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Free NHL Moneyline Predictions

The moneyline is a classic bet for both seasoned bettors and hockey enthusiasts alike. 

When placing a moneyline wager, you are betting on which team will win the game outright. For example, if the Vegas Golden Knights are playing against the Winnipeg Jets, a moneyline bet on the Golden Knights would be successful if they win the game, regardless of the score. 

When betting on the moneyline, it is very helpful to fully comprehend the odds. Remember that, if you are looking at a dashboard that features American odds, the favorite team will be listed with negative odds, and the underdog team will display positive odds. If you can successfully predict which underdog will pull off the upset of the day, you can collect a handsome payout. 

At Lines.com, we combine both expert insights and proprietary technology to give you the best moneyline picks available, and to help you identify the best value opportunities. Visit our Lines.com Predictions Hub for the pick of the day!

Free NHL Predictions Against the Puck Line

You believe an underdog has the potential to pull off the upset, but consider the proposition too risky. Or, you are fully certain that the favorite team will win, but the payout on the moneyline is not enough to justify the risk. 

If either of the statements above rings a bell with you, the spread, which in hockey is also known as the puck line, can be a good option for you. Betting on the puck line can help you hedge your risk and/or maximize your potential payout. 

By now, you might know that the puck line is the way in which the sportsbook brings a hockey game to balance, by giving a handicap to the team that is perceived to be weaker. 

Let’s say that the Montreal Canadiens are playing against the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Canadiens are considered to be the favorites. Therefore, a bet on Montréal would have negative odds. To make the odds even–both bets would pay a figure close to -110 in a puck line scenario–the sportsbook will determine the following spread: Montreal Canadiens, -1.5 goals; Tampa Bay Lightning, +1.5 goals. 

With this spread, a wager on the Montréal Canadiens would be a winner if the team wins by two or more goals, while a bet on Tampa Bay could be successful even if they lose the game, as long as they lose only by one goal. 

At Lines, we provide you with puck line predictions for every game of the season. We delve into the details and analyze each game’s projected outcomes. Visit the Lines.com Predictions Hub and check out who is likely to cover the spread today!

NHL Over/Under Predictions Today

An exciting, dynamic way of joining the exhilarating NHL betting action is by wagering on the over/under line. This type of bet is also known as totals, or total bets. 

Basically, by placing an over/under wager, you are predicting whether the total number of goals scored in the game will be over or under a certain number determined by the sportsbook, also known as the over/under line. 

Something that makes this wager attractive for bettors is that there is no need to predict which team will win the match in order to participate. 

Hence, you can capitalize on those unforgettable moments that hockey often gives to us–that last-second goal that helps you cover the over, or a terrific save that keeps the score under control–without the agony of worrying which side will end up victorious. 

Here at Lines, we give you over/under predictions for every game of the NHL season. We break down statistics and team performances, and identify the relevant trends to determine whether the total number of goals scored in any match will beat the line or not. 

By visiting our Predictions Hub, you can also look at the data and make your own analysis, and compare your prospective value betting opportunities with ours. 

Free Hockey Predictions Today

We have covered the moneyline, the puck line, and the over/under. 

However, there is a wide array of opportunities to be a part of the hockey betting action. Besides the three aforementioned betting markets, there are parlays, team propositions, player props, teasers, and round robins. Furthermore, our computer simulator is in constant competition with our team of experts, with both of them providing predictions on how every game of the season will turn out. The simulator can go as far as predicting a specific score. 

Also, as the season progresses, we give you the best NHL Playoff Predictions and NHL Stanley Cup Predictions. 

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