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With 32 teams playing 82 games each, the NHL offers 1312 matches throughout the year, and each of them is charged with excitement, passion, and thrilling moments, which is why ice hockey is one of the nation’s favorite sports. Visit our NHL Picks Today hub for the best picks, every day.

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Free NHL Expert Picks from Lines

Our team of experts thrives on analyzing and studying every angle related to the NHL matchups on a daily basis. At Lines, we have both seasoned bettors and hockey veterans, who are delighted to share with you their favorite picks for every game throughout the season. 

Our picks cover the different types of bets, such as the moneyline, the spread, and the totals, as well as certain team proposition bets and player props. Who will be the game’s top scorer? Which team will score first? 

To find out this and more, we dive deep into studying all the statistics and factors that are relevant to a match. This helps us estimate the probability of an outcome, and using implied probability, we then measure our estimated probability against the sportsbook, looking for value bets. There’s nothing we love more than an opportunity to beat the house, which can help you earn a good payout. 

In the same vein, we have our NHL Computer Picks. Our experts compete against our supercomputer, all with the purpose of helping you in your hockey betting journey. 

Free NHL Money Line Picks

A moneyline bet is when you wager on a team to win the game outright.

For example, if the Colorado Avalanche is playing against the Vancouver Canucks, a moneyline bet on the Canucks would be successful if they win the game, regardless of the score. 

Since its outcome depends solely on whether your team wins the match or not, the moneyline bet has become one of the most attractive wagers for beginners and seasoned bettors alike. 

When betting on the moneyline, it helps to understand the odds. Remember that, if you are looking at American odds, the favorite team will be listed with negative odds, while the underdog will display positive odds. This means that, if you can accurately predict which underdog will win, you can collect a good payout by betting on the moneyline. 

Here at Lines, our team of experts brings to the table decades of experience, spending thousands of hours every year covering the season, in order to identify those matches where the moneyline can be a good value proposition. 

We give those picks to you for free, so visit our NHL Picks Hub and stay tuned for the pick of the day!

Free NHL Picks Against the Puck Line

You have identified an underdog, but consider the proposition to be too risky. Or, you believe the favorite team will win, but the moneyline odds are too low. 

If either of these statements resonates with you, the spread can be a good option to hedge your risk or to maximize your potential payout. 

As you might know by now, the spread, which in hockey is also known as the puck line, is the mechanism through which the sportsbook levels the playing field for both teams, bringing the odds to equilibrium. 

Let’s say the Toronto Maple Leafs are playing against the Florida Panthers, and the Maple Leafs are considered the favorites. Therefore, the moneyline bet on the Leafs will have negative odds, like -390. To adjust this, the sportsbook will determine the following spread: Toronto Maple Leafs, -1.5 goals; Florida Panthers, +1.5 goals, with both bets paying -110. 

What this means is that for a wager on the Maple Leafs to be a winner, the team needs to win the match by at least two goals, while a bet on the Panthers can succeed even if the team loses the game, as long as they lose only by a difference of one goal. 

At Lines, betting on the puck line is one of our favorite wagers, and we proudly cover every game in depth to bring you the best daily picks, so that you can have more information before you bet on the teams that are likely to cover the puck line and the ones that are not. 

NHL Totals Picks

Another way to join the thrilling NHL betting action is the over/under line. This type of wager is also known as totals, or total bets. 

Essentially, an over/under bet is a bet on whether the total number of goals scored in the game will be over or under a certain number determined by the sportsbook. 

Something that makes this wager exciting is that you don’t have to predict which team will win the match in order to participate. Therefore, you can capitalize on those exhilarating moments–like a last-second goal that helps you cover the over, or a terrific save that keeps the scoring under control–without worrying which side ends up victorious. 

Here at Lines, we research statistics in depth to be able to bring you the best over/under picks. Which teams have the most offensive power? Which ones are known for their ferocious defense over the ice? Also, we consider how each team has fared against one another, and we make our predictions backed by data-driven insights. 

Free Expert Hockey Picks Today

As discussed, our team of experts specializes in bringing you the best value on a daily basis. 

We’ve covered the moneyline, the puck line, and totals, as well as other picks that we like to share such as propositions, futures, and parlays. 

By following the news, staying on top of off-court developments, and identifying the most relevant data, our team has the capacity to bring you the best picks, every day. 

How will our picks perform against our supercomputer? Visit our NHL Picks Hub page and find out. 

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