Dawson Mercer

Height / Weight
6' 0" / 177 lbs
October 27th 2001 (22)
Right Wing
NHL 2020 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projection 1 17

Sturdily built natural sniper whose stick is always close to the ice surface, displaying strong offensive zone instincts. Creates offense (sometimes after going and taking the puck away) by scoring and acting as a playmaker. Isn't shy in the corner or along the wall and will play with some edge and surprise. Will catch goalies with surprise shots from different areas and angles. Likes to let it rip. Not necessarily a dynamic skater, but a smooth one whose high end anticipation allows him be where the puck will end up. Finds open ice and lets his heavy shot go. Can't be thought of solely as a wing since he is a really good shut down player and could see minutes as a pivot, asked to handle tough minutes,high percentage of defensive zone starts,against the other teams top lines in the early pro career. Plays in all situations and excells on both penalty kill and power play. Has a strong understanding of all zones and game situations and uses it to his advantage. He is relentless in pursuit.  Even if his offensive side isn't productive, you will see him take away the time and space from the opposition puck carriers, always putting forth effort as defensive contributor and not passenger. His head is always up, looking to make his next play, driving the front, or getting quality shots off fromanywhere. Strong in puck pursuit, his strong three zone hockey IQ fuels his quest to be the best. Has outshined his older teammates. Served a suspension for a head shot he delivered.



--Bill Placzek--

Player ranking
Year Rank
2020 13
Floating offer