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What Is a Teaser Bet?

Numerous gambling options such as point spreads, game totals, and moneylines have been rampantly used by bettors. However, here we will be looking at teaser, an exotic gambling option that provides a unique form of betting. This is because a teaser bet permits you to adjust lines on point spreads and game totals to play odds in your favor. 

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What is a Teaser Bet?

A teaser bet is most common in football and basketball, and it entails rolling multiple options to merge into a single wager. In order for your teaser to become eligible for a win, all selections incorporated in the teaser must prove correct. A teaser bet can be compared to a parlay, as when one selection lets you down, the entire bet becomes void. 

Nonetheless, a teaser is arguably safer than parlay betting as you move every line in your favor. In addition, there are some points awarded on your teaser bet, which uplifts your chances of minting. The reason why teaser betting has become prominent is due to the high winning chances from a small stake. 

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How Does a Teaser Bet Work?

A teaser requires bettors to parlay two or more selections to receive better odds. First, you should decide on the number of selections to include in your teaser. Most sportsbooks have teaser cards that permit placing a bet slip with up to 15 different selections. Below is an elaboration on how teaser bet works:

2-Team Teaser

Most seasoned bettors are familiar with this gambling option as it involves combining bets on two different games. It allows you to adjust the point spreads for the games but has a lower return in the event of a win. It is one of the most common types of teasers where you are required to choose teams that you project to have better performances in their upcoming games. 

6-Point Teaser

A six-point teaser allows you to add or deduct six points from a spread or total. This varies with the sportsbook you dwell on as some have variations such as 6.5-point and seven-point teasers on football. On the other hand, the basketball teaser involves adding or deducting four, 4.5, or five points in your spread. However, you should realize that the further you move the lines to favor your teaser bet, the lower the potential payout.

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Football Teasers

The most common type of football teaser is a two-team six-point teaser that gives the bettor six additional points on the spreads. It is like a parlay where you are buying lots of points. But keep in mind that they aren’t free points as they adjust the payout down depending on the number of additional points you get and the number of games you have selected. 

Teaser Payouts

The payouts will go up in a teaser bet as you add more games on the teaser. Nonetheless, the more games you add to your teaser, the higher the risk of losing. Payouts vary as sportsbooks have autonomous ways of making teaser decisions. Below is a table that provides insights when selecting two, three, and four games for 6, 6.5, and 7-point teasers.

Teaser Size6 Points6.5 Points7 Points
2 Teams-110-120-130
3 Teams+180+160+140
4 Teams+300+250+200

Teaser Bet Examples

Novice bettors can find teaser betting to be quite hectic at first. Below is an example of how a six-point teaser card would move on an NFL bet. 

Initial Spread

  • Dallas Cowboys -7.5 vs. Washington Redskins
  • Green Bay Packers -7.5 vs. Detroit Lions
  • New England Patriots -8.5 vs. Miami Dolphins

6-Point Teaser Spread

  • Dallas Cowboys -1.5 vs. Washington Redskins
  • Green Bay Packers -1.5 vs. Detroit Lions
  • New England Patriots -2.5 vs. Miami Dolphins

You have noticed that the potential payout in the teaser has reduced compared to the standard parlays. You do not have to pick the favorites or underdogs only in teaser betting. You can mix them in your teaser bet for as long as you move each line in your favor. 

What Is a Reverse Teaser Bet?

A reverse teaser is also referred to as a pleaser, and it is the exact opposite of teaser bets. While teasers allow you to move the lines in favor of your bet, a reverse teaser favors the sportsbook. But it offers a larger potential payout to the bettor than a teaser. However, keep in mind that all selections must be correct for you to record a win, just like in teaser betting. 

The Best NFL Teaser Strategy

You should get the best odds to stand a chance of improving your winning chances. Different sportsbooks have discrete football teasers, which is why shopping is recommended. This will also help you get the best NFL teaser lines. Though moving NFL lines six points in your favor will spike your chances of winning the teaser, it is recommended that you move it across many NFL key numbers. It provides you with extra insurance as it mitigates the margin of defeat. 

After choosing the sportsbook, be selective. Different sportsbooks offer teasers of 6.5 points, seven points, while others are as high as 14 points. However, the number of games you have to incorporate in your bet slip makes it a bad option to play higher teaser bets. The best approach is choosing several teams that you like, bet them on a six-point teaser, and move them across as many key numbers as possible. 

What Are the Most Common Teaser Bets?

A teaser bet is like a parlay form of betting but has alternate points spreads or totals for bettors to move odds in their favor. A two-team, six-point teaser is the most common type of teaser betting. It gives you six additional points on your spreads but requires both teams to cover the new spreads for your bet to cash. 

Advantages of Teaser Bets

  • Teaser bets help you keep the costs low as you aim for a huge potential payout. 
  • You have a greater chance of hitting your individual bets as you spread the points in your favor.
  • Some sportsbooks have odds that can provide a huge boost in teaser betting. 
  • Effective for games that are hard to predict.

Drawbacks of Teaser Bets

  • Parlays have higher payouts than teaser bets. 
  • Adding seven points may offer a negative return on your bets. 
  • They are most effective for teams that you are sure can secure a win. 
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The fact that teasers involve tying multiple betting selections together, there is a higher risk of losing. This is because the more the number of games you add in your bet slip, the more the chances that one game will have results that are outside the standard lines. 

In this regard, having a teaser bet with fewer games such as two, three, or four can increase your chances of minting. You will also take advantage of the movements of the points as you will push through key numbers to boost your probability of winning the bet. 

Teaser Betting FAQs

What is a teaser in bets?

This is a type of gambling option that allows bettors to combine on two different games. It operates like a parlay as you roll multiple options to merge into a single wager. When one selection loses, the whole bet slip goes down.

Are teaser bets worth it?

Teaser bets can mostly increase your chances of losing a bet. However, the fact that there are extra points, you can increase your winning probability by moving the lines in your favor. In addition, incorporating fewer selections can ensure that you have a higher winning margin. 

What does a teaser pay?

Different sportsbooks have varying numbers. Typically, a six-point teaser falls between +150 and +180 for three-team bets. In this case, you are designated to receive a $150 to $180 potential return on a $100 wager. 

What is a 6-point teaser bet?

It is the most common teaser betting option, which allows you to move the lines six points in your favor. You should also note that the teams must cover the new spreads for the win to be valid. 

How to bet a teaser on Draftkings

Placing a teaser on Draftkings is easy as you are required to choose the sport to start your teaser, select the games, click “teaser,” enter the bet amount, and make a bet. 

What is a super teaser bet?

It is also referred to as a “big teaser” or “special teaser” where you can choose three, four, or five teams to get a larger number of points that you will use to add or deduct to the spread of your selections.

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