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Our machine learning tools simulated 1,000 times to spot opportunities in the Vegas lines human handicappers can't see.

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We’ve harnessed the power of our cutting-edge AI prediction machine to beat Vegas.

A.I. Powered Picks

Exclusive AI Capper Runs 1,000+ Game Simulations for Best in Class Picks.

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Simulator Produces High Confidence Levels to Maximize Your Cash Winnings.

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Many Cappers Charge $50 or $100 a Day for Picks. Our AI Picks are Just $9.95 for an Entire Month of Picks.

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Our machine learning tools are fueled by thousands of data points from a multitude of a top industry sources. No human capper can calculate to this level of sophistication and data modelling. This is how we beat vegas with A.I.

  • 1,000+ Game Simulations for Best in Class Computer Picks
  • Unlock Confidence Levels to Optimize Your Betting Strategy
  • Get 30 Days of Premium Picks for Just $9.95 for a month!
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What sports does AI Picks cover?

Not only do we provide NFL computer picks, our AI prediction machine runs over 1,000 simulations across every major sports league to produce High Confidence Picks.

  • AI Computer Picks for NFL, NBA, NHL, and more!
  • Unlock 30 Days of Premium Picks for Just $9.95!
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Do the AI Picks always win?

We use an AI system we are confident produces above average results. We are for people who don't have tons of hours a day to do research on games. AI is your technology shortcut.

But even advanced computing is no guarantee of performance. We price our first month at just $9.95 for people to see how our AI picks work for them. Our aim is to impress you and become your long term source for high confidence sports betting picks. We’re not in this lame game of charging high starter prices without ever proving a thing like other handicapping services.

We win when you win. And we are constantly enhancing our technology to help make that happen.

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Questions About our PicksAi?
We have Answers!

We currently cover NFL, NBA, NHL. NBA is rolling out with its 2023-2024 season as are College Football and College Basketball. Where intend to get into more team sports with this A.I. prediction system as the science becomes solid.

Currently, we utilize our simulated score A.I. predictive score process to predict confidence levels in ATS, Over/Under, and Moneyline betting. We are close to nailing down the science on Prop Bets, but we will not be releasing that until it’s extensively vetted and tested.

There are no guarantees in life and certainly not in wagering. Sports betting remains a highly variable outcome endeavor. It’s anything but simple. Modern technology and our A.I. process improves your chance of winning, it does not guarantee a win. Imagine dressing nicely for a date versus dressing like a slob. No guarantees, but look sharp and your odds of winning increase dramatically.

Tested. Re-tested. And tested again. But like any skill, human or computer, the more you play, the better you get. We are constantly using past results data to improve our programming. This should improve results the longer the system is maintained. But do note we are on the AI technology edge here. This is like rocket science, but with the first rockets. Like life, our computer models get smarter, wiser, and more advanced with time. This is one reason we are charging such a relatively low cost in the market. We want you to grow with us as we see where this betting technology can take us.

You may not know that sportsbook limit winnings. Yes, you can win a lot. Thousands, tens of thousands, but they will cut you off if you have a winning system that starts really costing them. Persona non grata. And with everything digital now, no more need to toss you out the door. They simply cut you off. So you may have a million dollar system, but they will not let you win millions of dollars with it. So, you share your system instead.

We offer unlimited access to all the sports we cover for all A.I. simulated predictions with confidence levels for $29.95 a month. That is a low price. But to get people onboard to try the first month, we are currently offering $9.95 for the first month so you can see for yourself. This is a month to month service you can cancel any month. But as we like to say, we know you won’t. We’re pretty sure you’re going to find this the best bit of cash you ever spent.

It sure can be for some. We don’t know why it affects some people and not others, but we offer these picks to you for gaming and entertainment purposes only. We highly encourage anybody who feels like they may have a gambling problem to visit our page explaining gambling addiction and offering links and information on services that can help. Always bet responsibly!

Unlimited access at just $9.95/month

We offer unlimited access to all the sports we cover with our AI predictions PLUS our exclusive confidence levels for just $29.95 a month. But since we know how bookie-breaking our system can be, we’re offering an all-access pass for just $9.95 your first month. Month-to-month service, cancel any time!

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