Updated 6 June 2023


The state of Nevada is one of the top areas in the world for sports wagering, let alone in the United States. With cities like Las Vegas and Reno having legal online gambling and Nevada casino wagering to look forward to, there is no shortage of action that bettors are able to take part in. For sports bettors, this means one of the best selections of sports betting markets in the world.

In this guide to sports betting in Nevada, bettors can find out everything they need to know about betting on sports in Nevada. From what sports are available for wagering to how bettors can access Nevada sportsbooks, Nevada bettors can utilize this guide to familiarize themselves with everything there is to bet on in one of the gambling capitals of the country.


The list of betting options that are available to bettors in the Nevada sports betting scene are arguably unmatched. Given the extensive history of sports betting in Nevada, bettors can count on not just a long list of sporting events to choose from, but a large selection of betting markets within those events, running the gamut from US sports to international competitions.

Bettors are able to take on the most popular sports, such as the entire NFL season through the Super Bowl, as well as the NBA, MLB and NHL. But there are so many other sports up for grabs, such as horse racing, auto racing, fighting, soccer and tennis. Nevada sportsbooks even offer action on high-profile events in niche sports like lacrosse and the Olympics if the demand is great enough.

Along with the impressive amount of sports there are to wager on is a great number of sports betting markets within each sport. Along with common markets like spreads, moneylines and totals, Nevada sports betting participants can take on one of the best menus of prop bets of any state. As more states gain experience in the world of sports betting, the gap in this department could close, but does not appear to be poised to evolve any time soon.

Live betting is a massive reason for the advantage Nevada has on other states in terms of betting markets. With the ability to bet on sporting events as they are taking place, bettors in this state can place wagers on games even after they have started. And with some of the biggest names in the sports betting industry offering their sportsbooks in Nevada, there is no shortage of quality live betting operators to be enjoyed.


When it comes to sports betting apps, there is a decent selection for bettors to choose from in Nevada. Some of the biggest names in the sports wagering industry offer apps that allow for wagering on mobile devices, ensuring a high quality mobile betting experience. Here is a list of the mobile sports betting operators that are currently up and running in Nevada.

  • William Hill
  • CG Technology
  • Stations Casino
  • Boyd/B-Connected Sports
  • South Point
  • MGM
  • Wynn
  • Westgate
  • Caesars
  • Golden Nugget
  • Treasure Island

Bettors will notice that the mobile app options that exist in Nevada do not include some of the popular sports betting sites that exist in other states. While operators like DraftKings and FanDuel operate on iOS and Apple devices or Google and Android devices in other parts of the country, they do not exist as one of the Nevada sports betting apps.

Like other states, Nevada requires sports betting apps to be licensed through a land-based provider. And rather than provide licenses to outside operators, all of these locations have opted instead to run their apps under their own branding. The result is a more uniform betting experience from physical location to mobile app.

While the names that bettors will see aren’t likely to change from physical location to mobile app, there are benefits to mobile betting that still make it worthwhile. Instead of having to physically move from one casino to another, bettors are able to look at all of their lines quickly to find the best one. With the importance of line shopping making a big difference to serious sports bettors, mobile betting in this state is highly recommended.


While Nevada has a nice number of mobile sports wagering options to choose from, it is their physical sportsbook menu that really pushes the state over the top. Led by Las Vegas, Nevada has a gigantic list of physical locations at which sports can be wagered on. And with most of these locations offering massive screens on which to watch sporting events, bettors can place their bets and keep track of them in one convenient location. Here is a list of the land-based sportsbooks in Nevada.

  • Westgate
  • William Hill
  • Caesars
  • South Point
  • Wynn
  • Golden Nugget
  • Station Casinos
  • CG Technology
  • MGM
  • Treasure Island
  • Jerry’s Nugget
  • Circa

You will notice that the majority of the above operators are located in Las Vegas. However, Caesars does offer properties in Reno and Laughlin as well, allowing bettors outside of the major gambling hub to visit a sportsbook location. No matter where bettors choose to go in Nevada, though, they are likely to enjoy the best sportsbook experience in any state.

Unlike states that offer their sportsbook action at small casinos or racetracks, Nevada sportsbooks have towering screens for following sporting events. They also have massive seating sections that make watching those screens into a communal experience. There, bettors are able to cheer for their desired outcomes with other fans who are looking for those results to cash their tickets.

Of course, the betting action is the main attraction of these facilities, and Nevada sportsbooks offer the best betting action in the country. In addition to the robust selection of markets they offer through their apps, bettors can also get involved with an array of contests that spice up football weekends with the chance for large payouts.

The most prestigious of those contests is the Westgate SuperContest, in which bettors pay an entry fee and pick five NFL games per week. The best record against the spread at the end of the season wins a massive cash prize. Similar contests exist at sportsbooks such as Circa Sports, and give bettors the chance to turn one entry fee into not just a large amount of money, but the boost in reputation that such a victory provides.


Land-based CasinoLegal & Regulated
Land-based Horse RacingLegal & Regulated
Land-based LotteryLegal & Regulated
Online BettingLegal & Regulated
Online LotteryLegal & Regulated
Daily Fantasy SportsLegal & Regulated
Minimum Gambling Age21+
Land-based BettingLegal & Regulated
Land-based PokerLegal & Regulated
Online CasinoNot Regulated
Online PokerLegal & Regulated
Online Horse RacingLegal & Regulated
Social GamblingLegal & Regulated


The history of sports betting in Nevada is richer than that of all other states in the US combined. Nevada was the first state to have legal sports gambling, with legislation being passed in the state in the 1930s that allowed wide open gambling action that included betting on sports. Even attempts to stop sports betting on a federal level were not enough to slow down the flow of sports wagers in the state.

When the United States legislature passed PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act), Nevada was grandfathered into not having to abide by its rules. This meant that Nevada was free to continue offering sports gambling to its residents and anyone who was located in the state. As a result, Nevada became the epicenter of American sports betting, with the Nevada Gaming Control Board overseeing more sports betting activity than the rest of the country combined. Delaware also fell into this category of states that were grandfathered in, but did not get nearly the same response as Nevada.

In 2018, the Supreme Court overturned PASPA, declaring it unconstitutional. For the most part, this did not have a huge impact on Nevada, which already had legal sports betting within its borders. It did affect Nevada in one way, though, that being related to the fact that bettors could place sports wagers in other states.

One such state that has come on strong since the Supreme Court ruling is New Jersey, which has welcomed an array of mobile sports betting providers to attempt to take a share of the nationwide sports betting market from Nevada. Despite those attempts, though, Nevada still sits well on top of any other state in terms of sports betting revenue.


Nevada sportsbooks do have some rules that are worth paying attention to before bettors make the trip to the state to do their sports wagering. The most notable of those rules is the fact that an online sportsbook has to correspond with a Nevada casino in order to be legal for action there. Unlike New Jersey, which sees a large number of licensed apps, Nevada’s mobile sports betting is more restrictive with a goal of bringing people to the physical casinos.

Another important rule for Nevada sports bettors is that mobile sports betting can only take place within state lines. Some bettors might want to place a bet from outside of their state, but that is not an option at this time. Bettors must have their location verified before they are able to place any wagers in Nevada. Still, comparing the online sports betting options in Nevada to those in states like New York makes that rule not feel so damaging.

And one more rule that bettors should know about ahead of time is related to responsible sports betting. Those bettors who want to limit the amount that they wager on sports are able to do so through settings in Nevada sports betting apps. These options can allow bettors to self-exclude, or set a budget, to prevent any possible gambling problem.



Legal sports betting does indeed exist in Nevada. Bettors are able to place straight bets and parlay bets among the list of NV sports wagers that are up for grabs. Both online sports betting and land-based wagering are options in Nevada, which is the most high-profile state for sports betting in America.


Sports betting is legal in Nevada due to the fact that it was grandfathered in as one of the states to which PASPA did not apply in the United States. Instead of sports betting being made illegal in Nevada, it has been legal in spite of federal bans. The same situation was in place in Delaware, only with Nevada claiming a larger portion of the sports betting market prior to the to the overturning of PASPA.


Sports betting is legal in Las Vegas, as Las Vegas is a part of the NV sports betting landscape that has made this state the capital of sports betting in America. With a large number of casinos located in one city, bettors are able to search for the best sportsbook payouts within a confined area, making it the best possible place for serious sports bettors in the country.


Online sportsbooks are in fact legal in the state of Nevada. This is not the only state in America that allows for online and mobile betting. However, it is the first state that offered any of those options to bettors. With some of the top sports betting operators in the world offering their services to online bettors in Nevada, those who are located in Nevada are usually spoiled for choice in their wagering.
Another term for a parlay bet, where multiple selections are made and all of them must win for the bet to win.
Across The Board
Betting on a horse to win, place, and show in an individual race.
Any wager on a sporting event is referred to as action.
Added Game
A game that is not part of the normal Las Vegas rotation. These are often more obscure games like those in smaller conferences.
Advance Deposit Wagering
Betting where a player must deposit funds into their account before they are able to bet. Most online sportsbooks function this way.
Against The Spread
A wager where a handicap is applied to the side a bettor backs, known as a point spread.
Alternate Line
A betting line where the point spread or total is higher or lower than the default number, with different odds that vary based on how far the alternate line varies from the original.
American Odds
A way of showing betting odds that uses pluses and minuses to let bettors know what they stand to win depending on how much they wager.
Betting on both sides of a betting market to take advantage of price differences across sportsbooks.
Asian Handicap
Another way to describe betting against the spread, where a handicap is applied to a team in a contest.
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