March 2, 2022

Kyler Murray Odds: Who Will Be Arizona Cardinals' Starting QB in 2022?

It's been quite the offseason for Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals

The former No. 1 overall pick purged his Instagram of any and all Cardinals mentions following a disappointing end to a promising season, which, of course, led to the rumor mill running rampant in a news cycle desperate for any semblance of drama. 

With reports that Murray is immature and lacks leadership, Murray and Co. have fired back recently. 

Following an odd statement from Murray's agent Erik Burkhardt and contract extensions for both general manager Steve Keim and head coach Kliff Kingsbury, it appears that Kyler Murray and the Cardinals could be on the verge of a high-profile divorce. 

Is this just a weird way to handle contract negotiations or is this a sign of something bigger? 

Thanks to FoxBet, we have a better understanding of what the betting markets think will happen for Murray and the Cards. 

We've broken down the odds and options of Murray's potential replacements below. 

Kyler Murray (-300)

This makes the most sense since he actually plays quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. He is also the reason this list has been made.

It would be surprising for a team to give up on their soon-to-be 25-year-old franchise quarterback who was having a career year before getting injured and losing his go-to receiver in DeAndre Hopkins. 

While things certainly don't seem all well and good in the desert, it's still very likely that Murray will be back under center for the Cardinals in Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season. 

While we respect Murray's agent releasing a ridiculous statement that was so long, and in such a small font that absolutely nobody read it. But basically, Murray wants all the money, and the Cardinals will eventually give it to him or trade him. 

A tale as old as time.

Colt McCoy (+400)

I can promise you, no team is going to go into an NFL season in the year 2022 with the plan to have Colt McCoy as their starting quarterback. I understand that he started a few games for Arizona last season due to injuries, but as a full-time starter, there's no chance.

It makes sense because he is familiar with the offense, and he honestly was not that terrible for the Birds last year. But it also doesn't make sense because it is a 35-year-old Colt McCoy.

Carson Wentz (+600)

The Colts have not directly said that they will be moving on from Wentz after only one season, but they are going to be moving on from Wentz after only one season. While he was not the only reason the Colts collapsed at the end of the year and missed the playoffs, he certainly did not help them down the stretch.

Based on his production, you are not going to find many better quarterbacks than Wentz on the open market. However, going from Murray to Wentz is like having prime rib one night and then a PB&J the next. 

Aaron Rodgers (+700)

If I know one thing about Rodgers, it is that he is always very clear about what he wants. The disgruntled megastar has let it be known that he would like to play for Green Bay, but only at the right price, which is now reportedly up to $50 million per year.

Rodgers on the Cardinals would be great because they are a lot like the Packers. They have a decent roster with an All-Pro receiver. Rodgers is certainly a better quarterback than Murray, but the likelihood of the Cardinals trading for Rodgers is low. In fact, the likelihood of Rodgers allowing himself to be traded to Arizona is probably low.

With the trade rumors surrounding Rodgers, it is worth a shot.

Jameis Winston (+800)

There has been a lot of momentum on a return to New Orleans for Winston, but if the Cardinals are going to move on from Murray, or if they just need a one-year rental, Winston might be one of the best options available.

In his first year as the full-time starter for the Saints, Winston went 5-2 and had 14 touchdowns to only three interceptions. He may not be the franchise quarterback he was asked to be when the Buccaneers drafted him with the first pick, but he is also not the same quarterback that threw 30 touchdowns and 30 interceptions in a single season.

Jimmy Garoppolo (+800)

It is not the end of the world if Jimmy Garoppolo is your starting quarterback, but you would also much rather have someone else. Garoppolo led the 49ers to a Super Bowl and NFC Championship appearance, but with the selection of Trey Lance last season, it is obvious that San Francisco is going to move on.

Obviously, the Cardinals have not been linked to him because they already have a quarterback, but if things take a turn between Murray and the organization, you know that Garoppolo is good enough to not completely screw everything up. If anything, the comfort of knowing that he wins a lot of his games is good enough for me to tolerate one season of Jimmy G.

Deshaun Watson (+1200)

This makes a lot of sense if the Cardinals are really ready to move on from Murray and are willing to accept that Deshaun Watson will probably be suspended for his alleged sexual harassment cases that are still pending. 

On the field, it would be a fresh start for both Watson and Murray and both teams would still have a chance at competing for a Super Bowl thanks to their elite talents at QB. Murray would also be able to play in his home state of Texas. 

Will it happen? Unlikely. But at +1200, it's worth a shot. 

Photo: Getty Images/Lines Illustration