Cole Perfetti

Height / Weight
5' 9" / 179 lbs
January 1st 2002 (19)
Left Winger
NHL 2020 mock draft
Player ranking
Year Rank
2020 4

Strong, skilled smaller centre-wing who is always involved in the middle regions of all three zones, in the areas where the pucks frequent. When he steps on the sheet, he easily can be viewed as  the smartest player out there, and one that can penetrate and puncture the oppositions defense and get looks. He wants the puck and using great balance and strong quads to beat defenders one on one, get pucks back and maintain a high pace at both ends. A high-end stickhandler, and elite level game thinker, he keeps pucks close to his body in his carries and rarely over-handles, choosing instead to stop abruptly, shifts laterally and find a teammate. His great core strength allow him to make use his low center of gravity to take larger players off the puck. Battles hard to win pucks that are contested, and when he wins those battles, he puts his entire weight into his shots adding mustard. De-committed to the University of Michigan to develop in Saginaw.  A smaller guy who never stops battling to win the matches, both individual and collectively. High hockey IQ, on-ice smarts and a sniper's mentality have much to do with why teams see him as a future NHL noisemaker.


--Bill Placzek--