Matthew Rempe

Height / Weight
6' 8" / 206 lbs
January 14th 2029 (4)
NHL 2020 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projection 6 164

A skinny right-handed centre who towers over most players win the ice. There is skill and strong skating ability in place that helped him end up sixth in Seattle team scoring with 12 goals and 31 points in 47 games. Has grown to an enormous 6 foot 8 inches, and his reach is an asset in his over-all game, as he takes away space and his possessions eat time off the clock too. Ryan Getzlaf is one of the players he has always modeled himself after and wants to continue working hard to be an NHL caliber player. Dropped the gloves three time too, but as a result of plays he made that were construed as dirty hits and kneeling, but to me, they were not completely grown into my body plays. You have to wonder how high a level he will eventually be able to develop into. He plays fearless, finishes checks, make space for his line, and relishes going to the front of the net. His older twin sisters just finished four years at Brown University and are the reason he started playing. A long shot, but the scouts has taken notice of his upside, and room to fill out that frame.


--Bill Placzek--

Player ranking
Year Rank
2020 185
Floating offer