October 8, 2021

3 Things the Yankees Must Do This Offseason to Be World Series Contenders in 2022

The New York Yankees have been eliminated from the postseason, again. While it brings me great joy that they lost, the Bronx Bombers are entering a crucial offseason.

The Yankees can either stay put and hope that everything falls into place, or they can actually fix their problems. 

With their last championship coming a dozen years ago, the Yankees have had success over the past decade, yet that hasn't resulted in any World Series titles. That, of course, isn't for a lack of trying. New York inked Gerrit Cole to a $324 million contract, but it has been nothing but failure in New York since Aaron Boone took over.

Well, what can New York do? Luckily for them, there are options. Here's what the Yanks need to do to once again become World Series contenders

3. Cut The Fat

There are a lot of players on the team that need to go. To start, Gary Sanchez has mostly lost his job to Kyle Higashioka, so there is no reason to keep him around, especially with how awful he has been lately. Sanchez hit a lowly .204 this season and only .183 after the All-Star break. His defensive numbers are even more putrid. Sanchez had the third-worst defensive runs saved in baseball with -10. The Yankees need someone more reliable — especially during the postseason. 

Sanchez is not the only player the Yankees need to let go. Luke Voit, Brett Gardner, Zack Britton, Corey Kluber, and Anthony Rizzo will all probably leave. I would also argue that they should try to squeeze whatever value they have left of Gleyber Torres, Aroldis Chapman, and Gio Urshela, but that's unlikely. 

The Pinstripes will always be a free-agent destination, which should make it easier to jump ship on some players who are no longer worth the money. 

2. Sign Aaron Judge Immediately

This one may be obvious, but the Yankees cannot enter 2022 without giving Aaron Judge a brand-new contract. For the first time since his breakout 2017 season, Judge stayed healthy and looked like the player that was promised in New York.

While he will enter his last year of arbitration in 2022, signing him to a deal now, before he potentially drives up his market this season is the smart move. It is unlikely that Judge would ever leave. In fact, he has been quoted as saying "I'd like to be a Yankee for life."

If Judge were to replicate what he did this season, the amount of money the Yankees will have to dish out will be much higher than what they would offer him now. Even if Judge says he wants to wait until the next offseason, the Yanks need to make a strong effort to lock him up now. 

1. Fire Aaron Boone

Now, I am not smart enough to know who the right hire would be for the Yankees, but I do know that Boone is just not cut out for the job. He is a Yankee legend for his walk-off home run against the Red Sox in Game 7 in the 2013 ALCS, but that should be it. He is not a good manager.

The thought process behind hiring Boone was that he was more "laid-back" and player-friendly than Joe Girardi. However, nothing has changed since Girardi was fired after the 2017 season. In fact, things have gone downhill. Sure, they had back-to-back 100 win seasons in 2018 and 2019, but everything fell apart at the most inopportune times.

Questionable playoff moves, massive losing streaks, resting players too often, and just nothing to show for their regular-season success should be enough. Even if he is well respected in the clubhouse and within the organization, this is a business, and the Yankees are not in the business of making friends, they want to win.

Photo: Getty Images