Jérémie Poirier

Height / Weight
6' 0" / 198 lbs
June 2nd 2002 (21)
NHL 2020 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projection 3 71

Attacking defender has the ability to create dangerous scoring opportunities, because he handles the puck like a forward, and will get deep in the attack when it opens up. Possesses strong balanced four way directional feet that aid his poise in the middle zone. An excellent quick passer whom hits teammates with passes through small windows, and whose high end hand-eye coordination enables him in his carries, to slow into soft spots on the attack and let teammates set up. Displays a strong snapper, and pro-like release and shotr, and a very nice saucer pass. Up and comer, who might be the best offensive defenseman in the class, but is not all polished as a defensive player and there is loads of work to improve before he ever becomes a possible NHL cailbre defender.

—Bill Placzek—

Player ranking
Year Rank
2020 38
Floating offer