Jesper Lindgren

Height / Weight
6' 0" / 161 lbs
May 19th 1997 (26)
NHL 2015 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projection 4 95
Possible first round sleeper who has come out of nowhere with eye-popping skating, skills and swashbuckling offensive skills. An aggressive offensive player you will jump up in pinches and fake defenders to him and place the puck to an opponent or simply freeze the defender and blow on by. Incredibly cool and confident, with legs and moves that sometimes don’t work, but cause defenders to think about what they might encounter on the next touch. He has elusive puck control that isn’t going to ever stay back if he has an inkling he can make a play. His feet let him get back when the puck is turned over in transition. A bold gunslinger who needs to get stronger, bigger and continue to progress. Displays Karlsson-like attributes and seems on a quick developmental track to the first round if there is a team looking willing to take the chance to watch him progress.

--Bill Placzek--
Player ranking
Year Rank
2015 87

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