Jamie Drysdale

Height / Weight
5' 11" / 173 lbs
April 8th 2002 (21)
NHL 2020 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projection 1 5

Dynamic new age defenseman with a strong two-way game. His low body is strongly developed and his start ups a sight to see. He gets low knee bend coupled with the power in his quads and he explodes from the starting gate, and on the back pedal in dee coverage, his lateral cross-overs are up there with the NHL elite. He makes lightning fast cuts on the attack and is even more intimidating using his speed defending. He is a super aggressive defender who goes into the attacking puck carriers bent on making them look silly to venture on his side of the ice to enter. Aggressive offensively as he is on defense, he is a pinpoint passer who utilizes all his teammates and uses his four direction feet along with his skillful hands to bring concern to the opposition. When in the offensive zone, he is able to make passes to all teammates, choosing the most opportune to get a scoring look. He can cut and move laterally so well, and there is little hesitation on which option he is going to choose to get the puck to. His initial burst can command more than enough respect from surprised opposing defenses. Rifles pinpointd shots from far out, looking for his teammates to score on deflections and rebounds. Lots to like, not just due to his lightning quick feet, and playmaking ability, as this undersized defender also has a superior hockey IQ in his own endHe may never reach the loft expectation to be a number one, but first pair may be in his reach. 

—Bill Placzek—

Player ranking
Year Rank
2020 5