Updated March 21, 2022

Crazy Sports Bet Winners in 2022

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With sports betting becoming legalized in a lot of states, it is exploding in popularity. Even if it isn't "legal" in your state, people are finding a way to put some money down. 

We have all seen those social media posts where a guy turns a little money into a lot of money. Those are always cool to look at, so we decide to list the top bets from 2022 in one convenient place. 

Before we get into the winners, we would like to remind you to always gamble responsibly. We all want to get rich from our bets, but you should never chase the money. 

Check out our biggest parlay winners of the year here.

1. $1 million Free Bet To Win $1.5 Million

Putting a $1 million free bet on a plus-value line is the boldest move I have ever seen. One would think they would put it on a heavy favorite, and just take the massive payday. 

Instead, Kyle from Michigan went all in, and now he is a much richer man. 

2. $376.5k To Win $718.7k

The second Joe Burrow got the ball back with a minute left to go must have been the most excruciating moment ever. With 46 points scored, Joe Cool, who has led the Bengals through every challenge this postseason had a chance to ruin this ticket. 

However, Aaron Donald exists, so this man wins big. 

3. Bengals To Win AFC North: (+1600): $13k To Win $221k

Listen, when you have a feeling, you have a feeling. This bet was placed just before November, and at that time, Cleveland and Baltimore were still playing good football. 

I don't know If I would ever trust the Bengals to win anything, but my guy saw Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase recapture their magic from LSU and decided that he had seen enough.

4. Rams ML (-165): $330k To WIn $200K

Listen, if you have $330k to just throw around, you did something right in life. Winning $200k is certainly awesome, but for this guy, it is chump change. 

There is no guarantee I see $330k in my lifetime, and this man put it on Matthew Stafford to win a playoff game. 

5. AFC Conference Winner: Bengals (+6000): $1k To Win $60k

Listen, if I were to ever get a $1,000 free play, I sure as hell wouldn't have bet on the Bengals to do anything. This brave soul decided to see into the future and profit off the Bengals' surprise season.

6. $10 To Win $19k

I have watched enough MMA in my life to know that outside the greats, this is such an unpredictable sport. 

7. Super Bowl Exact Score $50 To Win $5k

First of all, anyone who believed that Simpsons picture was real should not be allowed access to the internet, and I'd argue that you shouldn't be allowed to voice your opinion, ever.

Secondly, a hell of a win. For this better, that botched extra point from the Rams was the best play of the game. 

8. LaMelo Ball Triple Double (+1700): $50 To Win $900.00

This bet hitting is not even the best part of this winner. I don't have much to say, except watch how LaMelo Ball got his 10th rebound to record a triple-double. 

For this guy, that was the greatest rebound in the history of basketball. 

9. $5 To Win $755

The Clippers were down by 35 points at one point against the Wizards.


What an incredible hit on an incredible game. I hope this guy enjoys his winnings and rolls it over to an even bigger play!

10. $25 Free Play To Win $750

Congrats on the win, but the odds on this are terrible. I need a little more juice if I am throwing down my free play(s).

But hey, I wish that I can hit one of these props. I, along with everyone else in the world wish to be rich. 

11. Tottenham Live Bet ML (+5000): $9.95 To Win $507.45

We went across the drink for this cashed ticket. I do not know much of anything about soccer, but I do know my man turned a few bucks into a nice little payday.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when this bet was placed. I know that he did the classic "well, why not" when they saw the potential returns on this bet. 

12. Rams D/ST Third Touchdown Scorer (+2900): $10 To Win $290

Do not be fooled here, this is the worst bet in the history of gambling. 

An anytime touchdown scorer prop is hard to pick. Picking the defense to score is even harder. BUT THE THIRD TOUCHDOWN SCORER!?!?!

How are the odds not 1,000,000/1? Only getting this bet at +2900 is an absolute slap in the face. 

Cool win, though.

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