Updated October 3, 2022

Do Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo actually hate each other?

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The San Francisco 49ers’ season couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start. 

Before the season even started, there were questions surrounding Trey Lance’s readiness to take the Niners to the promised land and that reached a fever pitch when the team re-signed Jimmy G. Now, the Niners have lost Trey Lance, Trent Williams and practically the entire running back room. 

But all that pales in comparison to this bit of juicy drama. 

A Twitter sleuth and apparently a professional lip reader found a video of Jimmy Garoppolo apparently saying “all your plays suck, man” about Kyle Shanahan following Jimmy G’s backbreakingly awful interception to seal the Niners’ loss to the Broncos on Sunday Night. 

It certainly looks like he said it. And, if he did — which he probably did — then it begs the question, do Jimmy G and Shanahan actually hate each other? 

This would be the best drama in California since the Don’t Worry Darling fiasco between Olivia Wilde, Florence Pugh and Harry Styles. 

If you’re Jimmy G, you have plenty of reasons to low-key despise Shanahan. 

Shanahan and the franchise have made it clear that they wanted Jimmy G gone. He wasn’t even given a playbook until he was re-signed. Shanahan essentially fired Jimmy G from the job of 49ers' starting quarterback and replaced him with a guy who played one season of FCS football. Garoppolo had to have gone crazy. He took the Niners to a Super Bowl and nearly won it and now he’s being replaced by a guy who wasn’t even recruited as a quarterback. That’s a shot to the ego. 

And if reports are true, Shanahan was ready to ship Jimmy G to the worst place possible: Washington. That would’ve been quarterback purgatory and Garoppolo wasn’t having any of it so he timed his surgery correctly so he could control where to go. Now, he certainly didn’t think he’d have to come crawling back to Shanahan, but here we are. 

Now, we know that Jimmy G has plenty of reasons to loathe Shanahan, but does Shanny have reasons to hate Garoppolo? You betcha. 

Shanahan loves his offense more than his wife and children. It’s his firstborn baby. It’s why he wakes up in the morning. And Jimmy G has mangled his offense. He can’t run it properly. He picks the wrong choices and throws it directly to the defense or misses wide-open touchdowns to Deebo Samuel. That is an affront to god, with god, of course, being Shanahan. Garoppolo has also choked when it matters most in the Super Bowl and NFC Championship Game. Jimmy G has been so bad that Shanahan might actually lose the title of “offensive genius.” That also has to be a shot to the ego.  

Shanahan probably thought he was done dealing with Jimmy G until he ran Trey Lance into the ground. 

The duo might hate each other, but they’re both professionals who will grind this season out until they are both out of each other’s lives for good. But until then it’s fun to pick up on clues like when Harry Styles might’ve spit on Chris Pine on the Don’t Worry Darling press tour. Jimmy G calling Shanahan’s plays bad is our version of the spit. 

Let’s hope we get even more evidence as the season rages on.

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