Compare top NFL player props for the 2023-24 NFL for the entire NFL season. has you covered with all of the best prop odds, DFS projections, and NFL betting picks for every matchup, from Week one and the regular season to the playoffs and Super Bowl 58

We compile today's most important football trends, compare NFL odds across the best online sportsbooks, and feature key stats to help you get the latest projections all season long. Check out the best prop bet odds, strategy, and latest DFS projections to make better, more profitable picks to help you beat the bookmaker!

NFL Player Prop Bets

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One of the more underrated aspects of sports betting is where you make your bets. The sports betting site you choose should have a variety of different types of bets including both team and player props, from offensive and touchdown props, to defensive parlays and everything in-between.

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Types Of NFL Prop Bets: Daily Top Player Props And NFL Picks

Prop bets themselves are nothing new, but the popularity they’ve taken on in the sports betting industry in recent years has given them a whole new importance.

  • A prop bet is a wager on anything that happens in the game as long as it is not directly related to the betting on the outcome of that game. 
  • You can bet on a ton of general props related to which team will score when and how, or who will be winning at the end of this quarter.
  • The most popular type of prop bets right now are those related to player performance. 

There are all types of different stats when it comes to the NFL, and there are nearly just as many NFL player props to choose from with each and every NFL game that is played. Most of these props come in the form of a yes/no proposition or an over/under proposition. 

There is a whole list of different types of NFL prop bets. You can bet on things like:

  • How many passing yards, rushing yards, or receiving yards a specific player might pile up
  • How many completions, attempts, rushes, or receptions a player might record
  • Whether or not they’ll record a sack
  • How many touchdowns a player might score
  • First touchdown scorer
  • How many tackles they might achieve
  • Whether a player will catch or throw an interception
  • How many field goals or points they’ll contribute
  • And much more. 

One of the most popular is the anytime touchdown scorer prop, which is a bet on whether or not a player will score a touchdown at any point in a game. 

From Josh Allen to Nick Chubb, quarterback stats to final score predictions, we've got all the best insight to inform your next picks.

Introduction to NFL DFS Picks

With daily fantasy rapidly changing and advancing, it is time to upgrade your player knowledge with daily fantasy! With DFS picks, advice, projections and optimizers you can bet on a slew of props on any of your favorite players in the NFL. 

The NFL DFS market has exploded recently and is a huge upgrade in the fantasy football experience. With an astounding amount of options, DFS optimizers and roster building, you can grow your winning chances like never before. 

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DFS Optimizers and Projections

A very important tool in this is the DFS optimizer, which gives you the best possible chance at success. 

The optimizer takes your bet and simulates it 10,000 times to give you the edge you need.

 In addition to the simulations, the NFL DFS optimizer gives you projections to help inform and guide the winning picks. The optimizer is also always up to date, using the latest projections, giving you the confidence and DFS strategy to nail your bets while saving you on the hours of research! 

Preseason and Special Events

The great thing about the DFS optimizer is it works for the NFL preseason as well, giving you a huge head start to your fantasy lineup. The tough part of NFL preseason is knowing who is going to play, which is where the DFS preseason optimizer comes into play. 

There is just as much data on the preseason as in the regular season and the optimizer will help you use a mix of historical data, past trends, and updated information all to maximize your winnings! 

That is all cool for preseason but what about the biggest games? In the playoffs, the stage gets brighter while the NFL slate gets smaller allowing you to zero in on the games. 

DFS analysis weeds out the noise and distractions of the biggest stage and helps you pick the teams and players backed by the data. Just like the preseason, you can use past trends mixed with the most recent updates to make you the most clutch better. 

DFS Lineup Building

Having a plan is the most important part and the first step toward success when it comes to DFS strategy. Know where you are picking, and if you don’t know, have a player ready to start at each pick. 

While it is a lot to think about when constructing a roster, you now have the tool of the NFL DFS lineup optimizer to aid your plan and simplify things. With the optimizer’s help, you can figure out which positions offer the most value and which ones offer the least and structure your lineup. DFS is all about value and where you pick players is just as important as the players themselves. 

Once you know which position to take first, that’s when the optimizer steps up and finishes the job for you, giving you the projections to drive you toward success. 

Use our fantasy football draft software guide to learn more about the best DFS Draft strategy! 


To place an NFL player prop bet, it’s pretty much the same process as making a bet on any other betting market. 

  1. Use our guide to the best DFS sites
  2. Shop around and choose your preferred sportsbook
  3. Create an account
  4. Deposit some money
  5. Get ready to place a bet! 

After that, it’s all about following the stats and numbers and coming up with a way to find value on a prop bet. 

Our NFL prop betting section can be a massive help, as we not only provide prop betting advice on every day there’s a game, we’ve also got a wider range of general NFL picks and bets to choose from as well!

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