Roman Schmidt

Height / Weight
6' 4" / 210 lbs
February 27th 2003 (18)
United States
NHL 2021 mock draft
Player ranking
Year Rank
2021 22

Huge USA Developmental defenseman whose best assets are the fact he has such excellnet mobility at his height and weight. It is easy for him to close gaps with his long stick and arms and handle one on ones along with having the body lean when he needs to apply it. Will walk the blue line and use his reach to keep pucks in the offensive zone. Will make nice crisp outlets in transition, but needs to make his decisions a bit quicker. Is mobile enough to jump up in the attack, and has a good hard point shot that he leans into, and has worked on it's accuracy and his ability to put it through the back of the netting. His stick placement and reach lets him control gaps in the middle zone. Cool and calm asa defender. Outstanding and mobility for a player this size. Extremely lacking in functional strength and girth, this right shot defender will get a much scrutiny as a poor man's Owen Power, and a player eventually have a long productive NHL career. Committed to Boston University in 2021-22. 


--Bill Placzek--