January 20, 2022

Sports Betting: Biggest Parlay Winners in 2022

Every time you log into your social media platform of choice, you are bombarded with insane parlays that people have hit. 

This got us thinking, wouldn't it be nice to see the year's best parlays in one convenient place? Also, wouldn't it be cool if it is updated regularly? Well, we have you covered. This space will serve to honor those gamblers who have raked in the most cash from crazy parlays. 

Before we get into the rankings, we would like to remind you to always gamble responsibly. We all want that big payout, but you should never chase it. Let it come to you. 

1. $30K To Win $1.2 Million

This is quite possibly the best start to a new year in gambling history. The popular sports betting personality Marco Piemonte (@Marco_Parlay) just needed the Georgia Bulldogs to pull off a win over Alabama to cash in on a seven-figure return after predicting the outcomes of four NFL games during Week 18.

The cashout reached over $950,000 but Piemonte chose to let it ride, and it might have turned into the best decision in his life. Piemonte was in the building with friends and family to watch his life change forever.

As a fellow Georgia bettor for this game, I couldn't help but find myself rooting for Georgia to win more for this guy, rather than my personal gain. This is an unbelievable story and I am sure we are going to be hearing a lot more from Piemonte in the future.

2. $0.50 To Win $130k

Not one, not two, but three buddies put a couple of quarters on a super-first basket scorer parlay. The amount of money won is impressive, but hitting a six-leg parlay of first basket scorers is damn near impossible. Theoretically, these guys would have been better off throwing those quarters in a wishing well, that's how hard it is to hit a first basket scorer straight up, never mind a massive parlay.

This is one of those bets where you only have $0.50 left in your account, your back is against the wall, and you need a hail mary. That prayer was answered, and these friends turned some bubblegum money into life-changing money. 

3. $5 To Win $89K

Do you know how hard is it to bet on anytime scorers in any sport? There is a reason that the odds are so high. It is so hard to hit one of these bets straight up, let alone a 10-leg parlay of goal scorers. Betting on hockey goal scorers is not my strong suit, but I have to imagine that it is one of the hardest props to win.

The average shift in hockey is under a minute. The player you bet on is only on the ice every few minutes, and you have to hope that this player just so happens to be on the ice at the right time. Now that I think about it, this payout should be, like billions of dollars, just based on the difficulty.

My hats off to this gambler. They turned some pocket change into life-changing money. 

4. $30 To Win $59K

When you see a massive parlay like this cash, it is usually full of massive favorites. Outside of the Buffalo Bills at (-1150) favorites over the Jets, there are a lot of impressive calls in this parlay. If you just took all the plus-value bets in this parlay, they still would have walked out with an impressive chunk of money ($1,309).

This is one of the parlays that you see and think "why not me?" I mean, do you not how difficult it is to win 14 bets in a row? That is exactly what this person did. It goes to show, if you find a lot of bets on the board that you like, it might be worth it to sprinkle a little something on a big parlay. You never know when the FanDuel Sportbook will be tweeting out your parlay. 

5. $100 To Win $42k

Not only did this guy win a lot of money, but both games hit the exact with less than a minute left in the game. 

I can only imagine this guy sitting on his couch, slumped over with his hands covering his mouth just nervously waiting for the Sabers and the Jets to score in the final minutes. 

6. $500 To Win $21k

Listen, this may be one of the more Impress hits for one reason, and that is somebody trusted Marcus Morris to play good enough basketball in the year 2022. My man put up a cool five bills on three alt lines for Morris, and that is a level of trust that I can only dream of having with someone. 

A big shoutout to @MontyParlay on Twitter for turning a nice little profit. 

7. $10 To Win $19.4k

This may be one of my favorite parlays ever. As a gambler for over five years, I have developed what we call "gambling brain." What that means is that you think you are a lot smarter than you actually are when it comes to gambling. 

I have talked myself into first basket scorers many times, and every time my rationale is "just have a feeling on this one." There is no stat, no edge, and no strategy in taking a first basket scorer. It is all luck and vibes, and the vibes are tremendous after turning some lunch money into just under $20k.

8. $0.32 To Win $14.4k

There was no risk in this bet. What happens if it doesn't cash? 

"oh no, my 32 cents!"

Still, 2022 is shapping up to be the year of the "First-Basket Scorer Parlay." A lot of people are raking in big pay days, and I think it is time for me to throw a little something-something on one of these parlays. 

9. $5 To Win $13k

Over my many years of gambling experience, I found that basketball props are the easiest to hit on. I don't know if it is just me, but basketball props are one of my most profitable forms of gambling. This gambler parlayed 14 NBA props to turn an impressive profit. This bet just screams "well, I still have $5 left in my account, let's shoot for the stars," and that is exactly what happened. 

I certainly do not encourage chasing insane parlays like this, but if you have a little something left in your account, why not? It is not like you are going to put up $5 on a straight-up play. If you are, more power to you. 

Bets like this are what make gambling fun. You are not betting the farm, and it is a different way to watch sports. Also, I have to imagine it is pretty awesome to turn ole' Abe Lincoln into five figures. 

10. $50 To Win $6k

Shout out to this guy for turning $50 into a nice chunk of change, but hitting on a +950 any time touchdown scorer for your last leg has to be thrilling. 

I forgot that Jerick McKinnon even existed, and this guy turned his success into his ow

11.$4 To Win $4.1k

Twice McKinnon has come up clutch?! My guy not only helped the Chiefs eliminate the Steelers, but he filled the pockets of the public.

Do you know how Nickelodian gives out a trophy to the most valuable player of the wild card game they are going to stream every year? First of all, both times it has been awarded, it went to the losing quarterback, but secondly, we the people should come up with a most valuable player to bet on award. 

I don't know, just spitballing here.

12. $0.50 To Win $961.35

Listen, I have had enough of these first basket scorer parlays. Too many people are winning big money, and yet here I am, penniless!

I may have to start looking more into these. I want my bet slips to go viral just one time. 

13. 25-Leg Parlay ($1 To Win $373)

This is not the largest payday, but hitting a 25-leg parlay may be the most impressive win on this list. 

Do you know how many times I have had a three-leg parlay lose on the last leg? This guy picked TWENTY FIVE props from the SAME GAME.

Thats absurd. 

Photo: Getty Images