Lines  

It is important to note that no sports betting operator - or independent tipster - can guarantee that the prediction contained within their pick will prove accurate. Nevertheless, with copious volumes of performance analysis now easily accessible, and media coverage more extensive than ever, the potential to compile well-informed and highly-researched picks, which offer the user a strong likelihood of success, is certainly there. Therefore, you just need to ensure that you utilise a trustworthy picks provider. 

Our expert team painstakingly examines a comprehensive bank of statistics, absorbs countless hours of footage, and tracks the latest news from the camps of all 30 NBA franchises, in order to construct a set of attractive picks for every single game day. Driven by their passion for basketball and motivated by seeing you win, our team members approach their work with relentless energy, enabling them to dig deep into the data and provide you with the best picks in the marketplace.    

Free NBA Money Line Picks 

We’re in a position to offer our users a consistent selection of money line picks. 

A money line bet is the most straight-forward type of wager you can place. If you’re betting on the money line, you’re predicting the overall outcome of the match, and therefore whether a team wins, loses, or draws. However, as there are no ties in the NBA, the draw will clearly never feature in any of our basketball picks. 

When placing a money line bet, you will notice that each team is allocated either ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ odds; these numbers not only serve to indicate the ‘favourites’ and ‘underdogs’ in relation to who will win the contest, but also enable you to calculate your potential return. The easiest way to illustrate how a money line bet works is by addressing a live example.


The Boston Celtics welcome Orlando Magic to Massachusetts in an Eastern Conference tie.

The Celtics have been allocated odds of -180 to take the game, whilst Orlando’s chances of victory are positioned at +200. In this scenario, Boston are favourites as they carry the negative odds, whilst Magic are identifiable as underdogs via their positive odds. We can understand how much money a player stands to win when backing either of these teams by using the sum of $100 as the central figure in our calculations.

A $100 bet on Orlando Magic to emerge triumphant, at odds of +200, will result in the player earning $200, plus their original stake. Therefore, the specific number attached to the underdog’s odds demonstrates the amount of profit you will make on a $100 bet.

Conversely, a successful $180 bet on the home side, at odds of -180, would see the player earn $100, in addition to the $180 they initially placed. Therefore, the specific number attached to the favourite’s odds demonstrates how much money you would need to bet in order to access a $100 return. 

Free NBA Picks Against the Spread

Spread betting is becoming increasingly popular, with the vast majority of sportsbooks offering plenty of opportunities for players to take advantage of this type of wager. 

In essence, spread odds aim to level the playing field, by hypothetically adding or subtracting points (or goals) from a team’s tally prior to the start of a contest. To use the same terminology expressed in the previous section, the ‘favourites’ start on a minus number, and are therefore disadvantaged, whilst the ‘underdogs’ are given a head-start, and as a result gain a better chance of ‘winning’. For this reason, the term ‘handicap betting’ is often used to refer to this wagering methodology.   

Therefore, when spread betting is used in a basketball context, players will either wager on a team to defeat an opponent by more than a specific number of points, or that a team will not lose a match by a specific number of points.

Free Totals Picks

‘Totals’ bets, otherwise referred to as Over/Under bets, are commonly used by those who wager on the NBA; they are simple, easy to understand, and widely available. 

In ‘totals’ betting, the sportsbook proposes how many times a particular outcome will occur, with players predicting whether this event will materialise more or less times than this predetermined number. Although the most common market for basketball ‘totals’ relates to the combined points tallies of both teams, there are multiple other betting options to exploit. For example, an operator may facilitate bets on whether a specific player will accrue over or under a certain amount of rebounds, or if either team registers more or less points than a specified total within the first quarter.   

Free expert basketball picks today 

We’ve crunched the stats and leveraged the combined knowledge of our expert team to bring you the best betting picks for today’s basketball action. The following picks illustrate the outcomes which are more likely to transpire, and the type of wager we would advise you to place in order to fully exploit this information. 

Why not skim through today’s basketball picks, and source the ones you believe provide the most value for today’s NBA clashes.