Josh Allen

Height / Weight
6' 5" / 230 lbs
Outside Linebacker
United States
University of Kentucky
NFL 2019 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projection 1 7
A guy with a lot of versatility as he can rush the passer, drop into zone or even athletic enough to be an inside backer. Great first step to gain the advantage on tackle. He's able to corner, get around, make a hit on the QB or move passer from his spot. It isn't just a sack he looks for, he tries to create a turnover or scoop and score opportunity for his teammates. He's a really good closer. Has the ability to drop into zone as an edge rusher or off the line LB. Makes plays in coverage with PBU. A guy you can use in many ways on a defense. He can have problems with bigger tackles who are able to get their hands on him in pass protection.

Player ranking
Year Rank
2019 2
Floating offer