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Updated March 24, 2024
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Fantasy Football Helper: Guide To Top Fantasy Football Draft Software For 2024

Are you tired of spending hours poring over player statistics and rankings to prepare for your fantasy football draft? Do you want to dominate your league and emerge victorious as the ultimate champion?

As we look ahead to the 2024 NFL season, there's no doubt that the right software can help you make smarter picks, manage your team more efficiently, and ultimately, emerge as a champion.

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In this article, we'll dive into the top fantasy football draft software options for 2024, highlighting the features, benefits, and user experiences that make them stand out.

So, whether you're a seasoned fantasy football pro or a rookie, get ready to take your game to the next level with the best fantasy football draft software.

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Top Fantasy Football Draft Software for 2024: Key Features

Fantasy football is a game that requires strategic planning and analysis of player performance. It’s crucial to have the best tools and resources to make the right decisions during draft time. 

To help you out, we have compiled a list of the top fantasy football draft software for 2024 and their key features.

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Fantasy Pros offers a suite of powerful tools to help you dominate your fantasy football draft. With pick suggestions and auto-tracking of taken players, you'll always stay on top of your game. Fantasypros allows you to connect to pick suggestions and auto-track taken players for football drafts.

It also allows you to complete customized mock drafts with live draft advice and scenario testing easily & quickly. Below is how Fantasy Pros helps you maximize your fantasy football experience.

  • Get customizable rankings and player tags for easy reference
  • Receive alerts for drafting reaches and integrate news and notes
  • Sync keepers and use salary cap tools
  • Predict pick availability and grade your drafts with projected standings


RotoWire is one of the oldest fantasy football draft softwares in the industry. The business has been operating for over 25 years and has, in that time, managed to gather a lot of loyal users and supporters.

Their software gives users access to amazing personalization tools, responsive player and team research tools, state-of-the-art tracking software, accurate information and projections, etc. 

The only area where RotoWire’s draft software falls short is synchronization. Their tool does not support synchronization with live drafts on other sites.


FanDraft is a fantasy football draft software designed to enhance the draft experience for both in-person and online drafts. Here are some key features of the software:

Draft Board Display

The software offers a live draft board display that can be projected onto a big screen or used in a virtual draft setting. The display is fully customizable, allowing users to set their own team logos and colors.

Remote Drafting

FanDraft allows for remote drafting, enabling users to draft from anywhere in the world. The software provides real-time updates, ensuring that every participant is on the same page.

Multiple Draft Formats

The software supports various draft formats, including snake, linear, and auction drafts. Users can also select the number of rounds and time limits for each pick.

Draft Order Generation

FanDraft can randomly generate a draft order based on users’ previous settings or allow users to set their own custom orders.

Pre-Draft Rankings

Users can import player rankings from various sources or create their own custom rankings. These rankings are then used to make recommendations during the draft.

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Draft SoftwarePricingSpecial Feature
Fantasy ProsFantasy Pros has a basic plan that’s available for free. Their premium plan starts at $5.99 and it provides users with access to more features.Most of the resources on the site (draft simulator, draft analyzer, draft intel, etc.) are free to use
FanDraftNew users enjoy a free trial but can upgrade to one of two premium plans, both priced at $30 and $35. FanDraft offers users a more immersive experience, allowing them to play with friends either in-person or online.
RotoWireRotoWire’s premium subscriptions range from $10/month to $100/seasonRotoWire empowers fantasy players with expert analysis, draft kits, insightful news, and exclusive tools like rankings and comparisons - all to dominate your league.

What to Pay Attention to Before Buying Draft Software

If you're considering purchasing drafting software, it's important to carefully evaluate your options and determine what features and capabilities are essential for your needs. Here are some crucial things to consider before purchasing fantasy football drafting software.

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User interface is one of the most crucial aspects of any drafting software. Some drafting softwares can be complex and require a steep learning curve.

A good software should be intuitive and user-friendly to ensure a smooth drafting experience. Additionally, it should offer customization options and allow you to make changes to your preferences.


The software should provide various drafting strategies, including tier-based drafting, value-based drafting, and customized rankings. A good drafting software should allow you to create your own custom rankings, adjust projections, and provide insights into player trends.


Before purchasing a drafting software, make sure it is compatible with your league's rules and scoring systems. Ensure that the software can handle multiple leagues and supports different drafting styles, including auction and snake drafts.


The software should provide real-time updates on players' injury status, depth charts, and any other significant changes that could affect your draft. This will allow you to make informed decisions during your draft and stay ahead of your opponents.


A good drafting software should offer excellent customer support to ensure that any issues are resolved promptly. Before making a purchase, check the company's website and read reviews to ensure that they have a good reputation for customer service.

It is crucial to pay attention to the above factors to ensure that you make an informed decision. Choose a drafting software that best suits your needs and preferences, and remember to have fun while drafting your team.

Popular Fantasy football draft softwares


Draft Assistant software helps people make better draft picks in fantasy sports like football, basketball, and baseball by analyzing data from various sources such as previous player performance, injuries, and team rosters to provide rankings and recommendations for players to draft.

It also offers features like real-time updates, customizable rankings, and the ability to track other teams' draft progress.


FantasyPros Draft Wizard is a popular Draft Assistant software that is specifically designed for use in fantasy football drafts. It uses advanced algorithms to provide users with real-time advice and recommendations for their draft picks, based on the user's league and scoring settings. 

The software also offers customizable rankings, draft simulations, and a suite of other tools and features to help users make informed decisions and draft with confidence.


The Ultimate Draft Kit is a comprehensive fantasy football tool that provides users with analysis for the upcoming season, rankings and projections. It includes features such as draft board customization, expert consensus rankings, and a "draft analyzer" tool that helps users evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their team after the draft. 

The software is updated regularly throughout the off-season and provides valuable insights for both casual and experienced fantasy football players


Draft Buddy is a software tool designed to assist fantasy football players in drafting their teams. It provides customizable rankings, player projections, and draft tracking features to help users make informed draft picks. 

The software can be used for various fantasy football league formats and offers real-time updates throughout the season.


Draft Analyzer is a software tool designed for fantasy sports enthusiasts to help them optimize their draft strategy. It provides real-time recommendations based on user-defined league settings and player rankings, allowing users to make informed decisions during their fantasy drafts.

The software can analyze and simulate multiple draft scenarios to help users identify the best players to draft and when to draft them.


FanDraft is a fantasy sports draft software designed for use in both live and in-person drafts. It allows users to create and customize drafts, track picks in real time, and project future picks based on team needs.

It also includes various features such as player rankings, team analysis, and the ability to display results on a big screen for all participants to see. FanDraft supports a variety of fantasy sports, including football, baseball, basketball, and hockey.

How to prepare the best fantasy football league lineup

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Use a Sit/Start tool

A sit/start tool (or “start/sit” tool; order doesn’t really matter) is a software that helps fantasy football players determine which team members to include in their lineup for a particular week’s matchup.

This tool analyzes and compares players to suggest the best pick for each position before every match week. These recommendations are made taking into account key factors like previous performances, current form, average point per game, injuries, etc. 

Start/Sit tools help streamline the entire process of researching and finding the best team members to include in your squad for a schedule.

For instance, if you’re having a dilemma selecting the best quarterback to include in your starting lineup, you could enter the names of players in your roster who play that position into a start/sit tool and ask it to recommend the strongest choice. 

What is “PPR” in Fantasy Football

If you’ve ever used an online start/sit tool, chances are you’ve come across the term “PPR”. For those that are unfamiliar with the term, PPR means Point Per Reception, which is a scoring system in fantasy football that awards points to players for each catch they make. 

Start/sit tools that factor in this average when comparing players will favor those with a higher PPR. It’s important that fantasy managers take note of their league’s scoring system before using a start/sit tool. 

Optimize your use of the flex role

A flex role (or simply, “Flex”) is a flexible position in a fantasy football lineup that allows managers to deploy an additional running back, wide receiver, or tight end. A flex spot gives fantasy players the opportunity to adjust their starting lineups in response to unexpected developments like injuries and performance fluctuations. 

However, it’s important that players use this position strategically as some leagues restrict how frequently managers can utilize the flex role in a given week. 

So, for instance, if you start a RB in your flex position and they have an early-start game in that week’s schedule, you would need to wait until the upcoming week before you can utilize that position again. 

If one of your regular starting running backs sustains an injury before their game, you’d be left with fewer replacement options, especially if you don’t have another running back on your bench. 

This wouldn’t be a problem if your flex role wasn’t locked. Because then you’d replace the injured player with the backup running back in the flex position and then fill that role with a reliable tight end or wide receiver. 

Experimenting with mock draft software

A mock draft simulator is a tool that allows fantasy league players the opportunity to test out their draft strategies in a simulated environment. These software programs mimic real-life fantasy football dynamics and provide a platform for managers to simulate the potential performance of their drafts in the real league. 

Using mock draft software before an NFL championship season starts can make your lineup decisions easier. You know which players deserve a starting spot in your lineup and which strategies to use through the season. 

The good thing is some of these simulators are completely free and all you need to access them is reliable internet connection. Below are some of the best fantasy football mock draft simulators currently available in the industry. 

Last but not least, keep your eye on the waiver wire. This event presents a great opportunity for managers to find free agents who could potentially help them accumulate many fantasy points. 

Preparing a good fantasy football lineup requires time and effort. While some tools are built to automate certain processes, it’s still very important for managers to actively monitor their teams every week. 

Use AI to stay up-to-date

Have you tried using AI tools to learn more and set lineups automatically? AI sports betting is quickly becoming the next wave of daily sports gambling. There are a number of tools to use that can help make fantasy football even easier to win big!

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There are many great fantasy football draft tools available, including ESPN, Yahoo, FantasyPros, etc. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and which platform provides the most useful information and helpful resources for your draft strategy.


There are several fantasy football apps available to help with drafting, including ESPN Fantasy Football, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, and NFL Fantasy Football.


To project a fantasy football draft, you'll need to research player rankings, analyze team needs, and consider draft strategy. Utilize mock drafts and expert advice to create a winning draft plan.

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