Charlie Desroches

Height / Weight
5' 10" / 161 lbs
April 24th 2002 (20)
NHL 2021 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projection 501

Still growing into his body so will be a better player down the pike. Already displays strong fundamental game which includes a getting pucks deep taking hits to make passes, and a strong understanding of the attack zone. Has a good pivot to get attackers into close to the boards. Is a sound passer who understands the nuances of distribution in the offensive zone. Will take a hit to make the outlet. Understands how to use teammates and get passes to the right one. Supports his forwards well. On dfense, while mirroring quick attackers, he will pivot and close off the boards. Looks to br=e a much better skater downthe pike.


--Bill Placzek--