Brycen Martin

Height / Weight
6' 1" / 184 lbs
May 9th 1996 (27)
NHL 2014 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projection 3 74
All-around solid defender who displays a very solid defensive game and enough skating ability to advance to the higher levels. Understands his end of the ice and takes care of it as his primary duty. He can clear the front, handle wall work, and maintain possession in the corners. He is positionally strong and maintains his ground well when attackers press. Is able to keep composure and make that all-important transition pass out. Skates well enough that there is an offensive upside to his game. He is a player you don't notice, because he isn't making huge mistakes that bring him into the light.

--Bill Placzek--
Player ranking
Year Rank
2014 44

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