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Lines’ Bet Tracker User Guide

What is Bet Tracking

Bet Tracker allows sports bettors to link their sports betting accounts to easily view all of their sports bets in one location. Using the link sports book button, the user can connect their sports book account to view their bet history and pending bets to track their performance across a specific time or a particular sport.

Linking My Account

You will need log in with your normal SportsBook credentials when linking your account. You will need to ensure Two-Factor-Authentication is disable when syncing. This can be turned back on once you’re linked

Our bet tracker is a true connection between your linked sportsbooks. We aim to keep your account up to date on 30 minute intervals. If you have your email notifications turned on for sportsbooks, you may receive an email from your sportsbooks when we refresh your account

Do I have to be currently in a legal state to link my sportsbook account?

No – Although you must be in a legal state to place bets, you can link your sportsbook account wherever you are located to see previous bets and pending bets. You should select the state you are generally betting from to link your account.

Will Picks Entered From Sportsbook Link To My Bet Tracker

Yes – Previously placed bets and bets placed in the future bets placed from your sportsbook that are linked will show on the website.

Can I link multiple sportsbooks to my account with the Bet Tracker?

Yes – We have up to 7 sportsbooks that you can have linked at the same time to view your bets with 5 more sportsbooks coming soon.

Availability by Sport

Our bet tracker supports Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Auto Racing, Golf, Tennis.

Availability by Bet Type

Our Bet Tracker supports a multitude of bet types. Which includes Straight bets, Parlays, Teasers, Futures and Prop Bets.

Do I have to be a paid subscriber to use the Bet Tracker

No, offer automatic bet tracking as a free service for users

Can I see individual legs of a parlay or teaser?

Yes – Clicking the dropdown arrow of a parlay or teaser will display each individual leg of the bet and the resulting grade after completion.


Status – he status filter will allow users to select between “Pending” bets that are still outstanding or “Settled” bets that have already completed and outcomes determined. Users also have the option to view pending and settled bets together which is the default setting

Leagues – This by default will show all sports where there is a recorded bet. The user has the option to select the sport in which the wish to view. If the user wishes to view multiple, specific sports, please make the selection and you will be able to view the highlighted sports.

Time – By default the bet tracker will pull in your last 5,000 bets from all-time. The user has the option to drill down to specific time-frames by selecting either today, yesterday, last 7 days or 30 days.

Bet Type – Users will have the options to not only see straight bets, but have the option view their performance by parlay, teaser, prop bets or futures.


Wagered – The wagered statistic will show the total amount of money that has been placed for the specific filters you have placed.

Net Profit – his will display the total profit/loss based on your specific filters

Win Percentage – Is determined by the number of wins, divided by the total number of losses. Bets that are a push will be removed from the win percentage calculation and will not positively or negatively impact your win percentage.

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