Betting Guide: NHL Player Prop Bets and Team Props

It used to be that all bets were placed on a specific matchup, choosing the winning team, finding the best odds available, and getting the best price for NHL odds. While this is still true in the sport betting world, nowadays there is a whole host of online sportsbooks getting in on the NHL player prop renaissance. Thanks to, we've got all the best hockey matchups and hockey props all season long, from the first puck drop to the entire postseason playoffs, all the way up to the Stanley Cup. 

If you want to join the action with some NHL prop bets of your own, our daily list of Best NHL Prop Bets Today, is a great place to get the best betting odds, get prop betting tips, and earn big payouts! 

NHL Player Prop Bets

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Where To Find The Best NHL Player Prop Bets Today

If you intend to dive deep into each NHL game, one of the most important decisions you can make is on which sportsbook or multiple sportsbooks you decide to make your NHL player prop bets. You want to make sure you sign up with NHL sportsbooks that offer a lot of National Hockey League betting options and, more importantly, that they’re offering competitive odds on those prop markets. 

You'll want to find online sportsbooks offering a full package of bonus funds, promo codes, opt-in value, or maybe a combination of all three. After you’re all signed up and you’ve done your own research, the best place to get the latest projections is with the help of the expert NHL betting content provided by us here at Lines!

Breaking Down The Best NHL Prop Bets

Prop betting is a type of wager that has taken the online gambling community by storm. Someone you know may have had the chance to turn free bets into a high value NHL parlay that's earned them huge winnings. Prop betting is one of the most popular bet types of 2023, changing the betting market in a whole new way. From individual players to betting on NHL team props, the prop betting market gives you the best chance to win big based on a player's success or a team's performance. 

NHL props, and especially NHL player props, is a type of prop that allows bettors to have a whole new viewing experience. NHL prop betting works by giving you the chance to make a player prop bet on a game where you care about the outcome to add something else to cheer for if the game doesn’t go as you wanted. Conversely, a player prop bet can get a bettor dialed into a game they otherwise wouldn’t have cared a lick about. Player prop betting can turn a casual fan into a die hard NHL fan very quickly.

There aren’t quite as many NHL player prop betting options as there are for, say, the NFL, MLB, or NBA, but there are still a wide range of options to choose from. NHL player props can be either yes/no propositions or over/under propositions. For example, you can find bets on props like a specific player to score a goal, who will score first, the number of assists, and much more. 

You can also bet on how many shots a player will have, how many PIM they’ll accrue, how many saves the goaltenders might make, how many goals + assists a player will record, or even how many shots on target a player will get. Some of the best hockey props can be found in different betting sites that allow you to wager on a player and their statistical performance. 

How To Place NHL Prop Bets with The Best Online Sportsbook

Placing wagers responsibly on NHL props is pretty simple. Just like you would place a future bet on NHL futures, you can find the player you want to bet on and make a pick just like you would on the standard markets like moneyline and puckline.

You have to find your preferred sportsbook or sportsbooks, sign up for an account, deposit as much money as you’d like to bet with into your account, and you’re ready to go. After that, you just need to do your own research on the games, players, stat, and markets you’d like to bet on. A great way to supplement your own research is by looking at our NHL Prop Bets Today section to see which props our betting experts are eyeing for that particular day. 

Get the best NHL player props today from across the league and discover what the sports betting industry already knows.

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