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NHL Best Bets

Hockey betting is one of the most fun ways to enjoy NHL games, from the start of the regular season through the NHL playoffs. And with so many types of NHL bets to choose from, bettors can get involved in a number of different ways. In this guide to NHL betting lines, find out what types of bets are available to hockey enthusiasts.

Types of NHL Betting Lines

There are a few main bet types to look at when talking about NHL odds. From single-game to futures wagers that span full seasons, bettors have great flexibility when it comes to what they wager on and when. Here is a list of the main types of NHL betting lines that a bettor might see throughout the season.

  • Moneyline
  • Puckline
  • Total
  • Prop bets
  • Futures

NHL Moneyline Betting

Moneyline bets are the easiest bets to understand in sports betting. In this wager, a bettor is simply trying to predict the winner of a game. In the moneyline market, the favorite is denoted by a negative number, while the underdog is shown with a positive number. In most cases, it does not matter if a game is settled in regulation, overtime, or a shootout. The only thing that matters is which team wins.

NHL Puckline Betting

The NHL puck-line market is the sport’s equivalent to the point spread. Here, bettors have to decide if the margin of victory of the favorite will be big enough to win when a handicap is applied to the goal total in the game. Variables like which team is the home team and the potential for empty net goals late in games can make this market an interesting one until the clock hits zero.

NHL Totals Betting

In the NHL totals market, a bettor has to determine whether the total number of goals scored in a game will be over or under the total set by the bookmaker. The outcome of this market typically depends on the matchups between the two teams on both sides of the ice. And with there being less scoring in hockey than in sports like the NBA and NFL, every moment of a game can feel tense when betting the NHL over/under.

NHL Prop Bets

An NHL prop bet can mean any number of things, as there are so many types of prop bets out there. Bettors can seek payouts betting on specific players to score goals or on the number of points they will tally for a game. These mostly cover single games, so bettors who place a prop bet for a game tonight usually have those bets settled on the same night.

NHL Futures Betting

The NHL futures markets tend to deal with bets that take a full season to resolve. They usually are centered around which team will be champion when the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the league’s postseason, are complete. There are other types of futures bets up for grabs as well, including the win totals for each team during the NHL season.

In terms of popularity, though, the best NHL futures market is on which team will win the Stanley Cup. Here, bettors have to evaluate whether recent champions like the Pittsburgh Penguins, Tampa Bay Lightning or Boston Bruins will lift the cup again. Or they can take a chance on teams that have been close to the title like the Las Vegas Golden Knights and San Jose Sharks. Alternatively, they can go with teams with championship histories like the Dallas Stars, New Jersey Devils, Buffalo Sabres and Carolina Hurricanes.

NHL Betting Lines FAQ

Where can I bet on hockey?

Where hockey betting can be done depends on which state a bettor is in. Online sportsbooks are allowed in some states, while others allow in-person sports betting only. Bettors should check on the legal status of sports betting in their states before they get started.

How do NHL betting lines work?

Hockey odds work in a number of different ways depending on what market a bettor is participating in. Bettors are encouraged to check the rules at their sportsbook for any market they are interested in getting involved with.

What does +200 mean in hockey?

When it comes to NHL Vegas odds, or odds in other parts of the country, +200 odds mean that a $100 wager would yield a return of $200. Bets at that number are considered underdogs, but they manage to cash on a number of occasions.

What does a futures bet mean?

In sports betting, a futures bet means that a bettor is making a long-term wager. This can mean betting on a team to win the Stanley Cup, the Western Conference, the Eastern Conference, or even just a bet on the number of games won in a season by one team.