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DraftKings DFS Strategy Guide 2024

Playing DraftKings DFS can be entertaining and profitable when done right. DFS DraftKings lineups need to be adequately constructed for an optimal chance of winning big. While it can initially seem intimidating, it is easy to get the hang of.

Most anyone who has played season-long fantasy football knows how NFL DFS works. Yet, most fail at season-long, and DFS is similar. 

To quote Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live fame, "Thank you… fantasy football draft, for letting me know that even in my fantasies, I am bad at sports." Don't be that guy on DraftKings.

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DraftKings DFS Values and Strategy

The basic idea of DraftKings DFS is to construct a lineup of individual players from multiple teams. All while staying under a set salary cap with the players you pick. 

The more positive statistics they accrue, the more fantasy points you score. In this way, it is very similar to season-long fantasy football. 

The difference is that you only score points for what happens that day/week rather than accounting for the entire season. Hence the term "daily" to differentiate DFS on DraftKings and FanDuel from classic season-long fantasy sports.

In addition, DraftKings DFS is a peer-to-peer game. You are competing against other DFS players for the collective prize pool. In this way, it is a different game than regular sports betting, where you are going against the house.

Despite stiff competition in DraftKings lobbies at times, it is generally easier to beat the public than to beat a sportsbook. This makes DraftKings DFS an attractive option compared to standard sports betting.

To give a general idea of how points are scored, let's use NFL DFS, for example. A player on your roster must record a positive NFL statistic to score a fantasy point. This could include a pass catcher catching a pass or a quarterback completing one.

You also accrue points for every rush yard attained by running backs and quarterbacks. This makes a rushing quarterback highly beneficial in DFS DraftKings lineups. The more you score on a given week of DraftKings NFL DFS, the more money you can make.

DraftKings and Chalkboard

As an app, Chalkboard is sportsbook-agnostic, which means that bettors and DFS players can link all of their accounts to Chalkboard and share their picks and wagers with their friends. When joining Chalkboard, you will be able to bring your favorite DFS selections to some of the largest fantasy sports communities out there. 

Once you’ve synced your DraftKings account with Chalkboard, make sure to enjoy all the unique features that the platform has to offer. For example, there are live game hubs, which enable you to follow a match play-by-play. There is also a live statistical tracker, which helps you see how your picks are doing, and how likely it is that the pick will be a winner. Statistics are shown in real-time, so, for example, if you predicted that Stephen Curry would score over 32 points, the tracker will show you how far or how close he is to achieving that goal. You can also track your estimated earnings if your picks do materialize. 

Besides this, the most sought-after feature that Chalkboard brings to the table is the ability to create a community. Whether you choose to join one of the existing groups or create your own, Chalkboard’s communication features will help you interact with those in your network and cheer on each other as your players meet the projected predictions. 

Last, but not least, you can also check Chalkboard Streaks, the app’s real money contest where you can make up to 50x your entry fee, capped at $1,000.

DraftKings NFL Strategy Guide

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While DraftKings offers a DFS game for about any major sport, NFL is king in fantasy. Larger prize pools are available in NFL than in any other sport. 

There are even huge tournaments with top prizes well into six figures and beyond for showdown Monday Night Football contests. This is in addition to Thursday and Sunday night football island games.

There are a few main factors to consider regarding NFL DFS strategy. The three most important things to account for are player projection, correlation, and ownership. These primary factors will make or break your lineups and separate the good from the bad NFL DFS players.

Projection is the most crucial factor, as this gives you a baseline of what to expect from an NFL player. There are many quality fantasy point projection systems available throughout the DFS industry. Some are free; some are behind the paywall. 

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Of course, common NFL knowledge will tell you which players are simply good or not so much. Yet, you need to be able to dig a bit deeper to accurately assess what a given player is likely to do in that particular game environment. You also use projections to accurately consider a player's relative value compared to their DraftKings salary.

Correlation is significant in NFL DFS due to the nature of the sport. Points are accrued for receptions, receiving yardage, and passing touchdowns. It is logical to pair a Quarterback with one or more of his pass catchers.

Both players benefit when passes are caught, yards are gained, and touchdowns are scored. You get more relative value when you pair two or more positively correlated players.

Generally avoid negative correlations, such as players against the opposing defense. There are more subtle examples of negative correlation to consider as well. Say, a running back who rarely catches passes and his quarterback.

Gauging ownership is significant in large NFL DFS tournaments. You must differentiate your lineups from the field to rise to the top. While one can and should play some of the most prominent plays at times, it is essential to consider ownership.

Like with player point projections, ownership projections are available throughout the industry and are very helpful. If you don't have access to ownership projections, it is good to use intuition to ascertain who the popular picks will be. 

NFL DFS Picks, Stacks, MNF Advice, NFL DFS Strategy, and NFL DFS Lineup Advice

Of course, when figuring out what players to pick in NFL DFS, you want the best players. Good players with extensive offensive involvement are far more likely to score fantasy points than bad ones. Yet, players are priced accordingly to their talent level and role.

Therefore, you have to look for more than just the best players. You have to pick some underpriced players for their role and potential for fantasy production to get the most out of the salary cap. This way, you can fit in the big NFL studs with the highest fantasy point ceiling.

In NFL DFS tournaments, it is all but necessary to stack. "Stacking" refers to playing your quarterback with one or more of his pass catchers. These could be wide receivers, tight ends, or pass-catching running backs.

Not only do you want to do this, but you often want to game stack. This refers to playing one or more players from the opposing team, hoping for a high-scoring shootout game. The goal is to limit the number of things you have to get right for your roster to achieve a high fantasy score. 

This applies to both DraftKings and FanDuel. It does not matter the platform. You'll want an FD stack in your DFS roster when playing on FanDuel, just like DraftKings.

Monday Night Football and other island game showdown contests require a different strategy. Since you are only picking players from one game/two teams, getting even more off the board with your picks is essential. It is also wise to leave some of your money on the table to help differentiate your lineups.

A more advanced strategy in NFL DFS is to consider additional correlations beyond your main game stack. You could play a quarterback with one wide receiver and one tight end. Then you "run it back" with an opposing wide receiver.

You can take it to the next level by playing opposing pass catchers from another game with shootout potential. You can even include multiple additional game correlations in your lineup. 

Again, the goal is to limit the amount of guessing as to individual player performance. If those games go ballistic, your players will likely do well.

Additionally, as it relates to ownership, it is vital to have some low-owned plays in a DraftKings DFS tournament lineup. Much of the lineup can be "chalky," meaning high-owned, standard picks. 

Two to three lower-owned plays can make all the difference in the world. All the more so if you can get into the sub-5% owned realm.

Fantasy Football Today

We are in a golden era of fantasy football and NFL DFS. Prize pools are as big as ever, and the trendy single-game showdown format is taking the industry by storm. 

The increasing legalization of online sports betting draws more attention to sports gambling. NFL enthusiasts flock to sites like DraftKings and FanDuel for betting and DFS.

There is no better time to get involved in NFL DFS on DraftKings. The influx of new users from the sports betting market means more money to be made overall. Single-game showdown prize pools are huge, and it is an excellent time to be an NFL DFS player.

DraftKings Promo Codes

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DraftKings Fantasy Promo Codes

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