Ryan Murphy

Height / Weight
5' 10" / 178 lbs
March 31st 1993 (28)
NHL 2011 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projection 1 12
Undersized defenseman anomaly who may not be all that versed in his defensive zone but seems a head above almost all other North American defensemen in the offensive and transition game. This puck mover can get up the ice super-quick, keep control of the puck and play, and handle the pressure of being the carrier better than all others. He is a thing of beauty, the way he shoots up ice like a cannonball and can go through an opponent's entire team playing keep away. Calm and poised, he simply doesn't give it up, and quickly can thread the needle of a seam to his team's advantage. He can make any junior player look bad due to his foot speed and hands. He is the Power Play general with an accurate shot, but he does need to add more bulk and size to his thin body. Personally, I love these "Ryan Ellis" type picks, because you can use the success/failure rate of these type of defensive players and balance it against each NHL team's new emphasis to find many rear guards. Since teams see quick transition as their number one priority, they can avoid effortlessly going up the ice. Teams just can't resist game-breakers, and if a comfortable defensive partner can balance an offensivemen's liability, the rewards offensively out-weighs the risks. Tremendous wheels, great vision, and great puck distribution.

--Bill Placzek