Dylan Guenther

Height / Weight
6' 2" / 171 lbs
April 10th 2003 (18)
Right Wing
NHL 2021 mock draft
Player ranking
Year Rank
2021 1

After averaging over a point per game as a sixteen year old, this elusive right winger thrusts himself ahead in the early rankings based on his terririfc speed, skating, size, shot and all-around skill. Flys around the offensive zone, stopping quickly, darting away from pressure and throwing bullet passes on the net for his teammates to tip in. Spreads his large frame to make room for himself in carries, and is not only hard on the puck but on whoever attempts to slow his aggressive pace. Leans into his blades and is light-footed at his size. A fierce competitor who is always around the play, as a forecheck and attacker who splits creases and is gone to the open area before he can be detered. Wins pucks back. His size doesn't  discourage him from his board work. Disquises the release point of his shots. Scores a lot of unassisted goals. In February finally started his season after being loaned to the Sherwood Park Crusaders in the Alberta Junior league. This is an entire package player who looks to go off the board quickly.

--Bill Placzek--